Floor cabinets in the bathroom: types and tips for choosing

The bathroom is an important room in the house, which should be not only convenient, but also functional. Usually it does not differ in large sizes, but accommodates many necessary items. Clean towels, means for washing at home and washing, cosmetics and objects of hygiene – all this takes a lot of space and requires accurate and structured placement.

Items that are stored on open shelves are quickly covered with a layer of dust, and pure towels lose their freshness. It is convenient to place all these items in the outdoor closet for the bathroom. It will help keep things in order and do not overload the interior of the room with superfluous objects. But before buying this unit, it is necessary to learn in advance about the features and variety of types of structures.


The cabinet for the living room is not suitable for use in the bathroom. Due to specific conditions, the furniture for the bathroom must comply with the special requirements. Depending on these requirements, users make a choice in favor of the mounted or outdoor design.

Hinged cabinets overload the interior and have a smaller capacity as opposed to floor furniture items. Due to the high humidity, it is preferable to choose an option on the legs, since its plinth will retain his aesthetic species for many years. After all, the puddles of water on the floor in the bathroom – not such a big rarity.

Choosing an outdoor design, you can be sure that its installation will not cause difficulties, and you can not be afraid to overload it with objects like attachments.

Choosing a floor cabinet for a bathroom, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics of this object of furniture:

  • moisture resistance;
  • the perfect ratio with the size of the room;
  • high quality materials;
  • High-quality fittings.

High-quality materials used to produce such cabinets determine how long the furniture will last.


All variety of bathroom cabinets can be divided into several most popular and functional varieties.

By type of design, outdoor models are the following types:

  • corner;
  • pencils;
  • Classic.

Corner cabinets

Such furniture saves a place, while it allows you to accommodate everything you need. In a small area, it is important to use every centimeter of space with benefit. It is the angular outdoor cabinet for the bathroom solves this problem of small-sized premises.


This furniture is ideal for the most profitable to fill the narrow loose areas in the bathroom. All sorts of niches, gaps between plumbing and washing machine thanks to poenals will not be useless from a functional point of view. In modern furniture stores, you can make custom furniture with any dimensions. Due to this, no centimeter of the bathroom space will not be wasted.

Cases can be open and closed. If the area of ​​the room is so small that open the doors of such a cabinet will not be possible, the output still has. Open pencils – the perfect constructive solution to this problem.

In many models there is a laundry basket, and the upper part is equipped with a spacious shelves, because, despite the narrow width, the depth of the foam is often rather big.

Classic cabinets

If you are a happy owner of a spacious bathroom, classic cabinets will help competently structure the space and bring order in bath accessories. Such a wardrobe is characterized by functionality and convenience – it has a place for a basket, a sufficient amount of shelves allows you to place everything you need.

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You can hang the mirror over it, and then such a wardrobe from the design for storage will turn into an interior design element, and will also become a place near which it is convenient to perform various cosmetic procedures. Separate hooks and drawers will make it possible to place things as convenient as possible.

In the general presentation, classic cabinets are associated with bulky monolithic structures occupying a lot of space. But with the development of the furniture industry, even such an embodiment of the cabinet has become compact and organically fits into the surrounding space. Mirrored doors and columns will create a feeling of space and will not be superfluous in such a room like a bathroom.

Various style solutions will allow you to choose the perfect model of both a small locker and a chest suitable for interior design.


Choosing a suitable furniture for the bathroom, it is important that she not only stylishly looked in the room, but for many years he gladly pleased with his spectacular appearance. It depends mostly on which materials it is made. The aesthetics of the appearance of materials does not mean the practicality of furniture.

There are three types of materials from which cabinets for the bathroom are manufactured:

  • array;
  • LDSP;
  • MDF.


Despite the fact that the array is associated with quality and thoroughness, not every breed of wood is suitable for operation in the bathroom. Wood must be resistant to deformities, and its characteristics should include high strength performance.

Most resistant to moisture is oak. Its characteristics include resistance to deformations, swelling and rotting. In addition, oak products have an attractive appearance. Additional treatment with antiseptics increases the service life of oak structures.

Book cabinets are not only practical, but also contribute to the atmosphere of the room harmony and comfort. The original texture and characteristics of this wood make such furniture perfectly suitable for the bathroom.

Moisture-resistant breeds are Rosager and Merbau. But this type of wood refers to exotic rocks, so the furniture from them is quite difficult to find.


Laminated chipboard – the perfect solution for furniture in the bathroom. Low price and mandatory special coating that increases moisture resistance, make furniture from LDSP optimal choice for urban apartments.

The manufacturing process is that from sawdust and wood chips create a slab that is lined with a resin film by laminating. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to create a slab in any color decision. Adding paraffin makes such a material resistant to moisture. LDSP is widely used for the manufacture of furniture economy class.


Unlike LDSP MDF is subject to more careful processing. The use of this material for the production of furniture allows you to implement various design ideas, make cabinets with convex facades and decorate them with a variety of decor. The stove itself can be covered with varnish, paint or enamel of any color. Therefore, furniture from MDF is distinguished by a variety of design and rich color palette. Also, the material can be covered with veneer.

MDF is much more expensive than LDSP due to the fact that the production of this material is poorly developed in Russia. Purchase occurs abroad. But the strength, reliability, moisture resistance and ample opportunities for the implementation of any designer idea make this material worthy of its price.

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Also during the production of furniture for the bathroom, the following materials are used:

  • metal;
  • glass;
  • a rock;
  • plastic.

Most often, details from this raw material are complemented by made of array, MDF or LDSP Construction. Glass can be the shelves, the stone can be a tabletop or sink, and plastic is used for the decor and the internal filling of the cabinet, for example, a laundry basket can be performed from it.


    To select a flawless model of a closet for a bathroom, it is important how much the design corresponds to the size of the room. If there is a niche or empty opening, then the cabinet or penalty must strictly correspond to their dimensions. So the visual balance will be observed, and in general the design will look more harmonious. Most often on the market presented furniture of standard sizes.

    Non-standard layout obliges to appeal for help to designer, which will make the right measurements, and the manufacturer will design an ideal model that will fit into space. Most of the size of such products – 20, 40 or 60 cm.


    After selecting the cabinet design, it is necessary to decide on its color decision. The general perception of interior depends on the color solution of parts and furniture.

    Most often, the following colors are used to finish the bathroom:

    • blue;
    • green;
    • beige;
    • peach;
    • gently lilac.

    Pastel shades serve as a good background for colored decoration and furniture. If the finish is made in light neutral tones, then contrast furniture, similar to the color, will organically fit into such a bathroom interior. So, in the bathroom, decorated in light cold colors, the contrast cabinets of the same shade will look good. The color of the facades should be more saturated. It will create a modern and dynamic atmosphere indoors.

    If the wall decoration is made in bright colors (orange, fuchsia color, red), then the optimal solution will be a neutral light shade of facades. To create an attractive interior, it is important to be guided by the Rule: A discarded shade of furniture and decor should complement saturated primary colors. And the neutral wall decoration can be combined with bright facades of cabinets and accessories.

    If the bathroom room is small in the area, the best choice will be the creation of contrasts in the wall decoration, gender and furniture. But the colors should be either warm or cold.

    It is important to take into account your own preferences. Light yellow, sand and beige colors create comfort. Red, lemon and blue colors will give cheerfulness, which is important at the beginning of the day. Silver, blue, lavender will create a feeling of freshness. Such a wardrobe can even be made with your own hands.

    Style and Design

    In order for the closet to organically fit into the surrounding space, it is important to decide with the style.

    For each style, a number of features are characterized:

    • Classic Always in fashion, and so that the furniture in the bathroom perfectly complemented the interior, it is important to take into account her color and design features. Strict and clear lines and restrained colors – this is what should be in the guise of a classic bathroom cabinet.
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    • Mediterranean style Provides saturated natural shades – terracotta and blue. And the outdoor design should be easy and to create a feeling of weightlessness.
    • If the room is executed in african style, Facades can be decorated with bright prints and patterns.

    • High-Tech Style Room must have minimalistic furniture. Mirrors, glass, metal – these are the materials from which the cabinet must be performed.

    How to choose?

    Limited area and individual nuances of the room are forced to approach the choice of furniture with extreme caution. Cabinets should not look at cumbersome, and their materials should be resistant to moisture. The wardrobe, intended for the bedroom and the living room, can fit into space in size, but after exploitation, it will lose its original appearance.

    Corner cabinets save space and allow you to rationally use every centimeter of space. If the bathroom area does not exceed 2 square meters, it is better to stop your choice on compact light color models. The essential savings of the place will be the way to install an outdoor cabinet under the sink. Usually, this space remains unused, and when the cabinet is installed in it, this area becomes functional and useful.

    With a limited budget, it is better to stop your choice on models from laminated plates, if the means allow, an array of natural oak will effectively complement the interior of the bathroom.

    At the initial stage, it is also important to decide what exactly will be stored in the closet. Based on this, you can plan an internal “stuffing”. In the penalty, you can make a drawbrush basket for linen on the lower tier, on average – shelves for storing cosmetics, and the upper zone to engage for storing clean towels. Module location options may vary depending on preferences.

    Famous manufacturers

    Choosing a bathroom furniture, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer. The quality of furniture from famous European brands is an indisputable advantage, due to which it is worth paying attention to the models of some manufacturers. They are:

    • Villeroy & Boch Is a leader in the production of furniture for bathrooms. Cabinets of various designs, narrow pencils, cabinets with sinks – All this can be found in the range of manufacturer.

    • Roca Enjoy sustainable purchasing demand. The company began its activities in the distant 1929. Currently, this is a whole production holding.
    • Brand Cersanit known in the market in what makes high-quality and functional furniture. Style, spectacular appearance and elegance – key characteristics of its products.

    Successful examples

    • Floor cabinets are suitable for small areas. They not only save space, but also organize space, allowing you to maintain order. Due to the large number of retractable compartments of the same product size, it looks very concise and neat.
    • Cabinet for the bathroom on the legs – a practical solution. Due to this, its lower part will be isolated from moisture, and it will last longer. You can add a similar product with cabinets and shelves from one furniture collection.

    • Corner cabinets combine the capacity and attractive appearance. The case of such structures can be done in such a way that household equipment can be placed in the niches, for example, a washing machine.

    On how to choose the furniture for the bathroom, see the following video.

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