Features of shower fencing from glass without pallet

Shower fencing from glass without pallet – an interesting alternative to bulky shower structures. Today consumers are available numerous options for shower fences. It is worth considering some features of similar designs.


Currently, manufacturers offer many types of glass designs without pallet. Such shower fences can be easily installed with their own hands. Detailed instructions are attached to the designs. Many users refuse ordinary shower cabins, as they are not comfortable enough. Those consumers who want to save place in the bathroom and create an individual decor, often choose shower fences without pallet.

Glass design options are:

  • frameless;
  • framework.

Frameless design is extremely efficient and flexible in terms of choosing a place to install. Frameless glass – good choice for any bathroom. Thanks to this design, the design can be the most harmonious. Ordinary shower cabins clutter a small space, and often do not fit into the overall decor.

An acceptable option will be the fencing of glass and with a metal frame. Metal Design will give shower originality, unusualness. Most often, such structures are made of aluminum or steel painted in a dark shade. Dark metal fence – Fashion trend in recent years. Designers use it in combination with white ceramics, any bright details that become accents in the bathroom.

Glass used for fencing may be matte or transparent. Clean glass without a frame – the perfect choice for small rooms, however, this option is satisfied with all. Matte or textured doors not only hide a person taking water treatments, but are simple in care. On the matte surface are not so visible splashes remaining from water.

If the first and second options for some reason are not suitable or for the pocket to the consumer, you can stop the choice on shower curtains.

The following types of door-shutters can be distinguished:

  • retractive;
  • swing;
  • Rotary-sliding.

    Design can be performed by an individual project. Shower curtains can be installed on the floor shower. Sash mechanisms people usually choose, focusing on the size of the room. Place where there is a shower without pallet, is trimmed with hygienic materials. The main tasks of the installer – accuracy and high-quality waterproofing. Going to start assembly work, you should consider most popular types of designs.

    Stock in such shower mounted directly on the floor.


    The main element of glass fencing is a shockproof base with a thickness of 6 to 10 millimeters thick. Such a basis without problems makes temperature changes and significant humidity. Standing glass strengthened glasses are much better than steel. Usually there are clamps from a durable seal. Thanks to the seal, the shower construction becomes more hermetic and safe.

    Such fences can be from the following materials.

    • Calen. They differ in high strength. If you break the calene glass, there will be no fragments from it.
    • Tipilex. This is a multi-layered basis, between each layer of which there is a film. Such a design is characterized by increased resistance to various mechanical effects. With a strong blow, cracks will occur, but the design will continue.
    • Plastic. The main advantage of such products is low cost. However, plastic is easy to scratch, and for this reason such material can not be considered durable.

    Fences are attractive in appearance, they look modern. Tempered glass as a shower doors safely, as the edges of the design are stuck.

      For greater decorativeness glass for the shower, you can decorate the pattern, which is applied with a sandblasting method, photo printing, painting pigments. Shower fences can be toned.

      The kel is usually added to the glass foundation. As a result, it acquires the necessary light shade. Do not confuse this option with matte glasses, which are obtained as a result of processing with sandblasting. Custom designs are more expensive than standard models purchased in the store, but most often they look very interesting, unusual.

      Glass will not cover mold, fungus (unlike other materials), it will last longer and it will be easy to clean. Plastic curtains for the cabin are also not devoid of advantages. Such designs are usually cheaper than glass counterparts. If you choose a model with a matte door, it will not cease to be aesthetic even a few years after operation.

      The most qualitative is the products of German manufacturers. However, such plastic shirms are usually quite expensive. Many prefer doors, glass shutters from Polish manufacturers. A reasonable prices are usually installed on them.

      How to install?

      Shower fences 100×100 and other sizes are often mounted as part of the bathroom. It is very interesting to look at the designs installed in the niches. Often such a zone is separated from the room part of the wall. The fence is also intended to keep the heat inside the soul and protect the remaining part of the room from humidity. Simply and versatile will look a compact shower fence. Such a model can be placed in the room of any size, it can be decorated in any style. Corner fence will save space and force when installing. In this case, you can use rounded sliding doors without installing additional walls.

      Shower fencing is better installed after tile laying. Glass elements are more convenient to order on an individual project, according to the drawings. It should contain information about places where guides are attached.

      Shower fences also apply instead of curtains in bathrooms. Frameless designs will save heat within the bath and protect against humidity better than ordinary materials.

      To install the fence you need:

      • drill a hole in the tile (using an unstressed drill);
      • do holes in concrete (using a drill from the appropriate material);
      • Post a dowel in the prepared holes;
      • fasten guides with self-drawers;
      • fix the base for loops;
      • Wear carrier profiles on guides;
      • Place a sealing material.

        Then you can install doors to end loops. In the ends of the doors, place the seal. If the installation is properly implemented, this design will be devoid of deficiencies. Explore the advice and recommendations of experienced specialists, they will help to avoid mistakes in the implementation of installation work.


        Distinctive feature of these shower cabins – no ceiling, such a design is limited only by walls. Basis of angular species – room walls. Going to carry out the installation of doors, you will need to carefully prepare the grounds. Walls and floor should be as smooth and protected from fluid impact. If you do not take care of tightness, it will have a negative impact on the condition of housing.

        The best place for shower corners – niche or corner in the bathroom. So you can save space. Shower design can be mounted in the wall, install on the floor. Usually for such models, manufacturers do not provide for complex functions.

        It is recommended to install the swing door of the cabin so that they open inward. It will exclude water in the bathroom. In addition, this method will allow to expand the functionality of a small room.

        If there is no pallet in the shuffle box, a special system is mounted, which is called a ladder. Pay this stage. Special attention. Water after washing should merge into the sewer. At the same time, it is desirable to eliminate the presence of unpleasant odors. There is often a siphon in the shower. For shower without pallet, choose ceramics with anti-slip properties. So you can prevent injuries: surfaces will not be slippery. If the shower design is still equipped with a pallet, you should pay special attention to the form of the structure. It is worth noting that popular angular versions will be not very relevant in the middle of the wall.

        Another important selection criterion is the material that manufacturers used. Pallets are cast iron, made of steel, from ceramics, as well as acrylic. Each variety has certain advantages and disadvantages. Explore details All offers in the store, consult with the seller when making a purchase. It should be understood as best as possible in the features of various designs.

        Beautiful examples

        This photo presents a shower fence created from the frame and transparent glass. This design is fashionable, comfortable and fairly easy to install.

        Another separate shower fence. Frameless version, glass is also transparent. This is a cabin without pallet, but the base of the floor is raised, there is a small side that provides waterproofing.

        This is also a frameless shower, but it is already equipped with a pallet. This design does not take up much space in the bathroom, as it is installed in a small niche.

        Glass shower doors with matte coating. Similar structures provide privacy.

        Shower fence mounted instead of bathroom curtains. The design not only protects the room from the liquid, but also ensures the safety of heat during water procedures.

        Compact angular shower. Trapezivid doors provide convenience inside. Shower equipped with a small pallet.

        Another option of an angular shower equipped with semicircular doors. They also provide enough space inside, while not clinging the room.

        No shower fences – fashionable and exclusive solution. Soul Zone – part of the room (without any transitions). Choose suitable options, prepare the drawings. Contact your professionals for help or (if there is a skill and self-confidence), you will be able to install a shower box independently. However, remember that important nuances should be taken into account regarding the implementation of installation work. Best patience – and in this case the results will not disappoint you.

        Mounting a shower fencing you can see in the following video.

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