Features of inflatable jacuzzi heated

Unfortunately, not every dacket can afford its own pool, since the arrangement of such a place requires large financial costs. At the same time, many love to start the swimming season from the first sunny days and finish it after the last foliage falls from the trees.

It was for such people that special heated inflatable pools were created, which will fit into the territory of any summer cottage.

What it is?

The design of the inflatable jacuzzi itself is almost no different from ordinary street pools. However, setting such an assembly in the country, you will not just get the ability to stay in warm water outdoors even at low temperature, but many other bonuses, for example, aeromassage effect.

The function of automatic filtering and cleaning will allow not to worry about cleaning and changing water. Two layers provide additional strength: internal – consists of composite fibers, and external – has a laminated base from PVC. Due to this, several people can immediately cite about the edge of an inflatable jacuzzi and not be afraid of his deformation.

As a rule, the height of such pools varies from 1.6 to 1.9 meters, the volume is 1.5 tons. Capacity – Four people.

These aggregates are designed not so much for swimming, as for relaxation and receiving pleasure.

Features and advantages

Inflatable jacuzzi for the street have a large number of advantages. All models have a special surface of polyester with silicone base. The bottom of the pools additionally to the main layer is covered with leather, which prevents its damage to the stones, so the aggregates can be placed anywhere. Another plus of devices is a special filtering system that softens water and does not harm pipes.

Jacuzzi is easy to install and dismantle. Each model is equipped with a powerful pump, quickly pumping water. You can not inflate the pool with a machine pump, since a strong air pressure may damage the walls. Included and detailed instructions for using and adjusting the functions of the unit.

In a matter of hours, the heater brings water to a temperature of 40 degrees. Models have 100-160 massage nozzles with the function of aero- and hydromassage, located all over the perimeter of the bowl. Included and waterproof remote control to adjust the basin. With the right operation of the SPA, the pool will serve for a long time.

Street jacuzzi with heated are equipped with a chlorohydrating system, it disinfects the water with a special salt makeup. Regular rest in a similar unit not only contributes to relaxation, but also improves the body as a whole, as it has some elements of SPA. Functions of aeration and filtration ensure the softness of water, which does not cut the skin, but on the contrary – will calm down.

Staying in the jacuzzi outdoors tones and burte the body, improves the metabolism, strengthens the muscles and smoothes the skin, eliminating it from cellulite with hydromassage. There is also an improvement in sleep, normalization of the nervous system, improved blood circulation, as a result of which the oxygen nutrition of the tissues occurs.

Thus, it can be concluded that buying an inflatable jacuzzi with hydromassage, you acquire a whole wellness SPA complex.

When buying an inflatable jacuzzi, some features of its operation should be taken into account. It must be remembered that its use is possible only from April to October, bathing in the winter is prohibited, since the body can crack.

Despite special filtration, the device still requires care and cleaning. Try not to let the animals with sharp claws and teeth, because, despite the increased strength of the material, it still requires careful operation. You can not even pump a bowl, because in the heat the air has the property to expand and it will require additional space, so the sides must be slightly lowered.

How to install?

The big plus of inflatable jacuzzi is the simplicity of their installation, which does not imply any additional work required for stationary models. The SPA pool is enough just to inflate in the spring and blow away in the fall, after which, carefully folded, arrange it in the attic or in the storage room.

The installation site should be close to communications, but at the same time away from the fence. It is advisable to put an inflatable pool with heating on the sunny side of the country area to get warm and from rays. Carefully inspect the platform: there should be no plants on it, it is desirable that it be smooth and relate to sandy type.

Some users specifically concrete a plot for street jacuzzi, however, this is not necessary. To prepare space for the unit, it is enough to break the platform, remove all the garbage, stones, plants and other items that may damage the base of the bowl. After that, the site is recommended to fall asleep with sand, carefully his ramming. For additional protection, you can take a special rug, thanks to which the possibility of installing the SPA-pool will appear directly on the ground.

The next stage will be summing up communications, because in the country there will be an uncommon inflatable pool, and a jacuzzi that requires love to find a water pipeline.

To carry out all the necessary work, it is advisable to call a specialist who knows the sense in this case and will be able to guarantee the optimal work of the aggregate. However, there is an economical option that lies in the attachment of hoses or rubber ground pipes to jacuzzi nozzles.

This method is also much more practical, as the pipes can be removed in the fall along with the pool, and they will not be in the cold and cold in winter, respectively, they will not have to inspire and spend money on it. Ground plastic communications will allow independently choosing a heated pool installation, so it will not be tied to the same area.

The most famous manufacturers of heated street pools are Intex and Bestway firms.


This model of the hydromassage inflatable basin has a round shape, a beige body color and white color of the side, its dimensions are 191×71 centimeters, the length of the inner diameter is 147 cm, which is enough for free arrangement of four people. Volume with 80% filling – 785 liters.

The main feature of the Intex pools is the simplicity of design, Through which the unit and disassembly of the unit occur very quickly. This model is made of fiber-tech construction technology of high strength, thanks to which the bowl is not deformed even if four people will rely on flights.

Powerful heater brings water to optimum temperature in several hours. The Street Heated Pool is equipped with 120 Aerofosunas, providing a real relaxing massage.

Hard Water Treatment System is built-in to mitigate rigid water and reduce the amount of salt peel. This model is designed for both internal and outdoor installation. In addition to the pump, the set includes instructions with a DVD disk, where it is described in detail about the installation and care, as well as a special case for storage, cover, pallet, chemical dispenser and special strips for water testing.


This model has all the advantages as the previous one, however, is additionally equipped with some more bonuses. Chocolate color is very practical in application, less dirty and lighter in care. The jacuzzi is equipped with four powerful nozzles with strong jets for the original SPA massage, and the patented technology PureSpa Jet Massage technology will allow you to get even greater swimming pleasure.

Adjustment of massage and temperature modes occurs with the help of a special waterproof console. The dimensions of the outdoor pool are 191×71 cm with internal diameter 147 cm.

Lay-Z-SPA Premium Series Bestway 54112

White summer color model perfectly fit into any summer yard. Its dimensions are 196×61 centimeters with internal diameter of 140 cm, which is enough for free placement of four people. Case capacity – about 850 liters at 75% filling.

Internally, the coating has a conduit surface consisting of a polyester thread with a lucilicone in the composition. The model is equipped with a special massage system Lay-Z-SPA, whose feature is 80 aero-rigs throughout the area of ​​the bowl.

The kit includes a jacuzzi case, a thermal insulation cover, a shift cartridge. Management occurs with a small digital screen on the pool case.


As for feedback on inflatable jacuzzi heated, regardless of the manufacturer’s model and company, most of them are positive.

Buyers are pleased with the opportunity to have a personal pool right in their own yard from April to October. There are ease of installation and dismantling of aggregates, their positive effect on the skin and the whole organism as a whole.

The SPA pool not only have a relaxing effect, but also have a beneficial effect on the internal organs and the nervous system. Each owner of such an aggregate is undoubtedly an acquisition and advises him to all friends and acquaintances.

The only minus, which is celebrated by our compatriots, is the impossibility of using the swimming pool in the winter, since its surface may be damaged by frosts.

How to install inflatable jacuzzi with heated Bestway Lay Z Spa Paris 54148, see the following video.

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