Features of Finnish Shower Cabins

Today, shower cabins are in great demand, because they are characterized by compact dimensions, a wide selection of additional functions and a huge variety of models. Products from Finnish manufacturing companies, who have proven themselves as good manufacturers of high quality, durable and stylish products deserve special attention.


Finnish manufacturers of shower cabins are known throughout the world with their attitude to the quality of manufactured products. They not only offer reliable and practical solutions, then pay attention to the variety of model range and attractive appearance. Finnish companies pay great attention to high technologies, introducing recent developments when creating new models.

Designers of Finnish companies for the manufacture of plumbing equipment offer various configurations of shower cabins, which can be used both in small and spacious bathrooms.

Models for large rooms usually occupy more space, since it is additionally equipped with hydromassage functions, a tropical shower, steam bath and other features.

Shower cabins from Finland attract attention to aesthetic appearance. They are made from different modern materials, represented by a wide range of color gamut, can be supplemented with matte or patterned glass. They appear stylish and original interior decoration of the bathroom. Among the diversity of Finnish models, you can pick up cabins with linear, angular or island accommodation.


Finnish shower booths are in demand in many countries of the world, since They have undeniable advantages:

  • the use of environmentally friendly materials, the development of new harmless plastics;
  • durability and reliability;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • acceptable cost, since Finnish products are cheaper than Italian or Swiss analogues;
  • a wide selection of models, color performances and dimensions;
  • Attractive appearance.


Shower Cab consists of three main elements: frame, glazing and pallet. When the model is selected, it is worth paying attention to the pallets, since this element has a big impact on the operation of the product as a whole, even minor cracks are immediately noticeable on it, as well as the repair of this part is always expensive.

Pallets for Finnish shower cabins are made from different materials of excellent quality. Brand Timo produces these elements from acrylic and complements their fiberglass reinforcement for strength and reliability of the structure. The company IDO offers models with both acrylic and pallets of artificial stone.

Synthetic acrylic is characterized by an affordable price, perfectly holds heat, and is also represented by a wide selection of color versions.

The indisputable advantage is ease of repair, which is very important because acrylic has a small mechanical strength.

Flat pallets have a depth of about 6 to 18 cm, and deep – up to 35 cm. Standard cabins are usually represented by dimensions from 80 to 120 cm on one side. Large format models are represented by 80×170 cm format and more.


The most popular Finnish manufacturers of plumbers are Companies IDO, TIMO, DETO and NOVITEK.

Helsinki brand IDO, previously known as Arabia, Enjoy a huge authority in the current market of sanitary equipment. It offers high-quality, durable and time-tested products at an affordable price.

Brand Novitek Specializes in the manufacture of hydromassage baths from acrylic and premium shower cabins. Each model is a combination of elegant appearance, excellent quality and modern technologies. Products are made from biosafety materials, which are characterized by durability, durability and unpretentiousness.

Popular company Timo Offers a wide selection of shower boxes, hydromassage baths, mixers and various plumbing reinforcement. She specializes in the production of shower cabins both economies and a class suite. Expensive models are distinguished by amazing design ideas, supplemented with decor in the form of inserts from expensive wood breeds, luxurious fittings.

Cabins IDO

Finnish shower cabins IDO Showerama attract attention to high cost. Typically, expensive models include a wide variety of additional functions, and these models are only a tropical shower in the ceiling. This opinion may arise if you consider the cabin only externally.

IDO SHOWERAMA models are equipped with unique options.

  • Thermostat. This feature is carried out due to the thermoelement, which provides a constant water temperature at oscillations of its pressure.
  • Tropical souls. This mixer is represented by a shower wage that is usually located above the head.
  • One sliding door. Shower cabins have an unusual door, because the square shape is cut under an irregular angle, which allows you to put in one row along with the cabin the necessary furniture.
  • Marble pallet. This material is very expensive, which affects the cost of the whole design.

It is worth noting that the shower cabins IDO Showerama are characterized by a long service life, but it is necessary to care for rollers. Silicone lubrication should be purchased, then there will be no problems with the cab.

How to choose?

When choosing plumbing equipment of Finnish production, it is necessary to repel from the bathroom dimensions, where it will be installed, as well as on financial capabilities.

All shower cabins from Finnish companies are characterized by high quality. The cost of products depends on the dimensions of the product and additional functions.

When choosing the optimal option, you should pay attention to such factors:

  • Compact size of the product;
  • saving space;
  • water consumption;
  • Additional features (steam use, radio, hydromassage and others).


Plumbing equipment from Finnish companies is in high demand due to excellent quality, wide variety of models and long-term exploitation. Buyers like an attractive appearance of products. Shower cabins look spectacularly, become a highlight of the interior of the bathroom. A variety of color performances allows you to choose your favorite color that will harmoniously fit into the interior design.

Buyers of Finnish plumbing equipment indicate a high cost compared to manufacturers from other countries. But a long service life saves on the purchase of a new product. High quality products practically do not need to be repaired. Of course, there are breakdowns, but they can be called rather an exception to the rules.

Finnish shower cabins emphasize the variety of additional features. You can pick up that assortment of additional elements that will help to fully relax and enjoy the taking of the soul. Most models are equipped with the possibility of hydromassage. Easy to use is another important dignity.

Buyers like an individual approach to the development of models. For the bathroom of any size, you can choose the Finnish shower. Manufacturers create both compact and spacious cabins equipped with additional functional elements.

Finnish shower cabins are high quality, stylish design, thoughtful design and long life.

Build and installing IDO shower cabin in the following video.

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