Features of bugs for mile

Features of rigs for washing need to know to clearly and competently choose this device. There are versions for holes 35 mm under the mixer in metal sinks and a size of 32 mm, as well as other screw leisure travers for stainless steel samples. And they differ even nuances of application.

Features of bugs for mile

Features of bugs for mile


Externally, water supply and homely “sink” seem very simple things. Just a hole and then pipe. But such an opinion is wrong – in fact there is more and more interesting. An important role is played by such a fixture as a carcasher. In many cases, when buying a sink made of steel, it is found that there is no opening there. Just this problem and solves the flower.

It uses furniture makers and repair masters. Suits for sale in branded shops, in IKEA networks and online stores for construction and repair products. Often they go in sets. A good flower can break the hole even in a metal thickness metal. Then the mixer will be mounted in the resulting passage.

Features of bugs for mile

It should be noted that the stainless steel stainless steel shell is usually made on the basis of carbon steel. It is very important that the alloy is high quality. Usually, the design includes:

  • Special cry;

  • cutter;

  • binding their mechanical bolt.

For normal operation with such a tool, a typical wrench will be required. Modern smokers:

  • comply with all RF standards and the EU;

  • allow you to get smooth edges, eliminate the slightest roughness even on a small area;

  • provide quick installation of the mixer;

  • form a hole with an ideal level of geometry.

Features of bugs for mile

What happens?

The main and practically the only difference between the versions (except for understandable only by professionals) is a cross section that has a screw flower. Almost absolutely in the domestic market dominates products supplied by the Taiwanese company KWB. It is about her that it is worthwhile. Taiwanese missiles can have a working size of 22 mm.

In this case, their mass will be 0.289 kg, and in the packaged form, the sizes in three axes will be equal:

  • eleven;

  • 23;

  • 3.8 mm.

Pretty widely presented in the market and cutter with a working dimension of 32 mm. In this case, typical parameters are as follows:

  • Length – 18.3 cm;

  • width – 12.5 cm;

  • height – 4.5 cm;

  • Weight – 330 grams.

Features of bugs for mile

Finally, There are also 35 mm holes for the mixer. Of course, these are the hardest and productive models. Mass can reach 340 grams. Length and width are 18.2 and 12.5 cm, respectively. The height of the product is 3.9 cm.


Of course, it is not enough to choose a lecturer with a suitable working part size. You need to be able to use them. First you need to carefully try the crane, pushing out the scheme, instructions. In most cases, there is only one position in which he gets confident. However, this provision is also required to find.

Features of bugs for mile

Features of bugs for mile

But when it is found, immediately take for a barbecue – it means that it is guaranteed to break it. Normal procedure:

  • In the center of the circle, with the help of Kerner prepare a fossa;

  • The passage of the minimum cobalt drill in it, which will be able to find;

  • Then use the intermediate to size drill;

  • Then they allow the “main caliber”;

  • Plots are installed so that the wide element is at the bottom, and the knife part was located exactly at the place of placement of the future mixer;

  • Rotate the key, making a certain effort – it is only important not to overdo it;

  • and ultimately it turns out the perfectly done hole – of course, if everyone did according to the scheme.

Features of bugs for mile

Features of bugs for mile

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