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Washing machines from LG are distinguished by reliability and practicality. Owners enjoy their uninterrupted work for many years. The manufacturer even even that any problems were understandable and easily eliminated. An important error code may appear on the display. Due to this, you can easily establish the reason why wash does not start.

What does error de?

LG washing machine may not run the washing program, and highlight the letter code on the screen. Do not immediately throw to the phone and call the service center, sometimes the problem can be solved on your own.

If the machine gives out the code DE, then the cause of the malfunction lies in an unlocked drum cap. Technique just can not gain water and start executing the program until the hatch is closed.

Not always the problem can be solved by a slight movement of the hand. It happens that it is enough just to close the door more densely, the error ceases to highlight and the washing process continues. However, not always additional efforts can eliminate the problem. The reasons why the error is highlighted with a closed door.

  1. Detail of the Luke Lock Group broke. Usually the problem lies in the gate, but it can break absolutely any element.
  2. Spring has shifted or squeezed from a wire from its place.
  3. There was a failure in the program that controls the position of the hatch.
  4. Inside the electrocontroller failed the start sensor element.

It is these 4 causes of error DE are the most common. Full list is significantly more. Some problems can be solved independently, without a wizard call.

If it is impossible to establish the cause of the error, you should disable the technique from the power grid and contact the service center.

How to fix?

At the very beginning it is necessary to inspect the lid that closes the drum. Perhaps the hatch is not closed tightly or some thing prevents the mechanism to snap. If the coverage of the cover does not lead to the disappearance of the error code, then a small diagnosis should be carried out. Usually as a result of inspection, the reason is. If the error does not exit, it means that the problem happened in more important electronic details and must be accessed by a specialist.

Simple manipulations to eliminate code de.

  1. Check cover closing density. Need to push it slightly, press.
  2. View the door outside. Perhaps something interferes with dense closure.
  3. Visually assess the inner side of the hatch. You should make sure that the clothes do not fall out of the drum. Additionally, you need to look at the tongue that fixes the hatch. It is not excluded that something stuck.
  4. Make sure the hatch of the tank is exactly hanging. If necessary, pull the loops. Sometimes there is no slope and unarmed look it can be seen. For accuracy, you can use the construction level.
  5. If nothing helped, then you need to pull up the underwear and restart the machine. For this, the hatch is broken, the system is turned off using the button and pulls out the power cord from the outlet. After 15-20 minutes, you should connect the washing machine again and check if the error will appear.

In some cases, all of the above methods of eliminating the problem do not help get rid of the code on the display. This means that the problem is more serious. Possible malfunctions and repair.

  1. The door does not close to the end, is not fixed mechanically. Such a problem occurs due to wear or failure hook breakdown. It is necessary to replace the element and further use the washing machine. It should be noted that such a breakdown can be easily diagnosed visually. You can try your hand to move the hook. Breakdown there is if it is too mobile.
  2. It happens that the door closes, the characteristic click is distributed, but the wash does not begin. Instead of a set of water technician issues error code and all. The reason lies in the locking device lock device. In other words, the hatch closes, but it is not blocked and the system simply cannot continue the execution of the program. It is enough to replace the faulty item and further enjoy the use of technology.
  3. More strange situations happen when the device stops working at a stage. Code DE appears on the screen and the smell of Gary is felt. The problem is in the control module. There are several reasons: Water getting inside electronics, voltage jump. It is still easier – the contacts can be blown on the module. To solve the problem, you must first remove the top of the typewriter and remove the front panel. After that, it will be possible to get the board. Damaged places are usually black, the upper parts of the capacitors become convex, you can notice traces of breaks. It is necessary to fall a damaged part and replace it with a new. When a hike in the store is better to take an old element with you to purchase exactly the same.
  4. If the door is not fixed and the handle does not work, then the reason is in it. We’ll have to change the whole item, there is no other solution. It is recommended to refer to those skilled in the art that the new handle is high-quality and durable.
  5. An error can occur in cases where the door does not close, and visually noticeable. Usually, those who use the machine for a long time or quite intensively faced with such a problem. The reason is quite simple – the loops were worn out. In some cases, you can simply adjust them with a screwdriver. If such a procedure did not help, then you need to replace the loop on new.

Error with code DE occurs solely when faults, due to which the hatch does not close properly. In most cases, it is possible to solve the problem without attracting specialists, especially if there are some home appliance repair skills. If there is no confidence in our own forces, then you should take a washing machine to the service center so that the masters make professional repair. It is also worth a proceed if the methods described above do not lead to solving the problem.


Washing machine requires care. With the correct operation, it can work more than 700 hours.

Recommendations of specialists.

  1. The door of the washing machine needs to be covered carefully, without clapping it.
  2. It is important to follow so that the hatch does not capture clothes.
  3. Door after washing should be left open to drum down. However, after that it should be closed so that the loops do not experience a permanent load.
  4. You can not hang on the hatch. In this case, the loop will quickly come into disrepair.
  5. Twice a year it is necessary to check the status of all systems. If necessary, it is worth tightening fastening or change damaged parts.
  6. It is necessary to avoid water from entering the top cover of the equipment and the rear wall. In this case, the risk of breakdowns of electronic elements is increasing.

Such simple rules will allow to avoid serious problems and errors with the code de. Among other things, It is necessary to regularly clean the washing machine so that the garbage does not affect its performance.

If the breakage occurred suddenly and it is not possible to establish the cause, then you should contact the service center. With independent repair there is a risk of damaging something else.

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