Drying machines Candy: features, varieties, popular models

Modern drying machine will save space in the apartment, spend less time on drying linen and significantly reduce the level of humidity in the room, which will benefit on your health. Therefore, it is worth finding out the main features of the Candy drying machines, familiarize themselves with their varieties and consider the differences between the most popular models.

Features of the Drying Machines Candy

The Italian company Candy, founded in 1946 in the city of Monza, is well known primarily due to the elegant design and high quality of its products, as well as due to the broad introduction in the household appliances of modern technologies like management through Wi-Fi.

The main differences between Italian machines for drying linen and clothes from analogs:

  • Environmental purity of materials used;
  • energy efficiency;
  • stylish appearance;
  • Ergonomic and simple management using modern digital technologies;
  • compactness compared to German and Chinese models with similar characteristics;
  • a large number of operating modes;
  • delicate care for things;
  • The presence of the EasyCase system is a tray for collecting condensate formed during the work process, which, unlike analogs, is located directly in the drum door. Due to this, the user always sees the level of filling of the tank and can drain the liquid on time.

High quality products of the Italian concern confirmed by the Woolmark brand sign. He is awarded to the International Public Organization of International Wool Secretariat, and its availability on household appliances means that articles made of high-quality natural wool will not be damaged after their drying.


Currently, all drying machines manufactured by Candy are divided into 3 line.

  • Slim Smart – This first series introduced in 2018 includes narrow models (depth to 48 cm) based on a heat pump capacitor equipped with a smartphone control function using the Candy Simply-Fi application. It is possible to install this technique on any Candy’s washing machine with a depth of 44 cm with a branded mounting kit. Moreover, if this washing machine is also equipped with an NFC interface and is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as a dryer, both devices can communicate with each other and coordinate the washing and drying modes (this function is called SmartMatch).

  • Grando Vita – The characteristics of this technique are largely similar to the models from the Slim Smart series, and the main difference is a slightly modified design (for example, instead of a chrome-plated door, an option made of white plastic is used), which is made in the spirit of the same name of the line of washing and washing and drying machines Candy. The series consists of a single model – GVS4 H7A1TCEX-07.

  • Other – In this category there are cars, the production of which began to the release of the previous two lines. Like representatives of the previous series, these machines work on the principle of condensation, but in contrast to newer models they are not equipped with a heat pump, which reduces their energy efficiency.

Review models

Currently, the official representation of the company in the Russian Federation offers customers only 4 models, Related to new rules.

  • CS4 H7A1DE-07 – Representative of the new Slim Smart line with a heat pump, loading up to 7 kg, an energy consumption class A +, 85 cm high, a depth of 48 cm and 60 cm width. The drum is made of stainless steel. It is provided for 15 (+1) working programs, including special modes for towels, mixed tissues, products from synthetic, denim and wool, as well as functions “refresh” and “smoothing of folds”. The control system consists of a display and arms of switching modes.

  • GVS4 H7A1TCEX-07 – Refers to the Grando Vita series, all major characteristics (including a set of programs) are similar to the previous model, the main differences are another design and a smaller depth (45 cm).

  • CS C9LG-07 – refers to an older lineup and with dimensions of 85 × 60 × 59 cm accommodates up to 9 kg of things. Due to the lack of a thermal pump, an energy efficiency class has. A set of programs is similar to the previous two models. NFC chip is installed to control the smartphone and the exchange of information with another household appliances of this brand. Not equipped with display – instead of it uses LED indication.

  • CS C10DBGX-07 – The representative of the earlier SMART line is distinguished by large dimensions (85 × 60 × 59 cm) and a greater maximum load (up to 10 kg when drying cotton and up to 4 kg when working with synthetics). Not equipped with a heat pump, therefore refers to the in-class of energy efficiency. 4 cotton drying modes are provided, 3 modes for synthetics and 1 for wool care. Installed digital display.

In stores of the company dealers and online stores, you can still find older models, among which the following are the most popular.

  • GVS4 H7A1TCEX-S – version of the GVS4 H7A1TCEX-07 model with a chrome-plated door and a smaller drum tank (80 l instead of 99 liters). At the same time, the maximum loading of this model is still 7 kg.

  • CS C8DG-S – Analogue of Model CS C10DBGX-07 Capacity 8 kg.

  • CS C7LF-S – One of the early models with an opaque door. Provided 15 drying programs. Depth – 59 cm, loading – up to 7 kg. The heat pump is absent.

How to choose?

The main criterion to consider when choosing – the capacity of the drum, or rather, its maximum load. For maximum comfort, this parameter must match the coincidence of the drum of your washing machine. If the dryer loading is less – then after each washing, you will have to perform two drying cycles.

Acquisition of a drying unit with a capacity of greater than the capacity of the washing machine is usually economically unreasonable – such devices are more expensive, and they usually have to work with incomplete loading.

Next important parameter – device dimensions, especially depth. If it is assumed to install in the column on the washing machine – it is important that the technique is compatible. Otherwise, dimensions need to be chosen under the pre-prepared place of installation.

Another important characteristic – power consumption class. What it is higher – the less electricity will be spent in one working cycle. In this regard, the advantage on the side of the aggregates with the heat pump – let them cost more, but quickly pay off due to lower light accounts.

Also worth paying attention to additional functions. Preferences should be given to models with the highest number of drying programs and convenient options like EasyCase and Woolmark. If you already have a Candy washing machine with a NFC interface, then you should buy a dryer supporting SmartMatch technology.

How to use?

Connect the device only directly into the ground with a ground, in no case through a splitter and / or extension. The vent hole should not be observed by the wall, furniture or other appliances.

The most important rule during the operation of the equipment for drying linen is to follow the boarant. Unlike washing machines, which in most cases are able to cope with almost everything, which is placed in their drums, dryers for efficient work require free volume. therefore No need to try to upload more things to the device than its passport maximum load.

It should also be borne in mind that usually the maximum weight is indicated for dry things, so in fact you need to load a lot of no more than 2/3 from its nominal load.

Before drying underwear and clothing, you need to carefully sort the tissues and choose the corresponding mode for them. Especially careful you need to be with things from nylon, batista and tulle, as well as with new things that can be very hot with improper drying after the first washing. Do not use the “very dry” function without much need – it is intended mainly for dense tissues and multi-layer things, so it can spoil cotton and linen clothing.

Note that small solid items, cut off from clothes in the drying process, can break the rest of the clothes and even damage the drum. therefore Before drying, you need to fasten all buttons, fasteners and buttons, as well as how to remove “bones” from bras (or, on the contrary, sew them).

Do not run a new drying cycle after the end of the previous one – give the device to cool for half an hour.

You must not forget to remove condensate from the container after each cycle. Periodically, you need to clean the pile filters according to the recommendations of the instruction manual. Clean the filters can be manually, with a vacuum cleaner or washing with warm water. Once in 6 months, it is also worth cleaning the heat exchanger – usually enough to wash it with water and dry.

Candy CS C8DG-S Drying Machine Overview Watch in the following video.

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