Daewoo washing machines

South Korean household appliances have long become the usual “guest” in Russian houses. But the same Daewoo washing machines have a number of specific features peculiar both brand in general and separate modifications. It is necessary to take into account the main features of the use and probable problems with such a technique.


Speaking about the specifics of Daewoo washing machines, it is impossible to go around their extensive range. You can always choose a device suitable for any person. Washing machines of the Korean brand can be delivered in the room of any area. The company makes mainly design with front load. But choose products with vertical laundry linen is also possible, although they are not too much.

It is still worth indicating that Activator washing semi-automatives are sold under the Daewoo brand. Similar products like dacms and the population of countryside. True, now it has already been removed from production, only the remnants are sold.

You can purchase real “monsters” processing up to 15 kg of linen for one reception. There are also modifications with drying mode.

Daewoo equipment is not too economical. In the range of firms there are no models of category A +++, and the category A ++ occurs infrequently. But the spin speed varies quite wide. Depending on the model, it can be 700-1400 revolutions per minute. Weakly pressing devices are almost always equipped with a drying option, which makes it possible to put up with such a disadvantage.

In terms of coloring, Daewoo goods are very diverse. There are even cars decorated with designer prints. Produce them in various regions of the world. There are production facilities of the South Korean company and in the countries of the former USSR. Products are actively equipped with the latest technical innovations.

Review models

Speaking about Daewoo washing machines with a capacity of up to 6 kg, it is worth noting a wall model DWD-CV702W. More precisely, this version allows you to extract no more than 3 kg of linen at the same time. But for those people who are used to washing only really right and does not hold big things, it is the best choice. Designers took care of the protection of delicate skin. When using DWD-CV702W, even minor powder residues and liquid detergent are removed from the tissue.

The drum is made in such a way that things are not stuck. The occurrence of “hooks” on delicate matters. Motor made with the calculation of the minimum noise level. Stylish modern device painted in white. The manufacturer declares that It will fit perfectly in modern interiors. Engineers have provided the use of washing regime at 80 degrees. He will help to cope even with very difficult pollution. Such a program is suitable for children’s things, towels and other hygienic accessories. Compartments for detergents are thought out very well, powders and air conditioners will not intervene. There is a special mode of particularly fast washing (lasting 29 minutes).

As an alternative, you can view a washing machine WMD-R610D1. Its loading reaches 6 kg. There is a mode of working with sportswear. “Pearl” drum guarantees careful work and lowers to a minimum fabric wear. Drying mode is not provided.

Other features:

  • 15 pre-installed programs;
  • Energy efficiency at the level of category A;
  • Spin at a speed of up to 1000 revolutions per minute;
  • Own mass of cars 60.4 kg;
  • depth 0.497 m;
  • the ability to postpone the start;
  • The diameter of the loading hatch 0.44 m.

Daewoo supplies more products with vertical loading. A good example of such a product can be considered DWF-8101ELW. This model has all the basic necessary washing programs. Users can choose the flow of cold or hot water at their discretion. The drying of the traditional format is not provided, and the category of energy efficiency G can disappoint many consumers. Popper speed reaches 700 revolutions.

The total mass of the car is 25 kg. Start can not be postponed. 6 main user programs are provided.

The lid is easily opened, there is a drying option to warm air.

Vertical loading is also characteristic of the model WM-1710ELG. This Daewoo product has the entire minimum required software set. The spin speed is just as limited to 700 turns per minute. All work will be carried out strictly in automatic mode. The default product is painted in a gray tone. If you need a washing machine with drying, then you should choose the DWC-PHU12Y1P model. It can be put up to 15 kg of linen. There are many drying modes. The control panel is as convenient as possible. Design made in silver color.

Model DWC-PHU12Y1P:

  • dries up to 8 kg of linen;
  • equipped with direct drive;
  • Allows you to delay the start;
  • Pressing underwear with strength up to 1200 revolutions per minute;
  • allows you to use 14 working programs;
  • has the category of energy efficiency C;
  • has a hatch with a diameter of 0.538 m.

Mass is 84 kg. The magnitude of the machine is 0.63×0.986×0.767 m. Thanks to AIRBUBBLE technology Specially directed air bubbles will ensure the removal of fabric contaminants. Such “assistants” provide effective disbuffing even in cold water. Star-like drum has relatively fine holes, therefore, the jams of the disgraced things and the appearance of “hooks”.

Positively evaluate experts and tilting drum. This solution greatly facilitates access. There is no need to lean either to squat to load underwear. The convenience of the control panel is beneficial to the mode of particularly intense rinse with water jets. In general, it turned out Excellent device characteristics.

How to use?

Daewoo instructions prohibits storing with a washing machine easily sunbathe liquids. It is strictly forbidden to also add them to water for washing. Even the slightest amounts of such substances must be removed before laying the linen. Do not open the washing machine until a complete stop. Let her children under 3 years old, even during idleness, undesirable.

Damaged network cable must be changed only on the manufacturer’s products or with the help center. At the end of the warranty period you need to contact professionals. You can connect the machine with the network through the extension or splitter. However, such devices must be supplied so that water does not fall on them and even separate splashes.

All repair, replacement of spare parts should be carried out by professionals.

It is categorically impossible to put Daewoo washing machines where there may be a negative temperature or very high humidity. Before connecting the device to the outlet, you need to make sure of this socket. You should also check:

  • Wiring isolation;
  • isolation of the housing of the socket;
  • grounding socket;
  • Grounding machine.

Graduation and faucet filters need systematically clean. Daewoo washing machines Cannot be used for drying dirty things. Place the devices should be on the ground where they will stand smoothly and confidently. Otherwise you can fear strong noise, vibrations. Installation on the carpet is allowed under the condition that it will not block ventilation. Undesirable to put the machine close to the surrounding walls.

Before the first inclusion It is necessary to make sure that the transport screws and special rubber are removed. Leaving the screws on the spot, you can encounter not only with strong noises, but also with failures in the work of the machine. By installing the water intake hose, it is worth checking that the inputs for cold and hot water are not confused. Mounting hoses must be tight, excluding a sudden departure from the nest. All work with electrical wiring inside the machine and on an external connection must be performed by specialists.

A few more subtleties:

  • Before using the use, it is necessary to install the plum hose;
  • It is impossible to plunge a very long drain hose in a washing machine, otherwise it is very noise;
  • An additional lengthening of the hoses can only be performed by an employee of the service center;
  • It is advisable to mix small things with large to keep the balanch of the drum;
  • It is impossible to exceed the maximum marks for detergent and air conditioning;
  • It is recommended to clean the compartments for them every week.

Possible malfunctions

For repair of washing machines, Daewoo can only be used spare parts from the manufacturer and certified suppliers. When the machine does not work, it is necessary to check the availability of electricity on the network and the clarity of the connection. The problem may also be associated with improper loading of linen. The lack of water supply can be associated with:

  • freezing of the plumbing hose;
  • closing the crane;
  • water supply failures;
  • Filter clogging.

If a filter crashes for drainage, you need to check, whether rubber did not wear. You should also see if this detail is exactly inserted on the guides. When it does not help, you need to replace the cuff. For some time can help glycerin lubrication. Sometimes recommended winding jute twine, but it’s not too reliable. UE error indicates that the drum has lost a normal balance. Most often it comes due to the compression of the linen in a lump. Also the source of the problem happens Invalid, uneven installation of the machine. In some cases, the integrity of the counterweight is disturbed.

The LE code usually means the skewing of the lucker or breaking the blocking device.

In the next video you will find a review of the wall washing machine Daewoo DWD-CV701PC.

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