Czech Baths Riho: Features of Choice

    To date, many domestic and foreign manufacturers offer to buy a variety of baths. From a huge number of options for buyers just run out eyes, and they cannot choose what they really need. This article is devoted to excellent Czech production baths from the famous brand Riho. About what features there are brand products, as well as nuances and advantages for which they are valued most, will be described in more detail in this article.


    To certainly not guess purchases, you should know the main features of Czech baths.

    • Riho products preference are given not only lovers from around the world, but also real professionals of their affairs that regularly recommend goods brand.
    • Every year, Czech brand produces new and improved bath models that fully comply with customer requirements.
    • In the manufacture of its goods, the company uses exceptionally proven, wear-resistant and high-quality materials that provide their long-term operation. The whole process of creating baths is controlled by the relevant specialists at each stage of production.
    • You can find brand products on the official Riho website and in proven suppliers who have a license to implement Czech products.
    • Products of the brand correspond to not only European, but also international quality standards. It is completely safe for humans and the environment.

    Riho products deservedly occupy one of the first places in international rankings, As a result, it is possible to acquire them without any doubt as.

    In addition, many products manufacturer gives an excellent guarantee for ten years.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Before purchasing one or another bath, Find out the main advantages and cons of this kind of products.

    • Among the wide range of products from Riho, you can easily find options not only under modern interiors of bathrooms, but also under the classic.
    • Riho products are considered ergonomic. They are created taking into account all the anatomical features of the person and its needs.
    • Thanks to the baths of this brand, you can easily relax and get the maximum pleasure from the adoption of water procedures even at home.
    • Brand products are very easy to install. The bath is easy enough to install even independently without resorting to the help of specialists.
    • In the product catalog of brand you can find both classic rectangular models of baths, and angular, and even asymmetrical. Customers will please not only the size range, but also the fact that products are produced in a wide range of.

    Small disadvantages include slightly overestimated prices for Czech products, as well as the absence of some goods in the regions of the country. Many customers have to order baths and wait for quite a long time.

    Views and sizes

    The manufacturer can please their customers not only by a variety of models, but also a wide size. Next, consider the most popular options.

    Classic forms

    Classic brand bath models are often represented by rectangular forms with a length of 150 and 170 cm. Be sure to recommend paying attention to one of the most popular Riho Future models. This model goes without hydromassage, the price often ranges from 15 thousand rubles and higher, the volume is almost 200 liters, and the dimensions are 170×75 cm. Such a bath is perfectly suitable not only for spacious, but also for a small room.

    For special connoisseurs in the range of brand there is a bath Victoria, in the configuration of which there is not only hydro-, but also aeromassage. Miami bath is also represented in rectangular forms, produced in size 170×70 cm. No worse and model Lusso with dimensions 200×90 cm. You should also look at the options for Hall and Triton. In a large selection, the brand offers models from the Carolina series. The rectangular model is presented with dimensions of 180×80 cm.


    For those who prefer separate baths, we recommend paying attention to the oval Columbia models with dimensions of 175×80 and 150×75 cm. These baths are perfect for any modern interior.

    Corner Fike

    Corner models are presented at all in a smaller assortment than rectangular. Special attention should be paid to the ATLANTA, Austin and Neo models.

    They are especially in demand from buyers who are looking for compact and ergonomic baths with massage systems.


    One of the most popular round bathtubs from the Czech brand is COLORADO. This model has excellent specifications and capabilities. Also should look at the Riho Lugano semicircular bath with a welcomed installation. At the request of it you can install aeromassage.


    In the room of small sizes, the acrylic bath from the Delta series with dimensions of 160×70 cm. This model has an unusual angular asymmetric shape that resembles a droplet. Such baths can only be installed in the left or right corner depending on the model Delta Left or Right.

    Hydromassage bowls

    Hydromassage models of baths from the brand are presented not only in a wide variety of forms and sizes, but also in a wide range of elegant designs. The current range of this product should be clarified by the brand consultants.

    Other options

    In the range of companies, you can find several bath models that can be made practically in any color. One of these models is Motive Line. This color bath is made of high strength acrylic.

    The model goes without a frame and panel.

    Recommendations for the choice and operation

    Among the wide range of baths from the Czech brand, even the most demanding customers will be able to make. You can choose exactly the option according to the necessary size, form and parameters, as well as taking into account the budget of a client.

    Each bath model is unique in its properties and characteristics, This means that when it is properly operating, Riho products will serve for a long time without any problems. It is easy to care for the bathroom, the main thing is not to use hard detergents, but to acquire exceptionally options for cleansing acrylic. Also, do not forget about the instructions in which all the answers to customer questions are defined.

    You can correctly choose the right bath on the Internet or in the appropriate point of sale, where there is Riho products. Of course, it is best to choose products of this type of live. Thus, you can more carefully pick up and inspect the model you can use, and you can also use the services of specialists.

    On the Internet, you can find quite controversial reviews about Riho products, but In general, we can say that the baths from the brand really deserve special attention to themselves.

    • Very often positive feedbacks are not only customers, but also professional masters that distinguish rectangular baths as the most convenient and comfortable in use.
    • Customers are pleased not only by excellent bath characteristics, but also excellent acrylic coating that does not change and does not deteriorate over the entire time of operation.
    • Models from the Columbia and Delta series are considered particularly popular, due to the mass of useful functions, including hydromassage.
    • Can not please and modern opportunities that brand offers to its customers. So, for example, Solid Surface baths can be made in any color. Products of this type are varied in several layers to achieve the best shade on both sides of the product.
    • To negative parties, buyers most often include high prices for Czech production products, but they also do not stop many customers from a profitable purchase.

    Installation Instructions Riho Bath – In the following video.

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