Cranes for heated towel rail

Modern plumbing should be not only beautiful, but also work like a clock. Heated towel rail – element of the overall heating system, so it must be installed correctly. The high-quality heating system should have a lock fittings so that, if necessary, adjust the heat transfer or overlap the system if an emergency occurred. All elements of the design must be sufficiently reliable and strong. The article will talk about cranes for heated towel rails.


Similar structures differ in several characteristics.

  1. Material. Cranes can be made of various metals, as well as decorative chromium coating. For example, bathroom products can be created from bronze, stainless steel, brass. The type of metal is of particular importance, since the reliability of the structure depends on this parameter, its resistance to high temperatures and the total service life. Best materials for cranes of heated towel rails are stainless steel and brass.

  2. Purpose. Adjusting cranes may have a shut-off structure, options called the cranes of Maevsky. The latest models are distinguished by the design features and are designed for airbone from the heating system.

  3. The design consists of valves and cranes. Cranes have a special constipation that is responsible for the redistribution of water flow. Valves are needed to overlap the flow of water on time, they are also needed to regulate this thread.

Depending on the location of the taps for heated towel rails, divided into direct flow and angular. There are practically no difference between these options in terms of technical specifications. They differ only in the form of connection to the system.

The cross section of the constructions has a markup in inches. The smaller this indicator, the higher the level of hydraulic resistance. Therefore, experts say that the crane should not be connected if its size is less than the main opening.

If you install a three-way crane, then water can be adjusted both through bypass and through a heated towel rail (if the water flow is enhanced in the heating system, the flow for bypass will become less intense).

Designs with thermoregulation are very convenient in operation. However, the high cost does not always give to implement such an option.

In the form of crane structures or valves may be different. In the assortment you can meet options in the form of a square, cylinder or rectangle. Meet and more complex models. Therefore, cranes for heated towel rails depending on the shape and other parameters are suitable in any bathroom.


Ball constipation is quite common because they are very easy to install. Usually two designs are needed for heated toweling. It is best to choose models created from copper or brass with a special chromium coating. Such constipation easily withstand hot water stream and pressure inside the design.

The ball constipation consists of the next set of details:

  • hull itself;

  • Cork;

  • handle;

  • Rings for seal – 1 inch;

  • spindle.

The ball valve is designed to overlap the heating channel, as well as for adjusting the water supply temperature. For this design is equipped with a special handle, turning which can be controlled by the aqueous stream and its temperature. Such a crane can be hidden in a box or a special niche.

Crane Maevsky

The technical characteristics of this species say that the product is perfect for working in aquatic environment. Rotary cranes of such configuration are best suited for lower heated towel rails. The choice is also worth stopping on products from copper or brass. Mounted Crane at the top of the towel rail.

Maevsky’s shutter consists of the following elements:

  • shut-off valve;

  • valve;

  • frame.

The shutter of this configuration is similar to the needle valve inside the case. Adjustment occurs when turning the handle. Screw can be deployed with a screwdriver or key.

In the work of cranes unpretentious. When too much air will be accumulated in the dryer design, it is necessary to remove all things to which the splashes of boiling water can get. Under the shutter it is necessary to substitute the container in which water will be merged.

Carving in such cranes right-sided, so it is easier to work with such structures. To lower the air, you need to open the valve to one turn, and wait until the air goes. The procedure will be heard of air movement. Then you need to wait until water starts from the crane. This procedure will need to repeat from time to time. It is especially relevant if the heat is distributed unevenly. It is possible to carry out the procedure monthly, since the accumulated air is necessary to lower from time to time.

The device of Maevsky is found in different variations: from classic models with a valley for scolding to more complex structures with a comfortable handle. However, the principle of operation of such cranes is no different.

A similar algorithm of actions is characteristic of hand cranes of an old sample. More modern models are fully automated, and the air of them is independent.

Criterias of choice

Special attention should be paid to the material from which the crane is made. It is best to choose models with stainless coating. The shutter must be made of durable and heat-resistant material.

Vasters from chrome metal, copper and brass are considered available at cost and high quality. The designs themselves most often have a combined configuration: the internal sections are created from durable material, and the external is not as durable, but provide a presentable appearance.

In the assortment you can find high-quality and durable shutters in any price segment. It is better not to buy structures with polypropylene elements. Even the most durable plastic will fail faster than metal cranes.

Manufacturers from Europe offer numerous high-quality models, as well as components. However, among the range of Chinese companies, you can find pretty high-quality samples.

The range of plumbers involves a wide selection of shutters for heated towel rails of all configurations. Experts point to the nuances that need to be considered when choosing.

  • Form and size – extremely important indicator, because the model not only must perform its direct functions, but also to be beautiful.

  • Connection type. The acquired device must be approached by the entire system. Therefore, before going to the store plumbing, you need to measure the nozzles, as well as the space at the corners and from the wall.

  • Method of installation. We are talking about differences in montage to different types of communication (to central heating or to autonomous). Installing cranes is not allowed if the bypass was not organized before. It is relevant for premises with central heating, since this factor may affect the heat transfer in neighboring apartments.

  • Pay attention to the design. If the heated towel rail is white, then the black crane will be inappropriate.


Install yourself such a design without special experience and skills.

To begin with, check all components. If there was some special devices in the complex with a heated towel rail, then you need to buy it yourself. It is necessary to inspect additional devices before the direct purchase. The cutting valve must match the dimensions of the system.

First you can try to install all the details without a seal and make sure that nothing was forgotten.

When a new heating system is installed, it is necessary to carefully check the location of the elements and joints. For marks will need a greater scotch.

For the first compound, it is important that all markers match the coincide. To do this, put a crane, put gaskets, windings. Then all nuts twist. When installing a new system, a seal should be changed.

To install the Maevsky crane, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Air accumulates at the very top of the design, so it is better to delete it in these areas. Possible hidden installation on the side surfaces of the design.

  2. The shutter must be embedded in the upper edge of the heating device. If the work is carried out on the ladder-shaped heated dryer, then it usually has a special plug. If the plug is not provided, you will have to drill a small hole and cut the thread.


To replace the old instrument, you need to lower the water. It is recommended to make sure that the system is not under pressure. All devices that are connected to the common system must be disabled. Then you need to open a crane that is responsible for the supply of hot water, and drop excess air.

If we are talking about central heating, then turn off the water, turning the overall shutter. Most often, the overall crane is located on the ground floor or in the basement of an apartment building. If you turn off the overall crane, the pressure in the system will decrease and you can proceed to dismantling.

When sealing it is better to use a special tape from fluoroplastic material (FMU). After the work, you need to check the performance of the crane, connecting it to the riser and opening the water.

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