Country toilets: species, selection and installation

By purchasing the country area, the owners try to reflect it. Therefore, the toilet appears on empty earth, and the residential building is erected. The comfort of the toilet determine such factors as the availability of water, the stability of the design, the possibility of airing, the presentable appearance of the structure, and, of course, reliability.


Toilet bowls for cotton closet can be bought at any plumbing store, but you can build a design with your own hands. Consider handicraft tools and possessing some skills, you can make aesthetic and reliable toilet, which will not differ much from the factory model. Country toilets can be made in the form of a podium, pedestal or throne.

External features do not affect the functionality of the design, but the method of its installation depends on the model, as well as ease of use.

A separate toilet structure has a number of advantages, which often determines its construction. The most important advantage of the street toilet is that it is the place of accumulation of compost. Due to this, the yield of the garden plot is improved. Another feature of the autonomous premises is to unload the toilet located inside the country house. The country house does not always have a connection to the central sewage, so owners have to dig up a cesspool, which from time to time has to be rejected.

A huge plus toilet construction is the lack of need to constantly enter the house, while tenants work in a garden or relax by the pool. And if the owners embarrass the appearance of the toilet, then you can show a little fantasy and make it decoration of the country area. Operating properties of the street toilet allow you to install it anywhere, as the country designs do not need to install the “knee”, which is intended to hold water.

The bathroom, located in the country area, has such disadvantages:

  • The need to constantly go out, if there is no second toilet in the house;
  • lack of heating, which will be necessary in the cold season;
  • The appearance of the design, because it is often a modest wooden or brick building.


Modern manufacturers of sanitary equipment produce various models of country toilets, which have a different weight, composition and design. In the country area most often installed peat, cesspool or chemical toilet. No less popular – relatives and Poll-closet. Standardly for the cottage, the bathroom is built, which is installed on a cesspool. This design requires a deep pit and foundation so that the bathroom does not ask for a bathroom.

Peat closet involves the presence of peat in the cesspool, which allows you to absorb liquid and accumulate solid sewage, which in combination with the compost can become a good fertilizer. Peat garden toilet is convenient because it is easy without water, and due to peat does not evaporate unpleasant odors.

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Increasingly, dachants are acquired as a street toilet, which allows not to build a separate building on the plot. Such a portable closet is quite durable, lung in care and does not absorb smells. However, at high temperatures, plastic, from which the bathroom was made, makes a specific smell, and the casing begins to crack.

    Chemical bathroom enjoys in great demand, which is a small closed constructure. Plus such a ball lies in the fact that the waste of vitality during the day is completely dissolved in a special tank. Pood-closes suitable for location on a plot that has no cesspool pits. Inside the toilet is a toilet bowl under which the container is located for waste.

    This type of ball is convenient and simple, but requires regular self-purification of tanks with uncleanness.


    Toilet toilet can be made of various materials and have different forms. Catering models can be made of several materials.

    • Wood. Wooden models, as a rule, have a wide seating form, which is installed on the elevation. Over the stools, a folding cover is mounted, designed to protect the room from unpleasant odors.
    • Plastic. Plastic models have a large variety of forms and sizes. Plastic is a durable, wear-resistant and durable material that has an affordable price. Often the plastic toilet is more than the wooden version, since it is used by the top quality PVC.

    • Ceramics. Ceramics products are distinguished by comfort and attractive appearance. Ceramic toilet can be installed even in a unwanted building, but provided that it has a durable and reliable foundation. Ceramics has a great weight that wood is unable to withstand.
    • Metal. Metal toilet is usually made with their own hands. To do this, use thick metal sheets or old buckets. Metal has a lot of advantages over other materials, although inferior to external parameters.


    The dimensions of the toilet toilet depend on the construction itself. It is from the length and width of the room depends on the selection of a suitable device. It is desirable that between the stool and the walls there is no less than 32 cm, and between the entrance door and the toilet – at least 56 cm. Much depends on the type of sewage entrance, which can be direct or oblique, and from the distance from the wall to the end of the sewer pipe. If the outdoor building is provided with a suspension toilet or the product with an embedded barrel, then it is important to take into account the distance that is necessary for the installation of the device.

    The height of the seating should allow a sitting person to freely rest on the feet of the floor. As a rule, the height of the toilet design is selected under the growth of the biggest family member.

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    Standard toilet has the following dimensions:

    • Length – 61-65 cm;
    • width – 30-35 cm;
    • Height – 37-40 cm.

    Famous manufacturers and reviews

    Modern Plumbing Market Pottite Wide Selecting Unitaze for Street. Many manufacturers are focused on the release of closet models that imply the absence of sewage or septic. Thanks to this, any buyer may choose a product that is ideal for a specific toilet.

    Top best manufacturers of street toilet.

    • “Kirov ceramics” – This is a Russian manufacturer, manufactured ceramic sanitary products. All brand products are produced on modern equipment and using high-quality materials. Thanks to its serious attitude to the “Kirov ceramics”, enjoys great demand among Russian buyers.

    • “Oscol ceramics” – This is the Russian manufacturer, used for the production of products the latest Italian equipment. All products consist of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, possess modern design. Oscol Ceramics is popular among people who value reliability and style of purchased goods.

    • Colombo – This is a Ukrainian firm specializing in the production of high-quality and reliable sanitary ceramics. Products of the brand are distinguished by stylish design, practicality and accessibility. Buyers are positively responding about the products of Colombo, marking its high quality and pleasant value.
    • Cersanit – This is a Polish manufacturer who implements integrated products for bathrooms. Cersanit plants are equipped with modern equipment, and only high-quality and safe raw materials are used in production. Toilets of this brand are designed not only for use on purpose, but also for decorating toilet buildings.

    Selection and installation with your own hands

    Street toilet must comply with such requirements as wear resistance, durability and safety. It is necessary that the toilet is comfortable and easy to care. He must have a small weight so as not to fall into the sewer.

    Choosing a device, it is better to give preference to the design that is just installed and removed.

    Most often, the country’s residents are built on the site the construction of a peat toilet, as it brings dual benefits. For his construction, it’s a little to prepare a pit and put a platform on it. Daily use of such a design can lead to the collapse of the walls of the cesspool. For this reason, it is important to strengthen the walls with concrete rings or bricks. And to avoid unpleasant odors, you need to fall asleep peat into the resulting hole.

    Street plumbing equipment is a combination of two zones: top and bottom. The upper zone consists of a toilet bowl, and the lower – from the cesspool. Installation of the toilet begins with the selection of the model, on which the installation method depends. It is easiest to mount a plastic product resembling a bucket form. It is made of high-quality material, which is able to withstand the weight of more than 100 kg.

    Plastic toilet is easily mounted on a cesspool, But if instead of her in the ground, the burden of the barrel, then small problems may arise. The neck of the barrel has a smaller diameter, rather than the neck of the country toilet. There are also differences in their form. To combine the boch and toilet gorlovin, you can apply a galvanized leaf rolled in the form of a funnel. Its lower area must have the same diameter as the neck of the barrel, and the upper area should have the shape and dimensions of the output of the plumbing device. The top of the funnel is cut in the form of flower petals, and then mounted them to the floor on the self-tapping screw.

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    The joints and irregularities formed during the installation are cleaned and seal. To create a neat and enjoyable appearance of the bathroom, it is necessary to fasten the device on the draft floor, and the finish coating. And if the toilet has no holes intended for fastening, you can use building corners to help mount the device.


    In order to properly build a country toilet and choose the perfect toilet, It is necessary to adhere to the following useful tips:

    • The cesspool should be at a distance of 5-10 m from the country house;
    • It is important to start construction in a place to which the machine for pumping unclean will be easy to approach;
    • Toilet construction can be built of boards or bricks. If it is intended for regular use, it is better to give preference to brick;
    • The easiest way to install in the closet purchased cottage toilet, as it does not have a bowl intended for washing;

    • In order to warm the country toilet during the cold season, it is best to warm it in advance. To do this, it is recommended to use mineral plates;
    • It is possible to heat the toilet in the winter with a fan heater, which in a few minutes will warm the room to a comfortable temperature;
    • To avoid the emergence of unpleasant odors, it is best to arrange natural ventilation in the form of a window;
    • You can get rid of specific smells using nitrate. They cost expensive, but they are able to cope with toilet flavors for a long time;

    • For a cottage toilet, it is better to purchase a budget model, since its use will not be careful;
    • To significantly reduce the time and save forces, it is easier to dig a cesspool than to make the creation of septic.

    The use of country closes significantly helps to reduce the load on the main toilet inside the house. The main thing is to choose the right place and dig a cesspool, which will meet all safety requirements. And when choosing a reliable and durable toilet, it is worth focusing on the reviews of real buyers.

    How to build a street toilet with your own hands, look in the following video.

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