Compartments in the washing machine: quantity and purpose

Automatic washing machine currently eat in almost every home. Washing with its help helps to wash a large number of things, save time, avoid the possibility of contacting skin with detergents.

Household appliances stores contain many models for washing for every taste and wallet. More offers for washing money in a machine machine. Manufacturers offer all sorts of powders, air conditioners, softeners, bleaching. Detergents are traditionally produced in powder form, but it can also be gel or washing capsules.

Any of these components must be added to the washing machine. Moreover, each component for liner care is loaded into the appropriate compartment. With incorrect loading of the powder, the result of washing may be unsatisfactory.

How many compartments and what they need?

In common machine models, both top and lateral loading manufacturer provided Special compartment for adding detergents.

In the washing machines with side boot, it is located at the top of the front panel, next to the home appliance control panel. In the technique with the top loading in order to see the powder compartment, you need to open the hatch cover. The compartment may be located next to the drum or directly on the lid.

Opening the Powder Tray, you can see 3 compartments to which it is divided. The purpose of each of these compartments is determined by the icon shown on it.

  1. Latin letter A or Roman figure I Indicates compartment for pre-washing. Powder falls asleep in it if the appropriate program is selected, where the washing procedure consists of 2 stages. From this compartment, the powder will be poured into the drum during the first stage.
  2. Latin letter B or Roman Figure II – So designated compartment for the main washing, regardless of the program, as well as the second stitch stage with the preliminary stage mode.
  3. Icon “Star” or “Flower” means compartment for air conditioner or rinse. The means intended for this compartment usually has a liquid shape. You can fill the air conditioner in this compartment both to washing and in its process. The main thing – to have time before the car starts to gain water for rinsing. Otherwise the agent will not penetrate the drum.
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Also in compartments with numbers I or II, in addition to the main means for washing, you can add bulk stains, bleach and cleaning agents from scale and contaminants.

The third compartment can only be used for components used when ringed linen.

How to upload?

Washing machines of various manufacturers have a significant difference in the set of programs and washing modes. The amount of powder that will be spent in the process of this or that washing program is indicated in the operating instruction manual. In addition, each manufacturer of the synthetic detergent for automatic machines indicates its approximate dosage on the package. But all these data are conditional.

The following factors can affect the dosage of the washing powder.

  1. The source weight of the loaded linen. The more weight, the more funds need to add. If the wash is subject to only a few things, the settlement rate of funds should be reduced.
  2. Degree of pollution. If things are strongly contaminated or have difficulty outlined spots, the concentration of the powder should be increased.
  3. Water hardness level. What he is higher, the greater the detergent will need for a positive wash result.
  4. Washing program. For different types of tissues, a different amount of washing means.

Load powder, stain remover or bleaching is necessary strictly to the appropriate tray before starting the washing process.

In order to pour powder, it is best to use a special measuring cup.

It has a comfortable nose that allows you to pour powder exactly in the compartment, and on its walls there are marks, so that you can easily measure the required amount of powder. You can buy it in any economic store. Also, some manufacturers of washing powders put it in packaging with a tool as a pleasant bonus. It usually concerns packages with a lot of weight.

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It is believed that the powder can be covered right in the drum after loading the linen. This method has both positive and negative sides.

To the merits can be attributed:

  • Less detergent consumption;
  • The possibility of washing with breakdown of cuvettes;
  • The possibility of washing when clogged hoses feeding water for flushing powder.

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • the likelihood of elevation and appearance of spots on color clothes as a result of granules;
  • Bad quality washing due to uneven distribution of powder among things;
  • Incomplete dissolution of powder when washing.

If there is a need to add a means directly to the drum, for this you need to use special plastic containers.

Their use will protect underwear from elevation, and small holes in the lid of such a container will allow powder to dissolve inside, and the soap solution to pour out into the drum gradually.

The detergent in the form of gels and capsules can be downloaded directly into the drum of the washing machine. Most often they do not have aggressive components, and their application will not lead to its spoilage.

In some models of washing machines, manufacturers have provided a dispenser for gel-shaped linen care products.

It is a record that needs to be installed in the main compartment for powder, where special grooves are located. Then pour gel. There will be a small space between this partition and the bottom of the compartment, through which the gel will fall into the drum only when water becomes.

The easiest way to deal with the addition of air conditioner. You can pour it both before washing and in its process, before rinsing. The amount of rinse required is indicated on its packaging. But even if the air conditioner is used less or more of the specified norm, it will not affect the purity of the linen.

What funds are used for washing?

The synthetic agent market for automatic units is constantly updated with new products. Each consumer can easily choose the appropriate means. When choosing, it is important to take into account the composition, the price, the country of production.

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But there are a number of important components that should be focused before purchasing a synthetic detergent.

  1. In automata it is necessary to use only the means that is intended for machines of this type. The desired mark is on each package. The composition of such funds includes components that reduce the foaming, which helps the powder faster to be flawed from the fibers of the fabric. Also, there are substances mitigating water, which helps protect the details of equipment from scale and increase the service life of the aggregate.
  2. For washing children’s things need to choose a separate type of detergent. The composition of such powder includes hypoallergenic components. Wash baby clothes are necessary separately from the rest.
  3. Colored things It is desirable to wash the powder, on the packaging of which there is a mark “Color”. It has no bleach in its composition, and also added components that retain color.
  4. When choosing a means for washing woolen and knitted things, preference is worth sending shampoo-like options. There are components in their composition that will help preserve the original shape of the product.
  5. When buying an air conditioner or riffler for linen you need to pay attention to its consistency. Choose better more thick composition, since the liquid is quickly spent. It will not be superfluous to decide with the aroma of the air conditioner – if the smell is sharp, then it will not eat out of clothes for a long time after washing.

Exactly knowing about the appointment of the compartments of the washing machine, you can unmistakably add one or another component. And following the recommendations, it is easy to calculate the necessary amount of means for washing. This is important because its oversupply can lead to clogging of water hoses, and the disadvantage – to the poor quality of washing.

About where to fall asleep powder in a washing machine, look in the video.

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