Cleaning grounds for a lime-plated

After repair, the entire plumbing in the house has the perfect appearance, but months, and then the years of use give their results, and soon it is covered with a raid. This applies to cranes, metal elements and a shower canal, which ceases to function normally and makes a disorder in the overall environment.

Cleaning canoe from lime-plated – this is a rather complicated and tedious process, But there are many methods and techniques that allow you to significantly alleviate cleaning in the bathroom. It is important to understand that it is almost impossible to get rid of a lime fly, so experts advise regularly to care for plumbing to avoid complex pollution that are hardly removed by habitual means.


At the preparation stage, it is necessary to determine what specifically clogged, because not only can not be polluted, but the hose itself. You can check it when the shower will be disassembled. First, the jet of water is passed separately through the watering can, and then through the hose. If the hose passes water with difficulty, it means that so many plates have accumulated that it narrowed the passage.

When the watering can not miss water or it happens with difficulty, you need to wash the nozzles, which are responsible for a good water pressure.

Clear the nozzle and faucets inside at home is quite simple, if you follow the advice of professionals. Remove any contamination.

Major techniques and tricks

The most popular option for cleaning plumbing, in particular, watering can, is the use of tight and well-known household chemicals. This refers to the means that in its composition contains the potent components by type chlorine. Tools such as “toilet duckling”, Cillit Bang, Mr. Muskul or SARMA allow for a short time to remove the flare and any other pollution.

Stages of cleaning

It is necessary to adhere to step-by-step instructions for cleansing watering.

  • Before starting cleaning, it is advisable to disassemble the watering can, to well clean all the outlet holes. It is better to carry out the disassembly process according to the instructions, since watering can be different, and some of them cannot be discern. If the instruction is lost, and the plumbing product does not disassemble, you should not use force. Perhaps in the soul there were plates, which cannot be disassembled, and the use of force may end the breakdown.
  • Some mistresses simply wipe the watering can with a cleaning agent with a sponge or hard brush. This option is suitable only to those who regularly cares for the plumbing, so there are not so many plates.

  • In most cases, watering can be soaked in a basin with a special solution (cleaning agent according to instructions and water) and leave for several hours. Chemical components contribute to the destruction of a lime fly, so after time it can be easily removed by a conventional sponge or damp cloth.
  • It is necessary to check hard-to-reach places, because in the nozzles of the watering can often remain the remains of the fall.
  • Remove the residues of the plaque from hard-to-reach places can be rigid brushed (toothbrush) or toothpicks.
  • After all stages of cleaning, it is desirable to rinse the product and wipe the dry rag to the brilliance to avoid different divorces or spots from the drops.

Cleaning canoeing, which is fixed at height

For each type of leaks, it is necessary to select your cleaning method. There are such options when the product is fixed on top and it is impossible to remove it, therefore, the method with the pelvis disappears. Hostess invented no less interesting and, most importantly, an effective way to clean such a watering can.

To begin with a high density polyethylene package, a soap solution is poured, after which he puts on shower in such a way that the leak is completely in the water. The package is fixed, and this design is left for several hours depending on the intensity of pollution.

Folk remedies

Despite the high efficiency, modern detergents do not always cope with pollution, and they can simply not be at hand, so the hostess invented many other methods of getting rid of lime-plated by means that can be found in any house.


It is a pretty universal tool that allows you to get rid of many types of pollution, including lime plates. It is important to ensure that the percentage of acetic essence is not highly high because it is possible to spoil the coating. It is better to use the most inexpensive option with a concentration of 7%.

It is better to carry out the cleaning procedure in gloves, because vinegar has a high level of acid that leaves burns when contacting the skin or causes irritation.

Watering can be placed in a container with vinegar heated to 50 degrees. Instead of the tank, you can use a package that is winding around the base of the watering can be used and secured by elastic or simple nodes on the polyethylene itself. This design is left for 20 minutes, after which rinse is made, and the watering can be cleaned with a cloth or sponge to shine.

Lemon (citric acid)

Instead of vinegar, a lemon is often used, since the fruit contains a high level of acid that destroys the flare and allows watering can be caused to a normal appearance. It takes 3 lemon acid packs per liter of water. This solution is lowered by a watering can and leave for two hours, after which it is washed under running water.

It will be useful to pour her fresh lemon juice before soaking.

Baby oil

The composition of modern baby oils is so diverse, and sometimes it is dangerous that such cosmetics are capable of dissolving a limescale. In the process of cleaning, it is necessary to apply a small amount of oil on the watering can, and after time, clean with a sponge or rigid brush.

After removal of the plaque, it is necessary to wash the watering can with soapy and wipe dry, to give it an attractive appearance.

Special mortar

With the removal of the plaque, a special cleaning solution is coping well, which is made of food soda, ammonia and vinegar. On one liter of water, we will need 3 tablespoons of soda, about 150 ml of ammonia and a half cup of vinegar. The resulting mixture must be thoroughly mixed and warm up to a temperature of 60 degrees.

Watering can be left in a solution at least 40 minutes, and in difficult cases it is necessary to increase the time. In the last stage, the product is washed with warm water and wipes the napkin dry.

Oxalic acid

This substance is extremely aggressive, so used in rare cases. It is used when the remaining chemicals do not cope with the raid.

You can purchase acid in a pharmacy, it is not so expensive. The solution is prepared at the rate of 2 tablespoons of acids per 1 liter of water, while the resulting mixture must be stirred until complete dissolution. The concentration of the means can be increased if necessary, but it should be done with extreme caution.

After the solution is prepared, the watering can be immersed in it and leave for a while, then carefully clean the surface of the product with a brush. Mandatory point is the washing of watering under running water to avoid divorce from the means.

Useful advice

It is important to process the entire surface, since small foci of pollution often remain in hard-to-reach places. Even small deposits can completely spoil the result, and will soon have to be reached for cleaning.

In order to avoid serious pollution, it is recommended to wash the watering can, Like all plumbers, because small contaminants are removed by conventional means from the plaque, and with large lime deposits it is much more difficult to cope.

Chemicals carry a danger to human health, so it is necessary to apply them with extreme caution. It is advisable to clean in a well-ventilated room and use gloves and respirator as protection.

If necessary, find the instructions for your watering can be on the Internet.

Special water filters make it possible to prevent scamping, which is an excellent preventive tool.

On the liner of the shower hose, as well as on the inlet can be installed filter grids, who will get rid of the need to constantly fight a limescale.

It is advisable to check the tool on the invisible area, since it is overly aggressive components can spoil the coating. Do not forget about it.

For each pollution and type of watering, it is necessary to find its means and method so that cleaning has passed with ease and brought visible results.

How to clean the watering can from the shower, look in the video below.

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