Choose hygienic shower with thermostat

Installation in the bathrooms of the hygienic soul – the usual thing. In this case, such a shower does not always have a thermostat. A rather popular option is to install a shower mixer with hidden mounting. This method of installation is chosen in order to relieve life, personal hygienic procedures can be carried out without transition from one room to another. With the installation of the bidet, problems usually arise only in a multi-storey building, because people living in it do not have a free area in the bathroom or in the bathroom, and the installation of the bidet is quite complicated.

The only alternative innovative decision today is for those who stand for purity and hygiene includes the installation in the toilet rooms of such a device as a modern hygienic shower. Such a device is economically similar to the traditional bidet, its purpose is water procedures for people who observe intimate hygiene.

Features and destination

The modernity of our world makes the presence of a soul much more necessary and popular than before. Most of the people set it in their small toilets, especially this affected modern apartment buildings. Such a device is considered innovation, so consider this plumber in more detail.

The hygienic shower is called one of the new modern plumbing devices, representing an innovative solution that allows you to replace the classic bidet with minimal cost. Due to the presence of such analogue, you can implement the procedure for personal hygiene while right on the toilet. That is, the device combines a toilet and bidet, performing their functionality completely and adequately replacing them with themselves.

The design of the soul under consideration consists of a rather small peculiar watering can, a small button on it, with which the water flow speed is adjusted. The accession of the watering can not be a challenging procedure – with the help of a flexible hose it is installed on a single-dimensional mixer either on a discharge nozzle on which shower is usually fixed. You can connect a thermostatic built-in hygienic shower using various ways for this.

For example, it can be fixed on the sink next to the toilet. Another installation method is called built-in – fixing in the very toilet itself, for example, on the lid, on top. And you can also install plumbing on the wall, but for this it will be necessary to install in the wall or on top of the corresponding communications in the wall.

Each methods have a number of own advantages, its functionality and features. Distinguished each of the ways will also be the cost of installation spent on it time, as well as the presence of additional costs.

For high-quality installation, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the instructions, as well as with the detailed description of each of the installation methods.

Installation on the wall

Wall variants of the Plumbing Equipment under consideration can be made in several variations associated with the location of the mixers. Hygienic shower can be built-in either located on the wall on top.

The functions of a wall hygienic soul will be used with an individual hygienic procedure, And also care for the cleanliness of the bathroom. The undoubted advantages of this option of installation will be comfort and convenience when used, simplicity in the installation, the aesthetics of the appearance, the possibility of a harmonious combination with the designer approach in the room. In the package of the soul of this type will include handle, reliable hard fastening for its installation on shower, flexible hose and mixer.

Each of the hard components of the hygienic soul must be chrome. The exception will only be a flexible hose, but also its surface will cover a special chrome-plated.

The installation of a wall hygienic soul itself will consist of several stages. When choosing a built-in design, it is first carried out in the mixer wall, while the flexible hose and handle must remain from the outside. You can turn on and off the water will be using a button that is usually placed on the handle. To regulate the temperature and level of water flow level on the mixer there is a special lever. When the user presses the button, the water is turned on, which will flow into the watering agent through the mixer. If the constipation button omit, water will be disabled. In order for the watering can not leak out, the lever should be regularly switching on the mixer at each press of constipation.


The main element is a watering can. By its design – this is analogy of the leeks that are used in traditional shower and bathrooms. An essential difference between them will be only the size: the leakage in question will have a fairly compact size, so that the owner is fully convenience in use. It should be noted that this size is thoroughly thought out and is calculated, since with the use of water is not sprinkled in different directions, but is supplied with a neat flow.

The following details in the configuration of the soul will be thermostats and mixers. Without the presence of a thermostat in the mixer, it would be possible to resolve water heating level only in manual mode. It would create only additional troubles. But also the assignment of these elements will be safety against water temperature and sharp changes in water flow. Thus, it is possible to avoid possible burns or hyposhells using a thermostat, that is, get rid of oneself from unpleasant sensations.

The thermostat has a function to mix water as a task, which passes into the mixer. Due to this, a certain comfortable water temperature is obtained at the output, which can be used for individual hygienic procedures. After the most appropriate mode is selected once, you can save the selected heating level of water and the system will support it with each subsequent use.

It is possible to install a plumbing device on the wall. The choice of side to the toilet to the toilet, with which the device will be mounted, remains for the user. There is no restrictions in this regard. In order to make the room even more comfortable and comfortable, hooks for towels are attached nearby, you can position near and liquid soap in dispensers.

When the choice falls on the design with the built-in shower, you will have to destroy one of the walls in order to sum up the communication. Then the pipes are paved and the mixer is installed.

Installation on sink

This option is rightly recognized as the most advantageous, since it is acceptable for almost everyone now. Connecting the sink and hygienic plumbing in the bathroom, making them in one whole, the user gets the effect of “two in one”.

In addition, the installation of this type also has a number of other unconditional advantages:

  • convenience and safety;
  • originality and comfort;
  • the ability to set the shower to shower;

  • thermostat included;
  • Lack of leaks.

In a small bathroom, the design can be installed on mini-sink, the full functionality of the soul will be ensured. The mixer in such a design will be a lever, spill and an additional part – nose. His appointment – to serve mixed water. Flexible hose is fixed on the spout. The mixer itself works according to the traditional scheme.

Built-in design

Some call it “toilet bidet”. It is considered one of the most convenient options. At the same time, convenience is manifested not only in use, but also in care. This is due to the fact that the surface of the plumbing surface is reduced, and, accordingly, the time for cleaning is reduced.

It is worth saying that the cost of such a design will be much higher. Although this deficiency is completely compensated by ease of use.

Advantages of choice

In conclusion, it should be said that each of the considered structures has its advantages and disadvantages, so before stopping your choice on one of them, to acquire and establish it, you should carefully read the information. Each user will be able to choose the best option.

Hygienic souls are pretty modern and relatively new plumbing, which, despite this, was already able to prove his need and utility for a person. Thanks to the hygienic soul, you can comply with personal hygiene at the proper level. And at the expense of the compactness of the equipment such a plumber can be installed even in a small bathroom, while it will not fill everything.

The mixer for the hygiene shower is often chosen separately. In this case, it is better to pay due attention to the length of the hose, given the location of the soul. Due to this, convenience will be provided. Additional use plumbing can be used to clean the surfaces in the bathroom, or just gain water, if it is inconvenient to do elsewhere.

Today, the plumbing market has a fairly wide range of the souls of the most different form, cost, with different decorative design, represented by different variations. Thanks to this, every buyer may find the necessary plumbing for its bathrooms and bathrooms, satisfying its needs, preferences and tastes, having received a convenient to use and leaving the hygienic shower.

What kind of hygienic shower choose, look in the following video.

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