Choose hooks for the bathroom

Bathrooms – an area where, in addition to plumbing products, various attributes play a fundamental role, helping to practically arrange the necessary things. Hooks systematize hygienic accessories and carry a decorative function, decorating space.


The choice of hangers for the shutter in a shower or towel is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

Any attribute to hold any load is obliged to take into account some aspects:

  • dimensions of the required space (for example, height);
  • interior and stylistics of the room;
  • the presence or absence of other accessories;
  • the number of rooms living in the room and the accounting of their habits;
  • Organization (system availability) in space that was applied earlier.

    It is necessary to take into account the size and number of things that will be operated at the same time, as well as used as a spare option.

    For example, a room where a numerous family lives, requires large number of towels. In this situation, you must arrange one large shelf with several hangers, where every member of the family could raise their personal towels. Towel holders are customary to fix about shower cabin or bathroom bowls.

    In a small bathroom, which is not uncommon for Russian apartments, the use of a wall cabinet for things or shelves for hygienic accessories is impractical. In this situation it is more expedient to choose wall holders in the form of an intricate design with a lot of hooks. It will provide an opportunity to properly position all the necessary accessories.

    How high the aesthetic product performance, it should be practical and safe. It is desirable that the hanger is with a smooth surface without various defects. When purchased, make sure that there are no cracks and chips on the product. These defects significantly reduce the service life. Any hook with the type of attachment on the suckers, regardless of the material used in the manufacture, in a humid environment has a high risk of loss of its functional purpose. Avoid pointed corners or details that can harm you or little children. For more secure or practical use, give preference to high-quality materials (chrome steel treated with a special moisture-repellent solution of wood or high-quality plastic).

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    Hook – standard fastening element for different types of bathroom attributes. In connection with the type, shape, size and configuration, this type of product helps to solve the problem with the systematization of heavy accessories, very tiny, but not less important.

    This holder makes it possible to position the following things:

    • towel;
    • bathrobes;
    • homes Things;
    • cosmetic organizer;
    • Capacity with cotton disks and chopsticks;
    • electric trimmer;
    • razor, hair dryer;
    • Attributes for home cleaning.

      Functionality and ergonomics of baths shelves allows you to locate the necessary things. However, the hanger is needed and more practical. Even if the bathroom does not require the storage of hygiene accessories, while taking a shower, bath or other procedures, a hook will be required to be temporarily located towels or bathrobes. You can hang up the washcloths, clothes, napkins, handles from brushes.

      Methods of fastening

      To any surfaces hooks can be fixed with different methods. The most common option is the presence of two holes for fastening with self-reserves at the base of the hook. With the help of them, the hook is fixed to the stands, doors or walls. This is a reliable method of fastening, however, visually two sticking screws look unavoidable.

      Hook having a hidden fastening assumes the presence of a strap with a self-tapping screw, which is attached to any surfaces. The hook is applied to the surface, after which it is pulled up with a hexagon. This type of product is characterized by high fixation strength, the fasteners are not visible for the human eye. This option is visually more attractive.

      Method of fastening by means of lipukes and suckers Let’s say indoors with a tiled surface, where it is not recommended to deform cladding. In case of installation of this hook, it is not recommended to have a significant load in the form of a heavy towel or terry bathrobe. After a certain period of time, the sticky gasket will need to be replaced. This is due to the fact that the adhesive composition used for sticky fasteners does not tolerate humidity, dampness and hot steam. Ultimately the hook will definitely dare. You can attach the holder of the drilling method, use vacuum suckers, self-adhesive tapes or double tape.

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      Hooks for bathrooms, taking into account their design, is accepted to divide into several species.

      Standard (hanger)

      Single hooks are the most simple and accessible options. Often similar products The manufacturer makes a comfortable detail in the form of a sucker or velcro. This will make the installation of the hook quickly and easily do it yourself. If you wish, you have the ability to change its location. One or more holders can be placed on the corner or near the lockers, that is, in any convenient free place.

      Ring, half rings

      These holders are more modern and stylish variation of the previous product. The main advantage of such a device is that the hook does not slip and does not fall down, as it often happens with hook holders. There are models in which there is no part of the circumference, forming a semiring. Due to its specific and original form, the hanger of this type is customary to be fixed sufficiently close to the wall surface. So the product does not take place in space.


      This model copes with the problem of the mint towel. The crossbar makes it possible to hang the towel and give it to dry in a spaced position. Such type holder is located on a wall surface. There are cases when it is placed on the back side of the shelf or cabinet. It is recommended to fix the crossbar close to the surface. If there is a high ceiling, it is permissible to fix several holders at the same time.

      Crosschard can be with a rotating mechanism. Such a product is often an addition to wall shelves. Bathroom rack can consist of some mechanisms. In one room, the location of several types of holders is permissible. The only condition is this product should competently organize space in the bathroom. It is necessary to arrange hygienic accessories so that the room does not seem littered. Now there are quite popular hooks for the bronze bathroom, porcelain, registered signs, products with rhinestones and the so-called model “Owl”.

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      To date, the most popular manufacturers of bathroom accessories are several companies. Note the best manufacturers.

      • German concern Growelle. For manufacture use high quality metal. The approximate cost of the product is about 12,000 rubles.
      • Turkish brand Rainbowl. In the manufacture, a particularly durable plastic is involved, the cost of the budget holder begins from 1800 rubles.

      • German company Hansgrohe. In the manufacture of the company uses chrome steel. The company is famous for the reasonable ratio of price and quality. The approximate cost of the hanger ranges from 3600 rubles.
      • Hayta. In the manufacture of metal with chrome-plated spraying. The approximate cost of the budget product is 2700 rubles.
      • Brand Wasserkraft German production uses high-quality metal, the cost of holders is 1200 rubles.

      • Czech enterprise Fixen Best. In the manufacture of an enterprise applies brass and chrome. You can purchase a product from 1300 8600 rubles.

      • Domestic brand “Bravo”. For the manufacture of hooks, hangers and brand holders use chrome. Cost may vary depending on accessories and design. The most budget option will cost you at 1300 rubles.

        In addition, the products of IDDIS, Kleber, Grohe products are in demand in the buyer’s environment. The cost of the product varies depending on the quality of fittings, material involved in the manufacture, high or low aesthetic qualities of the product and exploitation period. The price of the holder in the average price segment is not lower than 500 rubles. High quality products from durable material with original design, its cost will be from 1000 rubles.

        Regardless of your chosen manufacturer, hooks must meet some requirements. Use should be safe. It is necessary to choose such a model that will have a high-quality mount and can be located in a convenient, uncomfortable place. It is recommended to choose a product that does not take up much space. It is important that it can be easily removed if necessary.

        Bathroom accessories overview Waiting for you in the following video.

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