Choose a washing machine with front load

The washing machine – the machine has already passed into the category of necessary equipment, without which it is extremely difficult to imagine life. At the same time, the devices are divided into two large categories by way of loading linen: front and vertical. Today we will learn to choose washing machines with front-type load type.


Washing machines with front loading, they are horizontal, are the most popular among Russian users. This type of technique is considered to be a classic, which, as you know, does not grow and does not go into the past.

Machines with front hatch were loved by the Russian user who noted the main advantages of such equipment:

  • relatively affordable cost;
  • Attractive, even an elegant appearance, which can not harm the interior;
  • Extensive selection of sizes ranging from miniature models by 3 kg of things and ending with large units with maximum capacity, which may exceed a mark of 10 kg;
  • High ergonomics indicators allow you to install “front” under washbasins and countertops, in kitchen headsets and niches;
  • Through the glass on the boot door, you can monitor the laundry process and always know what happens inside the machine;
  • In many models, the door opens 180 degrees, which makes the process of operation even more convenient;
  • Doors are necessarily blocked at the entire stage of washing;
  • the upper part of the machine is very often used as an additional shelf than the model with the top boot boast you can not.

The disadvantages of such machines include the need for an additional place to open the door.


The dimensions of the washing machines with the front load type are not regulated and are not subject to generally accepted standards. But Among the manufacturers it was so necessary that the dimensions of washing machines depend on the design features and their functionality.

Each manufacturer tries to create compact models with great capacity.

The shape of the front machines is approximate to the parallelepiped. Dimensions consist of three basic parameters to which the buyer is focused during the choice.

  1. The height of the vehicle will determine the opportunity to place the “washer” under the sink or embed into furniture. In full models, this indicator is often 85 cm. Exceptions in the form of low cars are rarely found.
  2. Width determines the ability to fit in the existing space. Standard is 60 cm.
  3. Depth Each manufacturer is trying to reduce and “surpass” of its competitors. The smaller the depth of the front washing machine, the greater the place will be able to save. And also on this indicator depends the capacity of the machine and the level of vibrations that it will issue during the work process. This parameter starts with 32 cm and can reach up to 70 cm.

Standard height and widths (in x Х) are equal to 85 and 60 cm, respectively. What you can not say about the depth, which is a variable value. Depending on this parameter, different types of washing machines with front loading are distinguished.

  1. Full-size models have a depth within 60 cm. These aggregates are the largest. To install such overall models, spacious premises are needed for which the issues of saving space are not relevant. Capacity starts from 7 kg.
  2. Standard “Washing” are characterized by a depth of 50 to 55 cm. They are easily placed in the corner and do not really interfere. Capacity does not exceed 7 kg.
  3. Narrow machines have a depth of 32 to 45 cm. Their choice is relevant for small rooms in which every centimeter is important. Such small-sized products contain no more than 3.5 kg of linen, especially for models with minimal depth.

Narrow “Washing” are inferior to their more overall brethren, since the area of ​​the base is not enough. As well as with annealing, they vibrate more.

Many manufacturers offer very little models. They are relevant in cases where there is no place for a narrow machine. Their height does not exceed 70 cm, the width varies in the range from 40 to 51 cm, and the depth can be from 35 to 43 cm. In such machines can be downloaded no more than 3 kg of things. Mini-version usually arranged under the sinks and in the cabinets.

When choosing a frontal washing machine, it is necessary to consider its dimensions. It is worth measuring the dimensions of the place in which the technique will be. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the gaps on the sides and behind the pipe supply. When installing embedded equipment, it is necessary to take measurements very accurately so that the machine clearly stood in its place.

And also in advance should worry about the transportation of technology – this concerns the width of the doorways. In some cases, you have to remove the front panel so that the machine is squeezed into the room.

Due to the huge range of washing machines, which are available to the Russian user, draw up the rating is extremely difficult. Each manufacturer is trying to make a unique product with high characteristics, because many models are worthy.

    By reliability

    Select washing machines on this criterion is difficult, because it is necessary to study materials not only from official sources, but also reviews of real users. Based on this information, the top best cars are created that are not equal in reliability.

    1. Washing Machine Kuppersbusch WA 1940.0 AT may afford not everyone, because its value exceeds the mark of 200 thousand. rubles. But this technique from Switzerland is done on the century. She is undoubtedly the best among all washing machines with front load. Regimes for all occasions, reliable and convenient TFT display, noise insulation, weighing linen and many other important and necessary additions.
    2. Model Miele WDB 020 W1 Classic more than 2 times cheaper than the previous model, but it does not make it worse. Every model of this brand can be called reliable, but we most liked this model. It is distinguished by the ideal assembly, a wide range of programs for almost all types of fabrics, a corporate drum, quiet work and a lot of other advantages. In addition, it remains only to say about stainless steel from which the tank is made.

    In terms of noise

    Two instances were highlighted from quiet models.

    1. Samsung WW12K8412OX – This is the top of innovation that are available at this moment. Expressive design is combined with thoughtful functionality, remote control is carried out through a smartphone, and the volume of the drum allows you to upload up to 12 kg of linen into it. With such an impressive set of characteristics, the machine demonstrates silent operation.
    2. An excellent example of the quiet washing machine is a model F-10B8ND from LG. This “washer” in many parameters is amazing. Despite its small depth and a spacious tank, designed for 6 kg, the machine works very quiet. For equipment of this class, the cost is at an affordable level.

    How to choose?

    So we came to the main issue: how to choose a washing machine with front loading. “Frontali” are produced in a huge assortment, which is not lost. To facilitate the choice, you must familiarize yourself with the main varieties and the main parameters of the classification.

    The material of the tank is not a primary criterion, but no less unavailable, which must also be taken into account when choosing. There are several options:

    • Enameled tanks meet less often because they are impractical and short-lived;
    • stainless steel – This is a very good option, but expensive, but such a tank is able to last up to 100 years (!);
    • plastic more affordable, less durable than stainless steel, but more reliable than enameled steel, and such tanks behave quieter during washing and better preserve heat water.

    Management can be electronic or mechanical. Electronic control is more modern and perfect, characterized by a wide functionality and the ability to conduct self-diagnosis. But the mechanics are considered a more reliable device that is not terrible in the power supply. “Washing” with a mechanical management method more accessible.

    Protection against leaks can be complete or partial. In the case of partial protection, the machine automatically overlaps the water supply.

    Full protection additionally controls water overflow in the tank.

    The type of engine allocate the following options:

    • The collector is equipped with a belt drive, it is affordable for the price and repair, but demonstrates the briefness and is characterized by noisy work;
    • Inverter motors operate on the principle of direct drive, they are more durable and economical, not so noisy and less vibrate;
    • Asynchronous is equipped with a belt drive, is characterized by a low cost, quiet operation and simple repair, and small power is also characterized for it.

    The washing class is very important, almost a paramount indicator of any washing machine. This characteristic will determine the quality of the dumping of things, because it cannot be saved on it.

    Almost all modern “Washing” have a washing class A and even higher (a +, a ++ or a +++).

    Script class is an equally important indicator, which also must be taken into account when choosing. Than he is higher, the less moisture will remain in things. For example, for class A is characterized by residual humidity less than 45%. With a decrease in the press class, the percentage of humidity is increased by 9 units.

    The class of power consumption has a similar letter. The most economical machines refer to a +++ – they consume less than 0.15 kWh / kg.

    Will not expect attention to water consumption. Middle values ​​are within 36-60 liters. There are models with a very high water flow (up to 100 liters), because this parameter must also be taken into account.

      Drying linen is an option that is becoming increasingly popular. This function is uniquely useful, but at its expense the cost of the machine increases and the dimensions are increasing. When choosing such aggregates, you must pay attention to a number of features:

      • the number of programs that should be calculated on different tissues;
      • Maximum linen, which can be dried at a time;
      • Duration of drying should depend on the degree of humidity of things, and not be fixed.

      How to choose a washing machine, look next.

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