Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Electric heated towel railway today is almost every apartment. This convenient device is not only a dryer for clothes, but also used to heat the bathroom. A wide range of heated towel rails is represented by a large number of diverse models. They differ in each other form and heating device. Advantage of electric heated towel rail in front of water – no dependence on hot water supply.

Tubular electric heater (TEN) – the device inside a towel rail, which serves as a heater of the coolant and works on the power supply. The overall functionality of the heated towel rail depends on the quality of the TEN. If it is malfunction, replace the heating element yourself or contact a specialist.

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail


Many are lost in a large selection of Tan models for heated towel rails. Yes, there are quite a lot of them, and they differ with each other with constructive features:

  • with thermostat;

  • equipped with a timer;

  • with a display and without it;

  • Depending on the type of control – mechanical, electronic, remote;

  • open or hidden connection;

  • With the ability to set the mode of operation (programming).

And electric heaters differ in terms of power level. It can vary from 120 to 1200 W.

It all depends on the size and power of the heated towel rail.

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Depending on the design of the Tan can be installed both on the right side and with the left, so they are and right and left.

In addition, electric heaters divide on dry and wet.

  1. Dry. Do not have contact with the coolant, thereby lacking the likelihood of the occurrence of scale and the possibility of an accident when breakdown. Such models are quite rare, and the price of them is an order of magnitude higher than wet analogues.

  2. Wet. Devices that are installed directly to the coolant. Because of the permanent contact with it, a scale appears on the age. And when the electric heater breakdowns, the use of a heated towel rail can be dangerous to human health. However, such products have a smaller value than dry.

What a tan is better to choose depends on the type of heat carrier.

If the heated towel rail will work from centralized heating, then it is better to choose dry, in other cases wet.

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Tips for choosing

In the domestic market very often encounter on poor-quality. They are distinguished by an attractive low cost, which is the main criterion for choosing incompetent buyers.

Having bought a high-quality tubular electric heater, you exempt yourself from its constant replacement several times a year.

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

To choose a high-quality TEN for an electric heated towel rail, you need to know a few important nuances.

  1. Most Russian productions are low quality, so you should be extremely careful when choosing a domestic product. It is better to choose a device for proven foreign brands, such as TERMA.

  2. The power of the Tan must correspond to the area of ​​the bathroom and the power of the heated towel rail. For example, for a heated towel rail with a capacity of 300 to 600 W, it is recommended to buy an electric heater with a capacity of 300-400 W.

  3. The more powerful TEN, the faster the heating of the towel railway occurs. However, you should not buy too powerful electric heater, because because of frequent inclusion / off, it will become unfasteless.

  4. Choose models with built-in electronic electricity consumption sensor, thanks to which the device will work perfectly even with the lowest cost of electricity.

  5. TEN should have a good protective coating.

  6. Any model of the electric heater provides for the presence of a thermostat that maintains the maximum temperature (most often it is equal to 60 degrees). However, if there is a financial opportunity, choose products with a thermostat that allows you to set the optimal heating temperature of the heated towel rail depending on the season.

  7. The presence of a timer in the TEN allows you to program the device for a certain time after which it will turn off. Newer models are equipped with software control, with which you can set a specific work schedule of the heating device. This will help save considerable amount when paying for electricity.

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

How to install?

Install a new or repaired TEN in a heated towel rail independently quite real. However, if you still have doubts about your competence in this matter, it is better to seek help from a specialist. If you decide to do it with your own hands, the main thing is to adhere to the basic security rules.

It is impossible to include a heated towel rail until the TEN is completely immersed in the coolant (water).

Electric heater should be installed only at the bottom of the heated towel rail.

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Here is the procedure for installing a tan in the radiator.

  1. Overlap water supply.

  2. Drain all the water through a special device that is located at the bottom of the heated towel rail.

  3. In order to put a TEN in heating equipment, you will need a wrench. So that the connection was sealed, use the gasket.

  4. In the combined models of towel rails when filling in the system, the Maevsky crane opens to release air, and the crane that overlaps the water. The moment when water begins to flow from the crane of Maevsky, means that there is no air in the system, and it is completely filled with water. Then water supply faucet closes.

  5. In autonomous models, the coolant is poured on top into a special compartment. At this moment, Maevsky’s crane should also be open. Pour the coolant at an angle.

  6. The coolant in the heated towel rail must be 90%, while it heats up to 60 degrees. When the system overflows, part of the water should be merged.

  7. The electric heater is operating at full power, after which it automatically turns off. At the time of heating the coolant, excess water can still leave the crane of Maevsky, since water when heated has an extension property.

  8. Only after that the crane of Maevsky closes, although it can not be overlapped at all.

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail


If the electric heater in the heated dryer stopped working, you should give it to repair, or think about buying a new.

If you want to independently make a replacement, you need to follow the instructions that are described in the paragraph above. If you are not sure about your abilities, it is better to provide this to a professional.

In any case, you should buy a new TEN. It is very important to choose an electric heater that comes under your model of the towel rail. Relieve yourself from the power of the radiator, in accordance with which the power of the Tan is selected. All the necessary information you can find in the Documents for Heated. If suddenly you have already managed to throw them out or just did not find, take a broken TEN and select a similar.

When replacing the Tan, make sure you have all the necessary tools. Use what is at hand can lead to a breakdown of heating equipment.

It is necessary to start working only after the total shutdown of the heated towel rail and water overlapping.

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

Choose a TEN for a heated towel rail

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