Choose a tabletop in an artificial stone bathroom with sink

Modern manufacturers annually produce a large number of different new products for home interior arrangement. All manufacturers are aimed at improving the technical characteristics of structures and materials. A table top of an artificial stone with a bathroom and a kitchen sink enjoys in great demand among buyers, despite the fact that it appeared on the market relatively recently.

Criterias of choice

Bathroom – room with high humidity. Choosing a worktop, it is important to consider this nuance. The design must be compact, as in most cases the bathroom has small dimensions.

In addition, the product must have an anti-corrosion coating, differ resistant to high humidity, chemical, mechanical effects.

The interior and dimensions of the modern bathroom imply use not the cabinet, name-old. This product helps to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the room. Stone countertop – practical, multifunctional and attractive product. Due to this design, the bathroom space acquires an individual, unique view, allows you to place a huge number of useful and necessary items.

When choosing a countertop, the model of the shell should be considered. For the installation of table sink, a design is suitable made of any material. Installation of the embedded shell is possible on models made of materials that are easily cutting. Most practical and comfortable variety of countertops combined with sink.

This model has excellent positive properties to which include:

  • ease and simplicity of care;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • Easy installation of products;
  • Multifunctionality.


There are two types of artificial stone: acrylic and agglomerated. For the production of agglomerates, granite, marble or quartz crumb and polyester resin are used as a binder. This material has high strength and easily transmits various drawings. Agglomerates can be painted in any colors and shades. For the production of acrylic stone, various additives and components are used, acrylic resins are used as the main substance.

Acrylic stone imitates other materials well, takes any form. Acrylic Stone Countertops fit into any interior of the room. The coloring of the models can be any. Acrylic stone structures have a large number of advantages over table tops made from other materials.


These designs have gained great popularity for a fairly short period of time. Countertops meet all the requirements and wishes of buyers.

Models made of acrylic stone have excellent technical characteristics and advantages.

  • Models are distinguished by increased strength, resistant to mechanical and chemical impacts.
  • They are not affected by sunlight and high humidity. At the expense of these qualities, countertops will last long, without losing the original color.
  • Remarkable external product data. Table top made of artificial stone, perfectly fit into the interior of any bathroom. The design will benefitly emphasize the style and decorate the room.

  • There are a large number of products performed in various colors and shades. Due to this, buyers have the opportunity to choose the required hint of the product.
  • An important property of such models is resistance to the reproduction of various microbes and bacteria on the surface of the table top.
  • When on the surface of the design of various scratches, you can quickly restore the initial appearance (enough to stall a damaged place).
  • Table tops for the bathroom in most cases do not have a connecting seam. Therefore, water ingestion is completely excluded.
  • They are characterized by lightness and convenience of installing the product.

    Models of tabletops with sink, made of artificial stone, allow you to save the space of the bathroom. These models are practical and multifunctional. They are high strength and durable. The distinctive features of these models are worth adding increased resistance to humidity, a wide variety of structures made in various colors. In the shells made of acrylic stone, dishes when hitting less beating. Advantages of these products have a lot. Therefore, most buyers choose models from artificial stone.


    When selecting these models, you should pay attention not only to the advantages, but also for flaws. There are not many acrylic countertops from acrylic stone.

    • Their distinctive feature is high cost. Artificial Stone Countertops are much more expensive.
    • Installation of such structures can only be carried out on durable furniture. Large weight of the product will be able to withstand not every end.
    • Models made of acrylic stone, unstable to high temperature. Therefore, for hot dishes you need to use special stands.


    Install the construction of acrylic stone in the bathroom you can independently. In some cases, it is more expedient to contact the specialists.

    There are several ways to install countertops in the bathroom.

    • Installation using special brackets. The advantages of this method are in the additional free space located under the tabletop. An additional opportunity appears to locate various things.

    • More reliable way of mounting design – installation on legs. For fixing countertops to the legs use special bolts and glue. With this method of installation of the product, it is necessary to provide additional fixation to the wall of the room (for giving the strength of the structure).
    • Installation on furniture items. This embodiment implies the installation of additional shelves or Tumb, to which the tabletop is opened from above. This option is practical and reliable. Additional shelves and stands allow you to hide a large number of necessary things and items.

      By installing the design, you need all the joints thoroughly treat with a special sealant resistant to high humidity. Installing this design in the bathroom has one big minus.

      Under the influence of high temperature, the product has a deform property.


      Care for these structures just. To preserve the original color and gloss countertops, you must use when washing the product various special compounds for cleaning. During the operation of the countertops from an artificial stone on the surface, minor scratches appear, scratches. Get rid of these defects just. It is necessary to slightly stick the surface and with the help of special means to disguise minor losses.

      Choice and cost

      It is sometimes difficult to choose the desired monolithic table top of the desired size. In such a situation, you can order a built-in product. Manufacturers will maximize all the wishes and requirements when executing the order. When calculating the value of the design, the amount of work performed, the view and the amount of consumed material will be taken. To save, you should carefully calculate and think about the design and sizes of the table top. This will reduce material consumption and amount of waste.

      The manufacturer’s company should be selected based on recommendations or reviews, left in World Putin. This will make it possible to understand which brand is worth a preference. These model for the bathroom are strong enough, practical and will delight the owners over the years. Therefore, the cost of material and the manufacture of tabletops will quickly spread, as the replacement and repair of the design will be required not soon.

      When ordering for specific dimensions, it is necessary to pick up and shade, as well as the texture of the product. This will allow you to enter a worktop the most harmonious way in the bathroom interior. In this case, the financial capabilities of the consumer play an important role.

      The range of products presented on the modern specialized trading market will allow you to choose the desired model to any buyer.

      About how to choose a worktop, see the following video.

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