Children’s urinals: varieties, selection tips

Parents of young children are often faced with the problem of child’s teaching a pot. In this delicate question, special attention has to be paid to the boys who show the desire to cope with the need standing, repeating adults. However, this is not entirely hygienic, because splashes fly in all directions. In this case, ordinary children’s pots are not suitable, and Currently, they are replaced by urinals, which are only gaining popularity.


Children’s urinals not so long ago began to appear on the market, so for many parents they are in a novelty. Consider in more detail for which such products are needed and what their main advantages.

  1. An urinator teach a boy since childhood to protect the need for standing that in the future it will greatly simplify the addictive to toilets in schools, shopping centers and other public places, where mainly such devices are installed in male restrooms.
  2. Some small children feel the fear of the toilet, they are afraid of falling into it or frighten the water burst. There may be a lot of reasons, and the presence of an urinal will contribute to their decision.
  3. Children’s road urinkers for kids will become an excellent solution in a situation where a trip to the toilet is problematic, for example, in public places where there is no place, traffic jams or long travels. Also, the presence of such a sink will save the child from the need to use public toilets or a trip just “in the bushes”.

Despite the fact that the bowl is usually designed for men and boys, children’s road urinal is manufactured for girls. It is equipped with another anatomical riding.

It is worth remembering that the boy from childhood should get used to the urinal, and to the toilet. Therefore, you should teach the child to these two subjects at the same time.


Manufacturers of children’s urinals today offer numerous product options, so choose the appropriate version will not be difficult. The main parameters of the classification are the form of the product itself, as well as a plum shape, installation method and material.

In the form of plum


The principle is that The motion sensor is installed in the bowl, which is triggered by the approach and distance from it. When the child is moving, the drain automatically turns on. This option seems very convenient, but in this case the boy does not get used to sweeping off.


Here Drain works like in conventional toilets, where you need to click on the button to go water. This mechanism is customary to be the most relevant and suitable for the child.


In such models Drain is performed by turning on the water pressure manually using the crane. Such options are not popular among most consumers.

By installation method


Models are installed on the floor on a special stand. A feature is that they are portable, they can be moved from place to place. You can also adjust the height of the bowl. Minus It can be considered that they are not connected to the system of flushing, as they are portable. Outdoor models are made according to the principle of urinal pot, so the child needs to close the lid after using, and the parents – to wash it on their own.

Wall mounted

These models are attached to the wall suction cups or velcro. Hinged urinations are more mobile and compact, they can be moved, as well as tighten or lower, adjusting to the child’s height. For small bathrooms, the sink will be an excellent option, which is attached to the toilet.


In this case The urinal is embedded in the wall, hides in additional designs. Models with such a type of installation are considered the most uncomfortable, since their installation takes a lot of time and means, the service life is small, in case of problems, it is necessary to disassemble the entire wall.

By material


Pissars from plastic are the most popular, because this material is easy to wash, it is durable, easy and inexpensive.


Such material looks solid, it is more fragile than plastic, but it is more expensive.

In the form of the execution of urinals in general, monotonous, similar to standard men’s models. However, for children, various decorative decorations came up.

So, Pissars can be performed in the form of a frog or penguin – The top is decorated with an animal head, and the urinal himself occupies a body. In stores you can find models for every taste.

In order for the boy to be interested in using the urinal, it is worth finding a model with an eye. Its principle is that in the center of the urination there is a device with a turntable in which you need to get.

Tips for choosing

The most successful option will be the mounted urinal, made in decorative style. In addition, it is easy to install and use, and the baby’s campaign to the toilet will occur in the form of the game.

Also there is Road or hiking urinals, which are made in the form of a bottle with different riding (for boys and for girls). Often they are equipped with a loop for ease of carrying or mounting to a stroller, for example. Such a portable urinal will come in handy on the road or travel.

Installation recommendations

Installation of urinal does not represent a special complexity, since the design itself is simple. Over the bowl, water is carried out for drain, and below – the drain itself. Also under the urinal, a siphon is installed, which prevents the penetration of unpleasant odors to the room.

Since the floor siphon does not require connecting to the plumbing system, We will consider recommendations for the installation scheme of the wall urinal.

  1. It is necessary to immediately solve how the pipes will be supplied: hidden or open to calculate the amount of work and the necessary materials for materials.
  2. If the children’s urinal is not attached to the sucker or velcro, then you need to make marking on the wall and fasten it. Before it is worth making sure the strength of the wall – whether it will increase the weight of the device. If the material from which the wall is performed is not durable, then you should collect an additional design from the frame and panels.
  3. Connect an urinal to the plumbing system of the room with a siphon. The tap pipe of the siphon must be attached to the sewage cyclination and fixed. All pipe connections must be hermetically fixed.

After installation work, you need to check the serviceability of the urinal, and only then it can be used to use it.

Video review of the children’s umbrella is presented in the following video.

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