Cersanit toilet seats: variety of models

Nowadays, a special place in life occupies a special place in life – the convenience of clothing, ease of use of various techniques, and is truly important for the convenience of hygiene aspects. All questions relating to the sanitary assembly, extremely intimate and important, the choice of plumbing and its use is subsequently – the case is very delicate.

Brand Cersanit

The market of sanitary equipment presents a huge number of brands of the most different pricing policy. Cersanit is distinguished by the production of high-quality products at reasonable prices than and won the confidence of their buyers. The company from Poland occupies one of the leading seats on sales in the Russian market. Separately, it is worth noting that the properties inherent in cersanit products are also distributed to additional elements, all materials meet safety and quality standards.

Seat for toilet

In the toilet room a lot of different plumbers, but the seat for the toilet – is directly the subject with which the person contacts the maximum. The choice of such products in stores truly surprises! The main functions that can be found when choosing this design – “microlift”, antibacterial coating, soft coating or even heated or playing music.

As a rule, two types of materials – Duroplast and polypropylene are used for the production of seats for the toilet. The first is the most attractive for a number of properties, for example, the ability to use antibacterial coating on it, and in general, douroplast is most resistant to chemical and physical influences. Polypropylene is the cheapest option, easy to care, but has low strengths and scratch-resistant.

The most popular design is called “Microlift” – this is the possibility of a cover of the toilet to descend on the chaulk smoothly and without a knock. This feature, in addition to the lack of “bryaky” sounds, there are other positive qualities – a soft landing of the cover prevents its damage, respectively, such a seat will serve you longer than the usual.

Antibacterial coating prevents the reproduction of malicious microbes on the surface of the seating, and also repels dust and dirt.

But also with great convenience, structures with removable lid and seats have. This greatly facilitates hygienic care for surfaces that will be more convenient to rinse by removing them.

Cersanit Seat Seat Models

As a rule, the seat is created under a certain model of the toilet, fully corresponding to its size. It is convenient that you can choose from or without a seat without it, on sale there are models of both varieties.

The manufacturer Cersanit has economy options from polypropylene for toilet bowls Cersanit Tor, compact Polar.

The simplest model from Duroplast is Delfi – Seating in a modern style with an antibacterial surface, loops are made of plastic, suitable only for domestic use. Later, a variety of this seating appeared, but already with the function of microlift: DELFI SLIM LIFT.

Sitting EKO 2000, Facile, Nano – Unlike Delfi already have metal loops, which significantly affects the durability of the design. In general, these are standard glossy douroplast seats with an antibacterial surface.

More progressive and convenient are seats with removable lids, this development is called Easy-off – Models STREET FUSION, CARINA, CITY possess this technology.

Warranty on all the above-described models of the manufacturer Cersanit is 1 year.

By summing up, we can say that choosing additional elements of Ceresanit for your home, you buy a high-quality product at an affordable price, which will serve you for many years, and excellent implementation will allow you to feel special comfort in your bathroom.

How to choose a toilet seat, told in video.

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