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Indesit washing machines function based on a collector engine in which special brushes are located. After several years of operation, these items will need to be changed, as they have a property to be emitted. Timely replacement of brushes is a guarantee of high-quality work of the aggregate. Consider more selection and replacement of brushes for washing machine.


The washing machine is a device with a complex design, its heart is considered an electric engine. The brushes for the washing machine Indesit are small elements that drive the motor.

Their composition is as follows:

  • tip, which has a parallelepiped or cylinder form;
  • Long spring with a soft structure;
  • contact.

Brushes for machines must be made with the performance of certain requirements. Material production of these elements is obliged to be characterized by durability, good electrical conductivity, minimal friction. Such qualities are graphite, as well as its derivatives. In the process of use, the working surface of the brushes and the acquisition of the form roundness occurs. As a result, the brush repeat the outlines of the collector, due to which the maximum contact area is ensured and excellent sliding.

In electrical technology, it is known to use three types of brushes for the engine of washing machines, namely:

  • coal-graphite;
  • Electrographic.
  • Metallographic with copper and tin inclusions.

In the technique of Indesit, coal parts are usually mounted, which are characterized not only by efficiency, but also excellent performance. Original brushes that were installed at the factory are able to serve from 5 to 10 years. It is necessary to change them depending on the intensity of the use of the lash.


Indesit Washing Machine Motor Electric Brush is usually pressed to the engine collector using a steel spring. From the side of the rear in these details, the wire is implemented, at the end of which the copper contact is located. The latter acts as a place of connection to the power supply. With the help of brushes that are located with the side of the electric motor collector, the current is sent to the rotor winding, which rotates. All this is considered the key to the normal functioning of the engine of washing machines.

In order for important elements of the engine tightly to anchor, they are tightly pressed.

How to replace?

Experts argue that the neat and correct use of the washing machine is a guarantee that the engines of the motor will be able to last long. In this case, it will be necessary to replace them in approximately 5 years from the moment of buying an aggregate. If the machine is infrequently used, then these details are 2 times longer.

Malfunction brushes for the engine can be determined by such signs as:

  • The unit stopped at the time of washing, despite the fact that electricity in the network is;
  • Washer cracks and noise during operation;
  • Linen is pressed poorly, as engine speeds were reduced;
  • There is a smell of Gary;
  • The F02 code appeared on the displays of the washing machine, which indicates the problems of the electric motor.

Finding one of the above signs, it is worth thinking about the fact that the brushes of the motor time to change. However, before this, the washing machine will be required to partially disassemble. The procedure at which insert the new parts into the case and turn off some elements associated with the engine and brushes is not a complex. To work, the master will require tools such as a slotted screwdriver, TORKS key for 8 mm, marker.

The procedure for preparing the washing machine includes the following steps:

  1. The unit must be disconnected from the electricity network;
  2. overlapping the fluid supply by spinning the input valve;
  3. Prepare a container in which water will be collected;
  4. dismantle from the housing of the inlet hose, after which it is to save it from the existing water inside;
  5. Open the hatch on the front panel by pressing the screwdriver screwdriver with a screwdriver;
  6. get the plum hose, which is located behind the hatch and save it from garbage, liquid;
  7. Machine to move further from the wall, thereby ensuring a comfortable approach to it.

To replace brushes on the washing unit, Indesit should dismantle its back cover as follows:

  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew a pair of screws, which are necessary to hold the upper cover on the back side;
  • cover push, raise and remove to the side;
  • unscrew all the screw caps available on the perimeter;
  • remove the lid;
  • Find a motor that is located under the tank;
  • remove the drive belt;
  • Mark the location of the wires using a marker;
  • dismantle the wiring;
  • Using the end key, you must unscrew the bolts that the engine holds;
  • By swinging, it is necessary to extract the engine from the Washing Case.

After all the above events, you can proceed to inspection of collector panels. To extract brushes, you will need to perform activities such as:

  1. disconnect the wire;
  2. move the contact of the book;
  3. pull the spring and pull the brush.

To install parts for your previous place, you will need to locate in the graphite tip nest. After that, the spring is compressed, installed in the nest and is covered by contact. Next connect the wiring.

After changing the electrolates, you can go to the installation of the engine to the previous place, for this, the following steps:

  • Motor fasten at the same place with bolts;
  • Connect the wires in accordance with the pattern marker;
  • dress the drive belt;
  • Install the back cover, each screw is spinning;
  • Close the top cover, screwing screws.

      The last step in the work on the replacement of the brushes will be the inclusion of washing and checking its performance. Consumer worth knowing that Immediately after the replacement, the unit can function with some noise until brushes will be pronounced. Replacing the details of household appliances can be held with their own hands at home while complying with the instructions. But if the owner is not confident in its own power, then you can use the help of professionals. Often this procedure does not take much time, therefore it is paid inexpensive.

      Brushes on the motor are a mandatory part in each model of the washing machine Indesit. Thanks to them, the engine is characterized by power, durability and high turns. The disadvantage of elements can be called only the periodic need to replace.

      To make brushes not too quickly wear out, experts recommend not to overload the washing machine with linen, especially in the first washing after the replacement procedure.

      About how to replace brushes, look next.

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