Bearing replacement in the washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston

Hotpoint-Ariston – famous brand producing high-quality washing machines. Production products are famous not only to multifunctionality, but also an attractive, rich design. There are cases when the brand technique needs to replace bearings. You can spend such work independently. In this article we learn how to do it right.

When you need a replacement?

The fact that household appliances Hotpoint-Ariston is famous for the highest quality, does not mean that it is impossible to break it, and the details in it are not exposed to wear. So, bearings in brand devices are designed for a long service life – from 6 to 10 years. When the specified period comes out, the details must be replaced, as the gland loses its initial elasticity and water from the tank goes directly to the metal elements, wash off the lubricant. As a result, the bearing is exposed to deformation.

Bearing malfunction may occur before the deadline that is initially discharged to its full operation. It happens if the tank of the machine often often overload during washing.

It is not excluded by I manufacturing defects The details of the device under consideration.

If you have noticed that at the time of pressing the unit, the unit thugged or crushed, it signals that the bearing requires urgent replacement. In this case, the machine can vibrate too much. In cases where such signs are noted, it is not necessary to waste time – it is necessary to repair the equipment or independently, or to seek help from professional repairmen. Faulty technique will not work efficiently. The main problems will be associated with the spin.

What Bearings are in the washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston?

The specific type of bearings and glands depends on the HOTPOINT-Ariston washing machine model and its serial number. The element may be single-row or double (double-row), depending on the model. For example, for popular aggregates Al 536 TX, ABS430TX, AB1450TXNL, ADS1200EX and many other two-row bearings are suitable. In any case, you need to know the correct serial number of the required spare parts.

To purchase suitable parts, It is recommended to take the old bearings after parsing the machine and go to the store with them. Knowing the serial number of the necessary parts, you can purchase exactly the repair kit that was released specifically for a particular device.

In search of suitable parts it is better to enlist the help of consultants.

Necessary materials and tools

Repair of the washing machine of the famous brand HotPoint-Ariston can be done with their own hands. It is important to use suitable tools. In this case, you will need:

  • Cross and flat screwdriver;
  • shock screwdriver (instead of it is suitable);
  • a hammer;
  • nippers;
  • the puller (it is not necessary to use it);
  • end keys;
  • Lubrication WD-40;
  • high-quality adhesive composition;
  • sealant.

To repair a washing machine, use only high-quality tools and lubricants.

Do not save on these components, otherwise all the necessary work may be more difficult.

It is not recommended to go for the purchase of new bearings and glands until you know all the data and numbers of the former parts that planned to change.

Stages of work

If you have prepared all the necessary tools and spare parts, you can move directly to replacing the bearing with your own hands. Before starting work, it is recommended to prepare a place for a washing machine. Can be transferred technique in a garage or other similar room. If there is no owner at the disposal, it is possible to repair and at home, But to protect the floor covering under the machine it is worth siting unnecessary sheets or other matter.

Consider stages, how to independently replace the bearings in the technique from Hotpoint-Ariston.

Liberation of Baka

To begin with, find out how to release the bot washing machine HOTPOINT-ARISTON.

  • The body of the washing machine is disassembled, starting from the lid. To remove it, you will need to unscrew 2 bolts. They are in the top of the far side. Severed them will be able to with the help of a cross screwdriver.
  • After removing the bolts, the lid follows Gently push forward, and then completely remove.
  • To remove the machine dashboard, It will be necessary to open a compartment intended for making detergents. It is easily removed – by pressing the button.
  • In the opening niche and on the opposite side of the panel you can see a few more bolts. They are also unscrewed, and then open all latches from plastic. After that, you can disconnect all available wires, and the panel should be removed on the sideline so that it does not interfere.
  • Next step Clean the rear panel. To do this, unscrew the bolts around the perimeter. Having done this, the lid can be removed and put down aside.
  • After that, engaging the wheel of the shif, need to remove the belt connecting the engine and wardrobe shaft, which is installed in the tank.
  • Next, you need to move to the exhaust of the tip of the tank machine. Disconnecting the nozzle leading from the powder compartment to the Baku itself, it is required to remove the valve contacts that admits liquid. Pipe and valve can be removed.
  • The next stage is necessary unscrew the bolts on which the counterweights recorded. The latter is also cleaned. Need to disconnect the hose that fastens the press service and tank.
  • Next, you can dismantle the front panel. Rubber cuffs get out of the hatch, bolts are unscrewed next to the key mechanism, turn off its wiring.
  • The door of the hatch machine is removed by unscrewing the screws. It remains only to unscrew the bolts that are around the perimeter of the front panel, and then remove it.
  • The next step will be the analysis of the rear half of the aggregate. You need to turn off the wiring of the Tan and the engine. Ten can be left in its place, but the engine must be removed, selecting all the bolts. Then remove the counterweight, fixed at the bottom.
  • Themps are then discharged, to which the tank is attached. It needs to be removed from special hooks.
  • After that The tank can be removed from the corpus part of the unit, promoting bolts and remove its front half.

Hear a drum

Consider how to independently disassemble drum machines HotPoint-Ariston.

  • A shaft is inserted into the rear wall of the removed drum, which should be across the bearing, the walls of the tank. This element also connects to the pulp. So you can get to the bearing, you will need to carefully disappear.
  • In most cases, the bolt that keeps the pulp in the design of the machine, not just twisted, but also further sits on the glue. Before unscrewing this fastener, it is recommended to sprinkle with a special composition WD-40. If this reception has not occurred, you can use chisel and hammer.
  • Having removed the pulley, you need to unscrew the bolts that glue the drum machine to the tank. Next to sweep the latch and remove the tank partition. After that, you can move directly to replacing the bearing in the drum of the unit.

Replacement details

After all the works described above, the master can do the main thing – to change the faulty or strongly worn bearing. Tell me how to do it.

  • Reaching the damaged element, most likely, you will see that there are traces of deformation and pollution. Need to remove old spare parts.
  • You need to start with the bearing, Which is located near the outer half of the drum.
  • Next is removed internal bearing. And in the first, and in the second case, the chisel and hammer should be used to remove parts. Chisel put on the outer side of the metal ring, and then hit the hammer.
  • Bearing sockets are recommended to process WD-40. It should be cleaned by all the bases from dirt and rust, and then apply to all lubrication.
  • Fresh item must be driven into the appropriate nest, Making strikes exclusively on the outside. Bearing must enter the nest until the stop.
  • The gland needs to be inserted from the inside of the tank, Not forgetting the preliminary processing with lubrication.
  • By installing the bearing, you can proceed to the back assembly of equipment. Before installing the drum, you need to check the sleeve for rust and scale. If any, it is necessary to get rid of them.

Useful advice

Independent replacement of the bearing in the brand washing machine-machine to many users seems very difficult. To simplify the execution of such a task, you should listen to some useful advice and recommendations.

  • Viewing household appliances design, be careful. Act carefully and carefully to accidentally damage the important elements of the device. All small fasteners fold on one place or remove into the bag so that you are not losing them.
  • During the disassembly of equipment, it is recommended to photograph the location of all contacts, bolts and parts. Upon completion of the repair work, you before your eyes will be the exact scheme of what details and in what places should be. So you protect yourself from many mistakes.
  • Knocking out the old bearing, you need to carefully follow the position of the bit. If the tool accidentally jumps or slip, and the blow will have to the inner ring, then it risks fly. Bearing remnants to remove from the nest will be extremely difficult task.
  • It is important to correctly install not only the bearing itself, but also the gland. If the latter is negligible and frivolous, it will quickly start passing water, which will ultimately provoke the bearing strain.
  • Suitable bearings for washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston any model can be found not only in specialized stores, but also in various services. Going for buying, capture old details that were present in your technique.
  • By installing a new bearing, make sure that it fits most closely to the sleeve. Otherwise, the details will pass water, and it will return back to the drum. Also need to pay attention to the crossed fastener.
  • Before you hurry to collect the drum, it is recommended to replace all old seals and apply sealant. These procedures will be needed so that in the near future did not have to resort to repair work again.
  • Having completed repair work and collecting the washing machine, it is recommended to conduct a test, trial washing. There should be no things in the tank, it should be installed not very high temperatures – 6-70 degrees.
  • If during the work you are afraid to randomly damage the glass of the door of the hatch, it is recommended to remove it at all. To do this, it is necessary to carefully unscrew the screws, attaching the loop doors. After that it should be removed to the side.
  • Before all work, it is recommended to take care that there is access to household appliances from all sides. Then repair it will be much more convenient.
  • Pulling the drum, it is best put on the cuff. Otherwise, you can accidentally damage fasteners and plastic components.
  • Before starting to independently change the bearing in the washing machine HotPoint-Ariston, you need to know that the technique will have to be disassembled for such repair work. If you are afraid to make a mistake and do not have at least the slightest experience in such affairs, it is better to entrust the procedure to specialists. Otherwise, you risk an apply to the device even greater damage.

About how to replace bearings in the washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston, look next.

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