Bathroom headsets: Furniture selection features

Today, many prefer to acquire ready-made headsets for the bathroom, because it is possible to make the design of the room more functional, aesthetic and harmonious. The choice of a suitable kit should be approached as seriously as possible. Need to take into account the features of the furniture you like and understand what is better to purchase in a particular case. It is about how to do it, and will be discussed in this article.


The time when furniture items were inesticized and uncomfortable (and it was in the order of things), long ago passed. The bathroom is a room where people take water treatments, enjoy relaxation, rest after a rich daily day. If you want to feel the maximum comfort, this room will not have enough shelves from the sink and a small cabinet.

The perfect option will be a complete set of furniture, which provides for various important little things.

Choosing a furniture headset for the bathroom, you need to focus on certain quality products:

  • Maximum long term of use and at the same time the absence of deformations;
  • practicality, high strength;
  • increased resistance to temperature differences;
  • Resistance to high humidity;
  • Profitability of mold.

Purchase the first kit – an option to exclude immediately. Each piece of furniture should be perfectly fit into the overall design of the bathroom.

It is also recommended to determine what material it is better to choose.

  • Plastic products It can be used in the bathroom, because they are suitable for aggressive conditions characteristic of such premises. However, it should not be allowed that the straight rays of the sun fall on such surfaces, otherwise the product can be deformed and burn out.
  • Wooden furniture, on which high-quality protective coating applied, can serve for quite a long time. Since wood is natural material, the atmosphere in the bathroom will be associated with warmth and comfort.

  • Products from chipboard, MDF Do not install not far from direct fluid sources. They have components that protect against moisture exposure, but such surfaces can still be separated from water.
  • Metal furniture – an option that can be called perfect. If a suitable coating is applied to the metal surface, it will last for a very long time. It is also worth noting that the metal products are quite easy to care for.


Color decoration Designers always pay a lot of attention. If the case applies to the room where a person relaxes, resting, suitable shades – one of the main components of comfort. The bathroom is just such a place: here people experience the state of pacification, peace, and also get a charge of freshness and vigor.

Modern manufacturers offer a variety of options for such premises. Of course, everything is largely dependent on preferences, but It is also worth listening to the recommendations of specialists.

  • If the bathroom is large enough, but there are no windows in it, you should not experiment with dark colors. If you prefer saturated tones and want to place the room that’s sufficient lighting.

However, the main advantage of the bathroom of considerable size is that there are quite many furniture items.

  • For medium-sized premises, warm colors are well suited. It should also be thought out how to put the furniture: chaos should not be. So as not to overload the room, it is better to abandon those products that are not necessary.
  • More recently, to choose furniture for small bathrooms was very difficult, but today it is possible to choose the perfect set, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

For small bathrooms fit narrow racks, suspended cabinets. Such furniture items make it possible to effectively save space.

If we talk about suitable shades, it is worth noting that it is impossible to disunity in colors. You can choose one bright accent, maximum – two. The room should be well lit.

If the finish is quite bright, it is better to stop the choice on furniture of calm shades. This design will look very harmonious: beautiful, but not catchy.


The furniture objects in the room must harmonize each other in forms and shades. If you buy products of unusual forms that differ in size and colors, this design will start “cutting eyes” after a while. Furniture should complement each other, create a common picture. If you choose the right headset, even the smallest bathroom will be very functional.

For rooms, the dimensions of which are non-standard, it is better to order the necessary furniture. This option will be more costly, but you will save time and nerves that could spend on finding the most suitable products.

In the event that difficulties arise with the choice of a suitable set of furniture for the bathroom, you can try to combine it yourself. Such sets can be obtained cheaper (if compared with finished sets).

An example of a relatively inexpensive kit that is quite possible to choose an independently – a table of plastic, a wooden suspended cabinet, a semi-open steel rack, a cabinet from MDF with sink.


Usually, bathrooms include the following:

  • Outdoor pencils and shelves;
  • Wall mirror;
  • wash basin;
  • suspension cabinet;
  • Cutter for the sink (the optimal height of such an object of furniture is about 85 cm).

If desired, ready-made sets can be complemented with mirror doors, open shelves. Molding methods can also be different.

Minimalism lovers can limit the table, a small sink and a wounded cabinet. This option is suitable for a bathroom that does not differ significant sizes.

For large rooms, you can purchase quite a few objects, for example:

  • drawers for various things;
  • dressing table;
  • couch;
  • mirrors;
  • chairs;
  • Outdoor cabinets.

How to choose?

    When choosing suitable items, it is necessary to take into account not only the aesthetics of the appearance of products, but also their quality.

    It is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

    • In the case of the presence of plinths on the floor, you should drink on the bottom of the wardrobes;
    • Chrome metal – material that is very well suited for accessories, such products are resistant to fluid;
    • There should be no defects on the furniture: paint flux, seeding coatings, scratches, cracks, chips;
    • It is better to choose such stands and cabinets that have legs – it will be easier to clean, and besides, it is necessary for ventilation so that the air flow moves freely;
    • Before buying, check the quality of plumbing (for example, a shower headset).

      It is better not to move outdoor furniture for wall panels too much. When steam is cooled, condensate occurs, due to which the rear walls can be melted. In this case, the service life will be short-lived (even if they differ in very high quality).

      Recommendations are not very much, but still it is worth considering them. Really durable furniture can only be obtained if you take into account the quality of each element. It is better to choose products from well-known manufacturers who have won consumer confidence. In this case, you are unlikely to eventually be unhappy with the quality of products.

      Design options

      • An example of a standard headset for the bathroom: such a set can be called classic. He will look good in various interiors.
      • Corner headset – good option for spacious room.

      • When selecting a bathroom furniture, you should consider in what style it is framed. The kit must harmoniously fit into the overall design of the room.
      • Many prefer hinged headsets: they create the effect of weightlessness, ease.

      • Such a kit is suitable for people who prefer minimalism.
      • This headset will have to taste to lovers of classics.

      • Such furniture is very well suitable for the style of “Country”.

      On how to choose the furniture for the bathroom, see the following video.

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