ATLANT washing machines: how to choose and use?

Nowadays, many famous brands produce high-quality washing machines with a variety of useful features. Such manufacturers include the famous ATLANT brand, which offers a wide range of reliable household appliances to the choice of consumers. In this article, we will look at how to choose the best model of the washing machine of this brand and will figure it out how it is correct to use.

Advantages and disadvantages

CJSC Atlant was based relatively recently – in 1993 on the basis of the former Soviet factories, where refrigerators were previously manufactured. This fact speaks of a rich experience in the field of assembly of reliable equipment of the household class. Washing machines are produced since 2003.

Manufacturer Country High-Quality Washing Machines – Belarus. In the design of the brand technique there are imported components that make household techniques more reliable and more durable.

The manufacturer needs the necessary parts abroad, and then of them in Minsk they collect inexpensive, but high-quality washing machines that are not thrown by catchy and gorgeous design design.

Today, the Belarusian household appliances atlant is in great demand. This product has many positive characteristics making it in demand.

  • One of the most important advantages of Belarusian washing machines is at an affordable price. ATLANT technique refers to a budget class, so many consumers prefer it. But it is impossible to say that the products under consideration are the cheapest in the market. For example, household appliances Haier can cost cheaper, which usually does not affect its quality.

  • Household appliances ATLANT boasts a flawless assembly. According to the assurances of many users, their washing machines of Belarusian production have fully functioning for more than 10 years, without delivering problems. Quality devices easily cope with the tasks entrusted to them than their owners please.

  • All species of ATLANT cars are adapted to our operating conditions. For example, technology is reliably protected from voltage jumps. Not every foreign company can boast of similar product properties.

  • ATLANT technique is famous for reliability. In the design of branded devices there are extremely high-quality components of foreign production. Minsk washing machines with similar details are becoming stronger and wear-resistant, especially in comparison with many competitive products.

  • The washing machines of Belarusian production and impeccable laundry quality are famous. Absolutely all models of Atlant devices are class A – this is the highest score.

  • Functionality – weighty plus of Belarusian units. Devices are equipped with a large number of useful pre-installed programs and functions. Thanks to this functional component, the technique easily copes with the washing of any complexity.

In addition, in some cases the owners of the Atlant machines have the opportunity to participate in the formation of the necessary regimes, which is always beneficial affected by the quality of work.

  • Belarusian washing machines are distinguished by simple and understandable management. Intuitive aggregates are managed. There are all the necessary indication and display, thanks to which users can always keep an existing device under control. ATLANT Menu Rusified Menu. The technique accompany the easy-to-perceive instructions in which all the features of the operation of the machine are indicated.

  • Quality models of the ATLANT brand please consumers quiet work. Of course, Belarusian washing machines can not be called absolutely silent, but this parameter is at a low limit of 59 dB, which is quite enough not to disturb the household.

  • Branded aggregates are economical in operation. A lot of washing machines in the line of the Atlant brand belong to the energy consumption class A+++. Named class talks about the careful consumption of electrical energy. It does not apply to all devices, because consumers must necessarily pay attention to this parameter.

    ATLANT washing machines are not flawless – devices have their drawbacks, which should be considered by selecting the ideal household appliances.

    • Weak spin characteristics, far from ideal, – one of the main mines of branded household appliances. Many species of branded ATLANT machines can output water in accordance with the requirements of category with. This is a good indicator, but not the highest. Some copies and in the ability in question correspond to the class D – such a characteristic can be considered mediocre.
    • In modern machines atlant there are exceptionally collector engines. Plus such details consists only in what they are available when buying. On operational characteristics and reliability, similar engines are inferior to inverter options.
    • Not all models of Belarusian household appliances are economical. Many products refer to classes A, and+. This means that owners of such devices will have to pay for electricity by 10-40% more than those users, which have a category A ++ category or+++.
    • Certain structural shortcomings may occur. Usually they are small and not the most important.
    • In the process of pressing some varieties of ATLANT washing machines strongly vibrate, What often notice the owners of such devices. At times, this phenomenon seems frightening, because for 1 cycle 60 kilogram devices can literally move from their place to the meter to the side.
    • Often during the opening of the hatch of the washing machine on the floor turns out to be a small amount of liquid. You can deal with such a problem, only by laying at the bottom some vehicle. It is impossible to call this drawback very serious, but many people are annoying.

    Serving series and best models

    Belorussian manufacturer produces high-quality washing machines in a wide range. The choice of consumers is presented enough reliable and multifunctional models from different series. Get acquainted with them closer.

    Maxi Function

    Popular series to which many practical and ergonomic machines. Maxi Function line equipment is designed to wash a large number of things. For 1 cycle in the device you can upload up to 6 kg of linen. The washing machines of the specified series are economical and distinguished by high quality washing.

    Consider the most popular of them.

    • 60y810. Multifunctional machine. Loading can be 6 kg. A long warranty period is provided for 3 years. The specified apparatus is recognized as one of the most sought-after, since it is characterized by excellent quality of work, good performance characteristics. The last procedure is carried out at a speed of 800 rpm.

    In the washing machine 60Y810 there are 16 necessary programs and enough options.

    • 50y82. The main feature of this model, as well as all other related to the Maxi Function series, is the presence of an informative segment display. The device provides a multi-colored indication required for tracking the direct washing cycle. This model is easily controlled, the display is Russified. Disassemble the device is very easy and simple. 50y82 is a narrow machine with front loading, belonging to the energy consumption class A + and the washing class – A.

    • 50y102. Compact model of washing machine. The maximum weight of the linen is 5 kg. Promotion of the front load type and a lot of useful washing modes. The unit 50y102 is suitable for installation in a small room. The machine is complemented by the display, which displays all the necessary washing information, as well as about the problems available, if any.

    This Belarusian machine is not equipped with protection from children, and in its design there are details made of plastic, which cannot be called positive qualities.

    Logic Navigation

    The model range of this series is characterized by maximum ease of control. Operation of similar aggregates are largely similar to the television control using the remote control. The on-line buttons of different modes in devices from the specified series are grouped in a special navigator. Products are equipped with additional features, as well as the “OK” button, which serves to confirm the selected program.

    We will get acquainted closer with some ATLANT household models from the Logic Navigation series.

    • 60C102. Apparatus with a logical type navigator operating in a tandem with a high-quality liquid crystal display. This washing machine is one of the most understandable in management. Can wash up to 6 kg of linen. Washing at the same time it has excellent quality. Popper efficiency belongs to category C is a good but not impeccable.

    • 50y86. A copy of the brand typewriter with a capacity of up to 6 kg. The device is convenient and simply controlled by a liquid crystal display and a thoughtful navigator. Category of energy efficiency – A, the class of washing is the same. Machine 50y86 has a simple but neat design. Standard Coloring Model – White.

    • 70С106-10. Machine machine with frontal type and high-quality electronic control. ATLANT 70S106-10 has a three-year warranty. This device is characterized by a long service life, as in most devices of the well-known manufacturer. The washing class of this technique – a, the spin belongs to the class C and happens when the drum rotates at a speed of 1000 rpm.

    There are many useful washing regimes for products made from different materials, such as wool, cotton, delicate types of fabrics.

    Multi Function

    The distinctive characteristic of the washing machines of the specified series is the presence of a set of necessary programs and options. Using such household appliances, you can successfully remove things from the tissues of different types, as well as sports shoes from leatherette or dense textiles. In the Multi Function series units, you can run a night mode that provides quiet operation of the machine.

    We analyze the features of some devices from the current rule of Multi Function.

    • 50y107. The laundry load rate in this model is 5 kg. There is an electronic control technology. All necessary information about the washing cycle is highlighted on a high-quality digital display. Category of engineering equipment – a+. Provided 15 programs, the model is equipped with a blocking from children. There is a delay washing up to 24 hours.

    • 60C87. Separately worth the equipment with a removable lid for embedding. The machine with front loading, the allowable loading rate of things is 6 kg. There is a “smart” control, there is a high-quality digital display.

    • 50y87. Machine, different quiet work, the device is not equipped with drying. Maximum load is 5 kg. For this washing machine, the most simple control, modern design, as well as a three-year warranty service life. Technique is a multifunctional and carefully disrupts things made from various materials.

    The function “Easy ironing” after pressing. 50y87 equipped with a self-diagnostic system.

    Optima Control

    Machines that are included in this lineup are endowed with options needed users for everyday wash. The main feature of such products is their simplicity and functionality. Consider the characteristics of the most popular models of Optima Control line.

    • 50y88. Excellent model of washing machine with an impressive number of programs except for soaking and selecting the temperature regime. Washing unit of the unit – A, press class – D, power consumption class – a+. The manufacturer provided an electronic type control here. There are protection against sharp voltage changes, electronic control of the imbalance, locking door hatch.

    Tank machine is made of high strength composite material – propylene. Water consumption for one washing cycle is 45 liters.

    • 50y108-000. Loading is limited to 5 kg. Class of energy consumption machines – a +, washing class – a, the class of the applied spin – with. Control of foaming, protection against voltage jumps in the electrical network, electronic control of the imbalance. There is a function of locking the door of the hatch during the work of the technique. Drum Device is made of wear-resistant stainless steel. The equipment is equipped with adjustable legs, water consumption per cycle does not exceed 45 l.

    • 60C88-000. An instance with a front load of loading, the highest spin speed is 800 rpm. Provide electronic control, collector motor, mechanical buttons, high-quality digital display. There is a function of self-diagnosis. The tank is made of propylene, and the drum – stainless steel. Maximum loading of dry linen is limited to 6 kg. Model washing model – A, press class – D, Energy Efficiency class – A+.

    Smart Action

    Washing machines from this line are distinguished by the laconic design design and high quality performance. All aggregates provide a blue LED indication. Devices are complemented by a variety of washing programs, as well as a deferred start function. We find out in more detail what characteristics are some models from the specified ATLANT washing machine series.

    • 60Y1010-00. This machine is distinguished by an attractive and stylish design. It provides electronic control, front load and maximum tank capacity, which is 6 kg. The machine is economical because it refers to the class of energy efficiency++. The case of the model is equipped with a high-quality digital display. Spin speed – 1000 rpm.

    • 60y810-00. Machine machine, in which there are 18 useful washing programs. The technique has an interesting door of the hatch, consisting of 2 parts and hidden handles. Maximum loading of dry linen is 6 kg. The machine is economical and refers to the energy consumption class – and++.

    11 additional features and self-diagnosis of damage / malfunction are provided.

    • 70Y1010-00. Narrow automatic machine, characterized by good capacity – up to 7 kg. The speed of rotation of the drum during annealing is 1000 rpm. There are AQUA-PROTECT and 16 washing programs. There are 11 options, digital display, effective self-diagnostic system. The drum is made of stainless steel, and the tank is polypropylene.

    Criterias of choice

    In a large assortment of branded washing machines Atlant, each consumer can find an ideal model for yourself. We will understand which criteria are the main in the selection of the optimal option.

    • Dimensions. Choose a free place to install an embedded or separate washing machine of the Belarusian manufacturer. Measure all vertical and horizontal planes of the selected zone. If you are going to embed equipment into the kitchen set or set under the sink, it should be taken into account by making up a furniture composition project. Exactly knowing all the measurements, you will know which dimensions should have a washing machine.
    • Modification. Decide which functions and machinery programs you need. Think about the fact that the load will be optimal, and how the device’s power consumption class should be. So you will come to the store with an exact knowledge of what model you want.
    • Build quality. Inspect the machine for poorly fixed or damaged parts. There should be no scratches on the housing, traces of rust or yellow spots.
    • Design. In the range of the brand there are not only laconic, but also quite attractive cars. Put the model that will harmoniously fit into the situation chosen for it in the home.
    • Shop. Buy equipment in proven specialized stores with good reputation. Here you can buy high-quality products on which the manufacturer’s warranty is distributed.

    How to use?

    With all ATLANT machines in the set of operation. Different models it will vary. Consider the basic rules of use, the same for all devices.

    • Before use, you need to connect a washing machine to sewage and water supply. Do it necessary according to the instructions.
    • Air conditioning for linen It is necessary to pour into a separate small compartment before starting the washing cycle.
    • Before laying things out of things in the drum, you need to check your pockets – there should be nothing superfluous in them, even small items.
    • To properly open or close the door, you need to act gently, without making sudden movements and cotton – in this way you can damage this important item.
    • Do not put in the drum too much or too few things – because of this, there may be problems with a spin.
    • Watch that children or pets come to the typewriter during operation.

    Possible malfunctions

    Consider with what faults can face ATLANT washing machines.

    • Do not turn on. The reason for the broken socket or wiring, or the problem lies in the button.
    • Lingerie is not pressed. Possible causes: Malfunction engine, fees, too much / few things in the drum.
    • No drain water from the tank. This is usually due to a drain pump or a clogged plum hose.
    • Screamer during annealing. This usually talks about the need to replace bearings.
    • Washing on all modes occurs in cold water conditions. The cause can be blown tanks or failures in the work sensor.

    ATLANT 50U82 washing machine overview Look in the video below.

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