ARDO washing machines: Model Overview and Use Instructions

In our time, the washing machine does not surprise anyone. This household appliances have long become an integral part of life, simplifying it noticeably. The range of manufactured aggregates is huge – a lot of quality products from famous brands is presented to the choice of consumers. In the article we will get closer to the cars produced by the popular ARDO company.

Advantages and disadvantages

Ardo is a world famous brand specializing in the release of high-quality household appliances. Country Manufacturer of popular washing machines – Italy. Brand products are famous for impeccable quality and thoughtful design. Many consumers trust ARDO technique, stating her practicality and ergonomics.

Italian household appliances today enjoyed in need. There is nothing strange in this, because Ardo production boasts a large number of positive qualities attracting the buyer.

  • One of the most important advantages of this technique is that it maintains stability at an absolutely any stage of work. Not every household appliances such a plan today can boast of this quality.
  • Most models of ARDO washing machines are characterized by a quiet job. Many consumers pick up the perfect technique for washing the linen, based on this option, because often the equipment works with strong noise, interfering with all households.
  • Products of Italian brand Ardo attractive beautiful and ergonomic design. This technique is able to refresh the situation by making it more harmonious and functional.
  • Many models of ARDO washing machines have a democratic cost, especially if you compare them with many other European products. This factor has a positive effect on the demand and popularity of branded aggregates.
  • Does not please and features warranty maintenance of original branded machines Ardo. Since 2006, in the entire territory of Russia, all units of the Italian manufacturer have increased deadlines for warranty. This means that in the first year of service replacement of design details, as well as the challenge of a professional master turn out to be free. In the next second and third years, users need to pay only for the spare part itself, but the process of its installation and the challenge of a specialist will still not pay for.
  • Attracts buyers and the fact that Ardo service centers are located in most regions of Russia. This suggests that problems and difficulties with the purchase or service of Italian technology usually do not occur.
  • ARDO brand washing machines are presented in a wide range. Each consumer may find an optimal model for himself, which will meet all its requirements and wishes.
  • Italian manufacturer’s machines are made with different dimensional parameters. This means that finding a suitable product will be able even for a very small room. For example, popular models involving vertical linen load are distinguished by very compact dimensions. These copies are designed specifically for installation in a small kitchen or bathroom.
  • Original household appliances Ardo is distinguished by durability. With proper use and careful attitude, such a washing machine will serve as its owners for a long time, without having losing any hassle.
  • Most models have many useful programs that are noticeably simplifying the washing process of things.

Italian household appliances possesses many positive characteristics, but this does not mean that it is completely devoid of flaws. Get acquainted with them.

  • There are cases when an electronic “filling” fails in ARDO washing machines. Such a problem is considered quite serious. To replace the electronics in the technique with the ending guarantee, you will have to lay out a decent amount.
  • Shock absorbers of branded washing machines have not the strongest and reliable fasteners. This nuance often becomes caused.
  • Another vulnerable place in the design of Italian washing machines – springs. They can also fail. We are talking about spring details on which the unit of the unit is suspended.
  • Most Brand Ardo machines have an attractive design design, which cannot be said about models with vertical loading. These units look robustly and do not demonstrate sores of design. Only 2 options are available from color solutions – silver and snow-white.
  • The following drawback is also associated with vertical models. They cannot be used as a shelf or work surface.
  • Unfortunately, many of the devices from ARDO are designed for a small load of linen. Most models contain no more than 3-4 kg of things. Capacious devices with loading 5-6 kg occur much less. This is one of the main reasons why similar household appliances are weakly suitable for large families.

Other serious shortcomings for branded cars from Ardo not selected. Much depends on how households use such equipment.

If you exploit it without following the leadership, you can provoke many malfunctions and breakdowns.

Overview of the best models

Ardo produces many high-quality and multifunctional washing machines. Each model has its own individual characteristics and features. Let’s get acquainted with some of the top devices of Italian production and learn everything about their functionality.

  • 33FL105LW. Popular Narrow Model with Front Loading. The machine machine has an attractive design and differs in 5 kg. The device refers to the claimed C +++ power consumption class, there is a partial protection against leaks and a display on which information about the selected mode and the washing time is displayed. Drying here is not provided, but there is an automatic balancing, the washing program of delicate products, an enlarged hatch and the possibility of carrying linen.

  • 39FL126LX. The maximum load of this model is 6 kg, the spin speed is 1200 rpm. Drying here is the same as in the previous model, no. The control panel is equipped with a display. Management of the unit is electronic, power consumption class A+++. Protection against overflow and small children is provided, the option of loading linen, if there is a need.

  • WDN1495LW. Full-size washing machine with Effective Fine drying function. Intelligent control is provided, there is a text display with backlight. Popular model with a large load of linen for washing, constituting up to 9 kg, and for drying – up to 5 kg. There are 15 programs, there is a partial protection against leaks, control of imbalance and foam level. The speed of rotation during annealing is 1400 rpm.

  • TL148LW. Model providing for vertical loading of linen, which is limited to 8 kg maximum. Drying is not provided, control is electronic. The device has a digital display, protection against water leaks and control of the imbalance. There is no protection against children. The tank of the device is made of durable plastic, only 14 washing programs are provided. The technique refers to the class of power consumption A +++ and the class of equipment efficiency A.

  • 39FL106BSW. Separately standing machine with front load. Maximum linen capacity is 6 kg. Drying in the device is absent. The speed of rotation during annealing is only 1000 rpm. There are cancellation functions and select its speed. There is a complete protection against possible leaks, as well as protection against children and imbalance. There are 14 washing programs. Drum made of plastic.

  • TL107LW. Detached washing machine with vertical loading. Maximum can be downloaded 7 kg of linen, it is possible to make it possible to wash things for washing, but the drying is not provided here. The model is equipped with a digital display and for one wash consumes only 47 liters of water. The speed of rotation during annealing is 1200 rpm, and this indicator can be adjusted independently, and you can cancel the spin at all if necessary. There is a timer for delaying the start of washing (8 hours).

  • TLN 856BSW. Separately standing machine with vertical loading. Maximum allowable – is 6 kg. Standard color of this device – white. There is no drying in the device, water consumption for one washing cycle is only 41 liters, and the rotational speed of the drum during annealing is limited to 800 rpm. There is a complete protection against water leaks, as well as 14 washing programs. In this device you can erase woolen things – there is a separate program for this, as in many other models Ardo.

  • WDN 1264SW. Machine with front load no more than 6 kg. Spin speed is 1200 rpm., Water consumption is 59 liters. There is a drying, fast wash mode and leakage protection. Provides control of foaming during washing, as well as control of the imbalance. Spring class model – B, and washing – a. The depth of the model is 55 cm, there are 11 useful programs.

  • FLSN 105SB. Popular ARDO washing machine model made specifically for users who want to save on washing. The device has support for technologies such as Easy Logic and Ecoball. Provided 11 special programs. For one cycle in this brand device, you can wrap up to 5 kg of linen, the spinning rate is 1000 rpm. The device is manufactured in different colors.

How to choose?

The choice of perfectly suitable washing machine of Italian production is a matter of serious and responsible. The buyer needs to be attentive attentive not only to the main components of the technique, but also to many details. We will deal with what the optimal parameters of such household appliances should be.

  • It is recommended to go to the store, in advance knowing what exactly you are waiting for the planned purchase. Decide which programs and functions will be useful to you, and which – absolutely not needed. So you will save yourself from buying more expensive home appliances with many additional configurations that you never use.

  • Choose a place to install a future purchase. Knowing where the machine will stand, you will find out what sizes she should possess. You should go to the store with all measurements.

  • Pick up such a typewriter whose download indicators will be sufficient for you. For a large family, you will have to find a more compatible model in which you can extract at least 6 kg of linen. Ardo with great capacity is not as often, but still such models are produced, they simply need to find on sale or order in a network home appliances store.

  • Select the type of device loading – frontal or vertical. The most popular and distributed the first options, because on their upper part you can put something. With vertical copies of this will not work, because there is a loading hatch at the top.

  • Pay due attention to the design of the selected model. Household appliances Ardo must harmoniously join the interior that you have chosen to install it. Fortunately, the products of the Italian firm differ in attractive design, so it will be difficult to choose a good option.

  • Inspect the technique for damage and defects. If the housing has yellowed spots, traces of corrosion, chip, or scratches, then the device should not be bought. Inspect the inside. All items must be fixed “on conscience”. The design should not have slots, backlash, staggering elements. All buttons and badges must be in their places.

  • Buy brand original technique in stores with good reputation. Only at such outlets you can find the desired high-quality model accompanied with all the necessary documentation and the manufacturer’s guarantee. Do not buy ARDO washing machines in dubious shops or on the market – here you risk running on a low-quality or previously repaired product (which is often cheaper than in other stores). In the event of any problems, faults or identifying a marriage in such places to get a replacement or repair will be extremely difficult.

Do not hesitate in detail and pickyly examine such household appliances before payment.

The washing machine-machine is characterized by a complex structure, so it must be viewed especially carefully. Having revealed some problems, it is better to look after another model or go to another store.

How to use?

Branded Italian car ARDO need to be correctly used. As indicated earlier, Automatic type devices are more complex, multifunctional and thoughtful, rather than a modest semi-automatic, so if they need to take into account many nuances. Get acquainted with them.

Before using the household appliances of Italian production, you need to learn all the designations of certain washing modes, To enable them correctly at the right moment.

  • Cotton. This mode is indicated by a cotton box icon. With this program, a temperature is maintained from 60 to 90 degrees. The cycle lasts 145-170 minutes.
  • Wool. Depicted in the form of a tangle. This is the maximum delicate mode. Lasts 56 minutes.
  • Express. This is a mode for slightly contaminated linen. The temperature is 35 degrees, the washing cycle lasts 35 minutes.
  • Synthetics. Depicted in the form of flasks. Lost cycle 127 minutes.
  • Express 20/35. Work under 35 degrees for 20 minutes. Suitable for weakly polluted products.
  • Handwash. Designed for delicate types of linen. The temperature is 30 degrees, the washing cycle lasts 100 minutes.
  • Sport. Temperature – 40 degrees. Mode suitable for linen you do not need to smooth.

Accompanied with all the washing machines ARDO is operating manual. Each of the models must be used differently in accordance with the provided functionality and configurations. We will analyze the same items for all devices that you need to know for competent use by branded technology.

  • ARDO washing machines are designed only for domestic use.
  • The washing machine must be put on the perfectly smooth horizontal surface so that there are no distortion. If the device is planned to be placed on the floor, which covers the carpet or palace, it is important to make sure that there will be at least a small ventilation space between it and the unit.
  • Before the first launch of the purchased model, you must remove all parts of the packaging and the drum retainer. If neglected by this stage, the device can get serious damage during washing.
  • The technique must be connected to an electrical network with a grounding in accordance with the safety regulations.
  • At the end of each washing cycle, you need to remove the plug of the machine from the network and block the water supply valve.
  • Do not overload a typewriter, but too few things do not download there, as it can provoke problems with a spin.
  • If you need to report things in the drum, before this you need to carefully drain the water into the tank of the appropriate volume – do not forget about this nuance.
  • Erase in the device things made only from those fabrics that are amenable to machine washing.
  • Do not hurry to put things for washing in the drum. First check all pockets for different trifles – coins, clips, pins and any other items. These elements during washing can cause a serious damage to the device. This is especially true of metal objects.
  • In the household appliance Ardo is prohibited to wash things, evapoiced by the compositions in which gasoline is present.
  • When the washing cycle is completed, or after it is turned off, the hatch is allowed to open only after a minute.
  • If in the device you were washed track, bedspreads, carpets or other things with a long pile, then at the end of the cycle you need to check the filter status. If there is a need for it, it is required to clean well.
  • If you plan to leave the house for a long time, or the typewriter is not planned to be used for a long time, you must remove the plug out of the outlet and block the faucet. And it is also desirable not to close the door of the hatch machine, but leave it ajar to ensure sufficient ventilation of the inside of the equipment.
  • Do not expose ARDO washing machine to atmospheric phenomena.
  • Open the drum door very carefully and carefully. It is not recommended to do sharp movements and jerks, if you do not want to damage this important detail of the device. Loudly and with a swing slam down the hatch also should not.
  • If the washing of curtains or curtains is planned, all fastens with them you need to remove. Do not start the wash with lover or hooks – these small details can entail big problems.
  • Do not let me up to household appliances like a type of children or pets.
  • Absolutely any changes in the electrical or plumbing network should be made by a professional master. Independently no operations should not be carried out, especially if the technique is still under warranty.

Even if it seems to you that you will be able to “cope” with any washing machine, and there is nothing difficult in it, you still do not need to neglect the acquaintance with the instruction manual.

Many nuances in the work of such aggregates can only be found out of the instructions. The latter must be included with the equipment itself.

ARDO washing machine repair Look in the video.

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