AQUATEK Baths: A variety of assortment and tips for choosing

Aquatek since the beginning of 2001 has successfully entered the ranking of the best domestic manufacturers who are engaged in the release of shower cabins and acrylic baths. Many types of its products can be worthy of competitors of famous foreign analogues.

Features and advantages

It is worth paying attention to the special features of Aquatek products:

  • When publishing baths, the company uses an acrylic cloth, thickness up to 5 mm. It is for this reason that the indicator of reliability of this product increases significantly.
  • Special resin is applied with admixture of fiberglass, which is more seriously enhancing the design.

  • Special strength does not change product properties. Just care for the bathroom, it pollutes little due to the perfectly smooth surface, not afraid of chemicals for cleaning bathrooms.
  • Baths of this brand will not cool to the level that may be unpleasant when touched.
  • The company offers a wide range of its products for every taste, their high quality and democratic prices. Forms, colors and diverse design will allow you to choose a product for any type of bathroom room.

The main advantages of this manufacturer’s products.

  • The stability of the product is guaranteed due to the carcass included in the basic configuration – it is convenient in the mounting and will last long.
  • The low weight of the products allows you to move and install them without any problems.
  • Canceled Organized Service Help: All models have detailed installation instructions, a large selection of secondary components is proposed, and if any additional questions appear, you can easily call any service center.

  • As for the cost, then in the line of the diverse assortment you will find both plumbing of the budget type and premium baths.
  • One of the largest and most serious problems that may arise from many consumers when choosing a product are its parameters, and rather, their full compliance with the size of the bathroom itself. As the most correct decision of this issue, the company almost for all of its models thought out a special range of sizes from 120 to 190 cm, due to which it is possible to quickly choose the product in the desired style design and with the most appropriate dimensions.

  • Baths from acrylic will not collect bacteria on themselves and do not give them here to multiply, and therefore they are completely safe for human use at any age.
  • Water will climb quietly, because the noise insulation of products is at a very high level.
  • Brand baths have excellent thermal insulation, allowing a long time to maintain the necessary water temperature.

Like all sorts of products from high-quality acrylic, the products of this well-known company have certain disadvantages. Buyers should be known that the surface of the acrylic bath, even if ultraproof, is very susceptible to different abrasive substances. It is necessary to clean it very carefully. In addition, it is best to strengthen the acquired product with an aluminum frame that can warn acrylic deformation. Such measures will become the source of additional expenses.

Criterias of choice

All AQUATEK baths are presented in four main categories:

  • rectangular;
  • corner;
  • asymmetric;
  • Round or oval.

The manufacturer releases for the domestic market completely different designs of the baths, thanks to which it will be quite burdensome to choose a product on a capacity, square and total appearance.

Thanks to the usual rectangular shape of Aquatek baths, you can visually adjust the disproportions of the bathroom, putting a design in a niche or setting up a short wall.

Rectangular product “Aphrodite” Released in sizes of 150 x 70 cm. Lightweight and pretty smooth outlines of the bathhouse, add sophistication and luxury to many bathrooms.

Classic rectangular shape model “Oberon” 170 x 70 cm will be in fashion for many years, please your view will be smooth oval lines of the inner surface and front screen of this bath.

The angle is rarely used, however, and it can be used as a useful area, the main thing is to competently equip here one of the asymmetric or corner baths of the brand.

Model “Melissa” 180 x 95 size, has a volume of 300 liters. It will give the original look at the expense of its perfectly smooth form from the first side and rounded – with the second. This configuration is actually quite functional, as it can provide a width of the bottom of the bowl to the maximum among the total model range. Together with armrests, which are located on both sides, it will create conditions in order to simultaneously take a bath together.

Compact parameters of a bath having an asymmetry can be combined with long-awaited comfort. Will allow this idea to realize the model “Pandora” 160 x 75 cm with dimensions. For the modest value you will get compact, but at the same time a spacious product with high quality manufacturing.

Stylishly in your small bathroom will also fit the corner model “Betta” with dimensions of 170 x 95.

It seems to many that round and oval structures are very irrational, as they often occupy too much space from all sides and the location of other necessary items in the bathroom becomes impossible. This kind of form is actually intended for mostly for aesthetes, the area of ​​the bathroom which can easily accommodate even a separate mini pool. More entertainment This model will look on the podium that can be placed in the center of the bathroom and surround the ride with interesting plants.

The basic model in the category of traditional acrylic products can be called a bath “Alpha”, which is equipped with six nozzles for massage of the back and sides with the help of water jets, underwater and therapeutic illumination, special handles and comfortable headrest, which is attached to the sucker.

With a model “Altair” You and Bliss Immerse yourself in the world of True Comfort. This model is specifically produced in two sizes for greater convenience of consumers. Volumetric, deep and at the same time such a compact outside, this bath will delight your eye every day, and also will last long.

Absolutely new design model “Vega“With interesting forms and a rather large space inside for two, allow you to plunge into comfort and enjoyment.

If you love the practicality and maximum convenience, then the model “Taurus” Suitable for your home. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the bath, you can use the liberated space.

Another pretty simple bath “Betta” 170 cm long, it is made of high quality, perfectly hygienic acrylic, and also reinforced metal frame.

“Diva” – Interesting model, according to many users, it is considered the best in the discharge of baths with asymmetric forms. It can be used not only to take a typical bath, but also to get high-quality hydromassage, hydroaeerromassage, as well as aroma and chromotherapy. The form of the product exactly repeats the natural lines of the human body, so pleasant sensations when taking the bath will be guaranteed, and finding water will be as comfortable as possible.

Bath “Calypso” It will affect you with its depth, stunning spacing and for a long time will give only the most positive emotions. Smooth lines, rounded bends will give you a sense of real softness. Rounded flights will help conveniently arrange the head, even without a head restraint.

Customer Reviews

Having become acquainted with a huge number of feedback on Aquatek baths, it can be concluded that the products like consumers, although some are still claims to quality acrylic, for example, if the bath is not purchased in the official store of the manufacturer, but in the construction market.

I really like buyers model “Miya”. The bath in the form of a rectangle has the maximum ease of design and is considered the most budget model, since it does not have interesting accessories or options. Nevertheless, the product itself is made from the acrylic cloth of a rather solid thickness – approximately 5 mm.

Many stop their choice and on the model “Oracle”. Thanks to the impressive capacity of 340 liters here with comfort, you can take any convenient posture for relaxation, such a bath is suitable and for the arrangement of two people immediately.

The asymmetric form of the “Medea” product can be easily installed even in a very modest bathroom, so the owners of oversized premises often all stop their choice on this model and in the subsequently quite positive about it respond.

Bath “Polaris” looks modern and very stylish. The design of the model is made in the style of High-tech, which is very fashionable in our time. The modest external dimensions of the “Polaris” product 138.5 x 138.5 cm are not reflected on the volume and space inside, and therefore it is most often decorated with places baths for which the arrangement of this room is a very important thing.

Consumers celebrate the strength and reliability of acquired structures.

About how Aquatek’s acrylic baths are produced, see the following video.

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