Appointment and features of LED taps

An interesting and original accessory for the bathroom or kitchen can be the selection of the built-in LED tap for the crane. It is characterized by a sufficient simplicity of installation (installed on the scum), its purpose is to highlight water in one or another color, that is, the water jet will glow in a dark room. Let’s try to consider the functionality of the devices, for which they are used, how can I install it, as well as the user will receive, if you install a LED nozzle to your crane.

Purpose of nozzles

Luminous crane device is pretty new decorative subject. Typically, the glowing nozzle is bought as a souvenir or, like a number of other cheap trifles from the Chinese manufacturer, in the online store. This fact can be explained by the fact that the product is very limited functionality, moreover, such nozzles are not produced by famous brands. As mentioned earlier, Chinese manufacturers are engaged in their manufacturers.

The correct use of glowing nozzles is able to bring and practical benefit. The nozzle is characterized by a special design that allows you to change the color of the backlight when the hot or cold water is turned on.

Temperature affects the flower gamut of water. Thus, the color of the LED is dependent on how much water will be.

It is not necessary to bypass the fact that the combination can work on another scheme, although this occurs most often. If another principle of operation is used, you need to pay attention to the instructions. In addition, before taking the shower, it is better to try the product with different modes, to determine the correct degree of heating of the jet and color of the backlight. Due to this, the adoption of the soul with illumination will be more comfortable.

What is characterized by?

Chinese firms are engaged in the production of LED nozzles, which has already been mentioned earlier. A rather useful addition to the product is the availability of description in English. In addition, luminous nozzles are simple and few functions, that is, to understand the instructions for anyone will not be difficult. Moreover, it is impossible to leave the fact that a Russian-speaking description can also be dismounting to the nozzles. However, it is usually just a translation, the quality of which causes quite strong doubts, in connection with which the English interpretation seems to be more reliable.

Typically, the equipment of the supplied products is represented by the nozzle and adapters with different diameters In order to be used on mixers of different sizes; Optional elements in the kit may be aerator or divider. It is worth noting that the glowing nozzle arranged quite simply. It is represented by a housing in the form of a hollow tube, one end of which on the inside has a thread so that it can be consolidated on the crane or on the adapter. The material from which the nozzle is manufactured may be different and, of course, affects the quality and cost of the LED. As a rule, metal products are different and rather large value; Silicin or plastic will cost much cheaper, but also a high level of quality will not please. In addition, these two materials will be different in the weight category: metal nozzles will have weight from 50 grams.

The inner content of the nozzle is a mini-turbine whose work is associated with water flow. Products with the lowest cost will be in its composition not a turbine, but batteries that are not characterized by a long service life. It is advisable to choose a nozzle with temperature control. The composition of this product present three-color LEDs, as well as the simplest thermal sensor, which are connected to the turbine.

When the water flow temperature changes, it affects the LED color gamut. When the crane is closed and the water ceases to go, the nozzle is automatically turned off. The outer side of the LED is closed using a divider, due to which a rather dense flow of water is formed.

If nozzles are made high quality, the inlet must have a metal mesh. It is necessary in order to filter and clean the flow of water passing through it. In this regard, the surface of the mesh should always be clean, without contamination. Thanks to this filter, the nozzle will serve a longer time.

Thus, the design of the glowing nozzle is not difficult, so install the nozzle can be independently, and This procedure does not take much time and will not require a big effort.

  • First, you need to fasten adapters to the crane with the desired diameters.
  • Secondly, the adapter is fixed by the nozzle itself (it is screwed strictly by carving).
  • Thirdly, you need to check the tightness of the compounds, for which water turns on.
  • After that, it is also necessary to make a change in the water flow temperature in order to find out how the colors of the backlight change. In the same way, you can make the choice of the most optimal mode.

Advantages and disadvantages

The product is only a decorative element. Despite this, nozzles have some pros and cons, so pay attention to them is still before shopping.

The undoubted advantages of LED nozzles will have the following facts:

  • Installing the nozzle, the user gets the ability to illuminate the workspace (washing or sink) without inclusion of light. It is convenient if, for example, you need to quickly slip something;
  • The presence of aerators can save up to 15 percent of water costs, that is, the bill for utilities can become a little less;
  • Due to the fact that a certain temperature of water corresponds to its color, it is possible to make water faster and easier to make water with the desired level of heating, without falling under the hot, or, on the contrary, too cold jet;
  • simplicity and speed of installation;
  • Even the highest quality products are quite affordable for a wide range of buyers cost, while many online stores provide their customers with free shipping service.

With such a set of benefits at LED nozzles, there are also some disadvantages:

  • The product is usually from 3 to 7 centimeters, that is, the nozzles are compact, but it makes them rather fragile, with which the short term of their operation is associated;
  • If water flows with insufficient pressure, turbine (or battery) can simply not start. Because of this, the nozzle will not work, and the water jet is highlighted.

Light nozzle can be used as decoration. The right choice of the product and the right installation, as well as the beautiful palette will help you admire the acquisition.

In the video below, you can see a review on the luminous nozzle on the crane.

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