All about washing machines AEG

AEG technique prefer hundreds of thousands of consumers in different countries. But only learning all about the washing machines of this brand, you can make the right choice. And then – competently use such equipment and successfully cope with its faults.

Advantages and disadvantages of washing machines

AEG produces many models of washing machines. It follows their important advantage: a variety of options and technical solutions for every taste. Such devices are characterized by advanced functionality and excellent efficiency. They consume relatively little electricity. Advanced Machines Little Wear Fabric.

It is also noted that even the most delicate matters do not let and do not pull. Problems are excluded both when washing and drying. Attention deserves the control panel. It is made as convenient as possible and modern.

Stylish appearance is provided with a successful combination of white paint and stainless steel.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

For the execution of commands responds the thoughtful microprocessor unit. For a long time, the technology of “flexible logic” has already been implemented, allowing to vary water consumption and detergents in each situation. The system can even take into account how the water will be absorbed into the underwear. A number of sensors are used to obtain the necessary information. In all washing machines, AEGs set advanced screens of various sizes that facilitate control of the work of the technique.

There are programs calculated not only on delicate fabrics, but also to lower their allergic properties, and on rational use of resources.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

To find out where the machine is done, you must carefully study the labeling and accompanying documents. However, corporate quality standards are saved at a constant high level. And copies of Italian assembly in quality are not inferior to products collected in the CIS countries or Southeast Asia.

It is worth noting that AEG engineers have developed a special tank made from a unique mixture of polymers. Compared to commonly used materials, it is:

  • easier;

  • much more resistant to corrosion;

  • It is better to carry the effect of high temperature;

  • more efficiently shoes noise;

  • does not release toxic and harmful substances.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

It is worth noting such advantages as:

  • Full washout of detergent from dispenser;

  • Combining the optimal consumption of detergents and water;

  • Effective linen is even in a fully loaded drum;

  • Excellent leakage protection.

All about washing machines AEG

Of the minuses, AEG technique can be noted:

  • high cost of washing machines themselves;

  • high cost of spare parts;

  • difficulties with the replacement of glands and bearings in the latest models;

  • use is not too high quality tank in the most budget modifications;

  • Probable problems with bearings, thermal sensors, pumps controlling modules.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

The lineup

With vertical loading

An example of such a model of washing machine from AEG is LTX6GR261. It is painted by default in elegant white color. The system is designed for loading 6 kg of linen. Housing dimensions 0.89×0.4×0.6 m. Detached washing machine develops up to 1200 revolutions per minute.

It is managed by a modern electronic system. All the necessary information is indicated on the indicator display. Provide a deferred starter timer. There is a program that allows for 20 minutes to wash 3 kilograms of linen. After the cycle is completed, the drum is automatically set to the flaps up.

This model implements an option of flexible logic that allows you to optimize the duration of washing according to the degree of contamination and fabric properties. Drum sash open gently. The system successfully monitors the imbalance when loading and stops it. Protection against leaks.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

When the machine erases underwear, the sound volume is 56 dB, and in the process of spinning – 77 dB. The total weight of the product is 61 kg. Nominal Voltage Indicator – Normal (230 V). But, of course, on this list of vertical models of washing machines AEG does not end. It makes sense to consider at least one more device.

LTX7CR562 able to develop up to 1500 revolutions per minute. Loading is the same – 6 kg. Management similarly assumes electronics. Expedited washing mode. During washing, the volume of sound is 47 dB. During spinning – 77 dB.

There is a manual wash simulation program, but the drying is not provided. Average water consumption per cycle – 46 l. Total current consumption per hour is 2.2 kW. During the cycle, 0.7 kW is consumed. In general, the machine corresponds to the class of energy efficiency A.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG


A good example of such equipment – L6fbi48s. Machine dimensions make up 0.85×0.6×0.575 m. In a detached device, you can upgrade to 8 kg of linen. Spin will occur at speeds up to 1,400 revolutions per minute. The tank is made of pretty good plastic, and current consumption is 0.8 kW.

Still worth noting:

  • digital liquid crystal display;

  • Program of delicate washing;

  • program for dying blankets;

  • The option to remove stains;

  • child protection function;

  • The prevention mode of leakage;

  • Availability of 4 legs with adjustable position.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

Loading underwear frontally and car L573260SL. With it, it will be able to wash up to 6 kg of clothes. Pressure rate is up to 1200 revolutions per minute. There is a mode of accelerated washing and delaying the start of work. Current consumption is 0.76 kW.

Useful to note:

  • Pre-laundry synthetic treatment program;

  • Quiet wash program;

  • Program of delicate washing;

  • cost-effective cotton processing;

  • Availability of 3 compartments in the dispenser of detergents.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

With dry

AEG declares that its washing and drying machines can work for at least 10 years. Increased efficiency of such devices is provided by an inverter motor. Capacity is 7-10 kg when washing and 4-7 kg during drying. The variety of functions is large enough. Machines disinfect the ferry things, suppress allergens, can wash the underwear quickly (in 20 minutes).

The best modifications of AEG washing and drying units can dispersed the drum to 1600 revolutions per minute. Good example – L8FEC68SR. Its dimensions are 0.85×0.6×0.6 m. Detached washing machine can clean up to 10 kg of clothes. The mass of the device reaches 81.5 kg.

Drying is made by residual moisture. Electricity consumption for washing one kilogram of linen is 0.17 kW. There is a special compartment for liquid powders. The timer allows to postpone the start of washing for 1-20 hours.

When L8FEC68SR is erased, the sound volume is 51 dB, and when annealing it will be 77 dB.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

The size of another washing and drying modification – L8WBE68SRI – 0,819×0,596×0.54 M. In the built-in unit will turn out to load up to 8 kg of linen. Popper speed reaches 1600 revolutions. You can dry at the same time you can up to 4 kg of clothes. Drying is made by a condensing way.

It is advisable to note:

  • control of foam formation;

  • control of the balance of the balance;

  • Mode “Cotton Eco”;

  • imitation of manual washing;

  • ferry processing;

  • Modes “Denim” and “Continuous processing for 1 hour”.

All about washing machines AEG


You can integrate a white washing machine L8WBE68SRI. Its dimensions – 0.819×0.596×0.54 m. Like other built-in AEG models, it allows you to take care of free space and provides a wide range of useful programs. Sound volume when working relatively small. In washing mode, the drum accommodates up to 7 kg of linen, in the drying up to 4 kg; Spin speed is up to 1400 revolutions.

Alternative – L8FBE48SRI. For her, characteristic:

  • Indication of operating modes on the display;

  • Current consumption of 0.63 kg (designed for a cotton program with 60 degrees and full load);

  • Script class B.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

Lavamat Protex Plus – Line of washing machines, perfectly replacing manual processing. It allows you to wash the underwear as carefully and carefully, and with minimal labor intensity. Electricity consumption has become another 20% less than prescribed by strictest standards A+++. All control elements are made of stainless steel stainless steel. And the premium models in this line have touch control.

Lavamat Protex Turbo has been popularly popular. Model stands out in this line AMS7500i. Judging by the reviews, it is perfect for big families. She is valued for quiet work and time savings. The deferred washing function works perfectly, and protects children.

Picking up narrow machines, many pay attention to AMS7000U. The system is designed with the calculation on the exclusion of shrinkage of things. It is suitable even for wool, which marked the sign “Only hand washing”. Special option allows you to eliminate excessive stuffing.

Total Class C in Assortment AEG.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

Washing and pressed modes

Experts advise not to abuse washing mode at maximum temperature. He inevitably reduces the resource of technology and provokes an increased accumulation of scale. As for the pressure regimes, all that faster 800 revolutions per minute does not improve drying, but only reduces its time by the price of rapid wear of the rollers. The diagnostic test is carried out like this:

  • Specify any program;

  • cancel it;

  • pressed and hold the start and cancellation buttons;

  • turn on by turning the selector to one step clockwise;

  • Continuing to hold two buttons 5 seconds, achieve the desired mode;

  • After completing the test, the machine is turned off, turn on and turn off again (returning to the standard mode).

All about washing machines AEG

In AEG machines, you can even deprive very delicate fabrics. The program “Cotton / Synthetic” is used for combined matter. But only with a fully loaded drum. The “Thin Products” option will allow them to be delicately delicately, maximum at 40 degrees. Intermediate rinse is excluded, but a lot of water will leave when washing and basic rinsing.

The scheme “Fashionable things” is designed for cleaning at 40 degrees of products from cellulose, viscose and other popular fabrics. Form and colors are saved flawlessly. With the “refreshment” on 30 degrees, the cycle will take 20 minutes. Also there are mild ironing and acceleration modes.

Drying is most often performed in the usual, gentle and forced mode; Other options are needed extremely rarely.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

Subtleties of choice

Buying washing machines need to be guided by a larger range of modes. Then no badges used for labeling fabrics will not be an unexpected unpleasant surprise.Front loading is poorly suitable for small-sized rooms with many obstacles. But but the cars of this type are better erased. And they also have more functions.

Vertical execution of a little worse in this regard, but cars of this format can be delivered almost everywhere. True, this is achieved by reducing the capacity. If the place in the house is sharply lacking, it is necessary to focus on the model with a drying function.

It is also worth considering that at least 10 models can wash steam. And in version 1, even the backlight of the drum is envisaged.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

Possible malfunctions

The most frequent reasons for the technique does not work, this is:

  • lack of current on the network;

  • bad contact;

  • not included fork;

  • Open door.

All about washing machines AEG

If the system does not drain water, it is required to check the drain pipe, hose, their connection and all cranes on the highway. It is also worth checking if the plum program is really running. Sometimes forget to turn it on. And finally, it is worth cleaning the filter. If the machine does not press underwear, or the washing is delayed unusually long, you need:

  • Set the prescript program;

  • examine the plum filter, if necessary, cleaned it;

  • redistribute things inside the drum to eliminate the unbalance.

The inability to open the washing machine is often associated with the continuation of the program or the selection of the mode when water remains in the tank. If it’s not about this, you need to choose a program where there is a drain or spin. When and it does not help, you need to check whether the machine is connected to the network.

In the most difficult case, you need to use the emergency opening mode or contact your service. With too high work, the AEG machine first check whether the bolts are removed for transportation, and then put stands under the legs to pay off vibration.

All about washing machines AEG

All about washing machines AEG

User manual

Consider the instructions for AEG machine appropriate on the exampleModels Lavamat 72850 M. Before the first launch of a device delivered in winter, you need to withstand it in the room at least 24 hours. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the recommended volume of detergents and fabric softeners so as not to damage things. Fine underwear is required to be laid in bags to avoid his jams. Put the car on the carpet so that the air is circulating free to it.

Connecting the device should be made by electricians and plumbers. The instruction prohibits erase things with wire frames. It is worth considering that not all auxiliary functions are compatible with each other; In this case, the automation simply will not allow them to set.

Cleaning the drum is carried out by means of stainless steel. If the air temperature falls below 0 degrees, it is necessary to drain all the water, even the remnants.

All about washing machines AEG

Overview of the washing machine AEG See More.

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