All about the size of acrylic baths

No modern bathroom without a bath. This plumbing item may have a different form, structure and manufacturing material. Some of the most common are models from acrylic. Today we will meet a closer look at such products and find out what dimension parameters they are produced.


Baths of standard and unusual forms are very popular. They can be found in any plumbing store. The main thing is to choose a model of suitable dimensions.

Modern baths are produced not only by classic rectangular, but also angular or rounded. All existing options have their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the designs of different buildings differ in their sizes.

For example, most angular models are distinguished by impressive dimensions, and simple rectangular options can be chosen and small (short).

Modern baths can be chosen for rooms performed in absolutely any stylistic directions. The richness of the range of such plumbing allows you to find the appropriate option to any buyer.

Times when the baths were made exclusively from heavy cast iron, long ago went to the past. Of course, on sale and today there are cargo and expensive cast iron models, but they have many worthy rivals. This can be attributed to popular and affordable acrylic products.

Similar varieties of baths have gained popularity among consumers due to simple and neutral design, low cost and quite simple installation. Currently, Plumbing from acrylic can be met in many housing.

The dimensions of acrylic models are the most different, Therefore, it will be possible to choose a suitable product for premises with any area. Today, in most cases, bathrooms are very modest sizes, and to purchase plumbing for them is problematic. But with acrylic instances of such problems, as a rule, does not happen.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite enviable popularity, acrylic baths have not only positive qualities. Such models have a number of shortcomings.

The advantages of such plumbers include the following characteristics.

  • Acrylic baths have a small weight. For this reason, install them easy, as we carry. Model of standard dimensions, as a rule, weighs about 30 kg. It is quite possible to work with such a product alone without referring to the assistants.
  • Installation of acrylic baths is considered fairly simple and affordable. For such plumbing, you can purchase a special framework with the adjustment function. Quite often he comes with a bathroom.

  • Assortment of acrylic baths can not but please modern consumers.
  • Acrylic itself is a pliable material that easily takes any form. That is why many designers of home interiors are treated to plumbing from such raw materials.
  • For care for acrylic bathroom do not need to buy special expensive means. In addition, it will not be needed regular processing with protective compositions.
  • If a small defect appeared on the surface of the acrylic bath, for example, scratch, then get rid of it will be easy. To do this, it is necessary to clean the damage to the emery paper. Of course, if we are talking about more serious defects, it will be harder to cope with them.

  • Acrylic bath has the ability to hold high temperature. She will not cool quickly, like water scored in it. Such products choose users who value relaxing procedures.
  • As a rule, there are special anti-slip coatings in modern acrylic models. With such additions, the operation of the bath becomes more secure and comfortable.
  • Such varieties of baths are produced with various design design.

  • Similar plumbing items are characterized by hygienic. The fact is that acrylic is a material that is not subject to rotting or forming fungus / mold. Bacteria do not multiply on such surfaces.
  • Acrylic bath can be added by various options. It can be hydromassage, LED backlight and even built-in music center.
  • Such varieties of baths are inexpensive, which only contributes to their popularity and in demand.

    As you can see, the advantages of acrylic baths provide. However, they are not perfect.

    Consider in more detail, what disadvantages such models have.

    • Similar products can not be called very stable, due to their low weight. Installing acrylic baths must be most securely and firmly.
    • Such baths should not be contacted with high temperatures. Most often in the production of plumbers is used acrylic, the melting point of which reaches a 160 degree Celsius mark. It is worth considering that there were such cases in which very hot water in the acrylic bath led to its serious deformation.

    • Another tangible lack of acrylic bath is its fragility. Such objects are subject to mechanical damage – they are very easy to break or damage. For this you do not need to make a lot of effort – it is enough to drop something heavier bottle with shampoo in the bowl, and it can get a crack.
    • It is worth knowing that under the action of high loads, the acrylic bath can “play”, unnaturally flexing and causing discomfort.
    • Acrylic can contact far from all household chemicals. For such models, it is recommended to buy “soft” and gentle means. Otherwise, the surface of the bowl can yellow or get cracked.

    • In addition, it should be borne in mind that acrylic baths can not be washed using abrasive tools that can seriously damage the surface of the product.
    • There are too many baths made from low-quality acrylic in stores. However, such models are issued for reliable and durable, and after a while buyers are waiting for disappointment – plumbing begins to yellow and deform.

    Standard dimensions

    Baths from such material as acrylic may have a variety of dimensions. Due to the wide choice of parameters, it will be possible to choose a suitable product for any room.

    Most often in stores there are standard rectangular baths with defined dimensional lengths.

    • From 90 to 120 cm. Such varieties of models are the most compact. They are ideal for consumers who have a very small bathroom in the apartment / house. You can use such products only in a sitting position. Their width, as a rule, is no more than 75 cm.

    • 140 cm. For users of low-rise bath with such a long – the appropriate option. It is possible to wash in it in the middle track. Such models are considered ideal for combined bathroom.
    • 150 cm. The length of the acrylic baths of 150 cm is the minimum parameter in which water procedures can be carried out. Most often to similar products are treated with the arrangement of the apartment “Khrushchevok”. The most common models that are offered by modern shops are acrylic baths with parameters 150×70 cm.

    • 170 cm. Acrylic baths with such a length are more often purchased for housing with a large area. They do not take too much space, but allow you to enjoy water treatments with maximum comfort. Most conveniently considered baths with dimensions 170×70 cm.
    • From 180 cm. Users with high growth, it is recommended to buy instances with a length of 180 cm (if the area of ​​the room allows, of course). Convenient constructions with dimensions of 180×70 cm, 180×75 cm, 180×80 cm.

      Models of non-standard forms and sizes are suitable for bathrooms of modest dimensions.

      • Corner options with no more than 160 cm long. In such a cup you can accommodate even together, despite the fact that rectangular options can have similar parameters. The main thing is to remember that asymmetric baths take more space.
      • For small rooms, rectangular baths with a standard size are suitable – from 100 to 180 cm. Such models are good in that they can wash in them, despite the democratic dimensions.

      • The minimum length of square baths can be from 80 to 100 cm. They can also be seized in half. They occupy a minimum of free space.
      • Round baths take more space and are not suitable for all rooms. Their minimum diameter is 140 cm.
      • Sitting baths are perfect options for those who cannot use standard models. The most small products of this modification are baths 120×70 cm.
      • The smallest length of oval options is 140 cm.

        If the area of ​​the bathroom allows, it can be placed in it a larger plumber of different forms.

        • Here you can put a rectangular copy with dimensions of 180×80 cm.
        • If square meters allow, you can install a spectacular angular model of a symmetric form in the room. Its maximum parameters are 180×180 cm, 190×170 cm.
        • The largest oval bath has a length of 210 cm. As a rule, there are hydromassage in such models.
        • The largest round bath has a size of 210 cm in diameter.

        In the usual apartment you can buy an acrylic bath of the following dimensional parameters:

        • rectangular – 170×80 cm, 180×80 cm;
        • Sitting with hydromassage – from 130 to 150 cm (with a width of 70, 80 cm);
        • Angular hydromassage – 140×140 cm, 150×150 cm (with a height of 60 cm and 70 cm).

          Fashionable jacuzzi for two can also have different dimensions:

          • rectangular – length 175, 180 cm or 190 cm, width – 110-130 cm;
          • models with a width up to 150 cm;
          • Round – 130×130 cm;
          • Corner – 150×150 cm.

            And also in stores there are many acrylic baths with other dimensional ratios: 140×70 cm, 160×70 cm, 170×75 cm, 100×70 cm, 165×70 cm, 175×70 cm, 175×75 cm, 130×70 cm, 157×70 cm, 145×70 cm, 160×80 cm, 155×70 cm, 150×60 cm.

            Thanks to the large selection of acrylic baths of different dimensions, each buyer has the opportunity to choose the perfect option for its home.

            If you could not find a suitable model, it can always be ordered.


            Modern acrylic models have the following forms that affect their dimensions:

            • rectangular and square;
            • corner;
            • rounded;
            • oval.

              As for angular models, they are divided into symmetric and asymmetric.

              • Asymmetric baths look very stylish and original. With their help, you can transform the interior and make it more attractive. Similar structures are rightful and left. Most often they are installed in the free corner of the room.
              • Symmetric instances often have compact dimensions. Products 110×110 cm (standard) are most common. They fragilely fit into small rooms. Symmetric instances are both high and low.

              How to choose?

              Consider in detail what parameters should be relying, choosing acrylic fonts of different forms and dimensions.

              • Be sure to explore the number of reinforced layers of the selected model from acrylic. You can see them, looking at the edges of the plumbing subject.
              • It is advisable to carefully catch a acrylic bath. If you hear a hear sound, it will talk about high quality and quality quality.

              • Remember – from the acrylic model should not be the chemical smell. This feature may indicate a low quality product. From its purchase it is better to give up in favor of a more reliable and environmentally friendly option.
              • Spend on the surface of the car’s hand. It should not be felt either scratches, no roughness, nor any other damage.
              • The color on the acrylic bath must lie neatly and evenly. There should be no divorces on the product.

              Tips and recommendations

              Spots and any contamination It is recommended to remove with an acrylic bath with the help of products for smooth surfaces, and scale – a napkin moistened in vinegar.

              When choosing acrylic plumbers, it is necessary to take into account its weight. Of course, most of the acrylic models are light, but this parameter must still be taken into account. Overlapping in your home should be prepared for similar loads.

              Install acrylic baths are recommended with a frame or a special frame.

              Thanks to such individual designs, the font will not suffer from large loads, and will also remain steady throughout the service life.

              And also under the bath can be installed a special screen. Its size directly depends on the dimensions of the bowl and the base height.

              If you are going to install an acrylic bath in a room with a complex configuration, then you better choose an option from asymmetric models. In the settings with standard layout, it is permissible to place options for simpler forms.

              In a rectangular room, it is recommended to install a bath of a similar structure. It should be placed along one of the walls. In the square rooms it will be better to look at the angular bowl, access to which is possible on any side.

              Choosing an acrylic bath, it should be remembered that high-quality products are made of canvases, the thickness of which is at least 5 mm.

              In the family where small children live, it is recommended to use acrylic plumbing items, the depth of which is no more than 50-60 cm.

              Watch the bay bias. At first you will not notice it, but then it can call discomfort if it is done wrong. It is for this reason that one should lie in the bowl before buying. Just so you can understand if the selected model is suitable.

              About how to install an acrylic bath with your own hands, look in the following video.

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