All about shower in Loft style

Shower rooms made in Loft style, suitable for those who would like to change classic canons and choose a modern style in interior design. The minimalism of the style allows experimenting and finding successful and unexpected solutions for seemingly ordinary things, emphasizing the beauty of their details.


Bathroom – an important element of modern urban housing, issued in a particular style. The modern direction of Loft, gaining popularity, allows you to turn the usual shower in a stylish design element. Shower in Loft style emphasizes the freedom-loving character of the owner of the housing, focusing on urbanization and nostalgia at the past time. The shower cabin made in the industrial style is not only functional, but also does not require large financial investments in its arrangement.

The features of the industrial style are several signs.

  • Minimum number of partitions in the spacious room. Planning a shower room skillfully divided into zones with various design techniques.
  • In the room there are large windows and high ceilings, the space is illuminated by the flow of daylight. Beams, pipes, overlaps can be placed under the ceiling. The focus is on the horizontal plane, with its breakdown to several levels and zones.
  • Room walls preserve the initial species – it can be concrete walls, brickwork, unlipped wood. A rough texture emphasizes the deliberate negligence and a kind of charm.
  • The interior combines modern items and details of the past. The contrast of the old and new sets the total tone of the entire room, as a result of which industrial urbanism is clearly.

Relying on the main canons of style, designers create unique interiors. To emphasize the style of Loft, original furniture, lighting devices, decoration materials and plumbing.

Decoration Materials

Bathroom, like the rest of the premises made in the Loft style, are harmonized with each other, obeying a single style decision. Based on the design concept, a variety of materials apply to the arrangement of the shower. List them.

  • Glass. This element is used to zoning space. It can be a partition from glass or wall of a shower. For decor, smooth transparent glass vases, lamps, shelves.

  • Concrete. Pretty budget and durable material that may have different textures and color. With it, decorated the floor, walls, ceiling. From concrete make a washbasin bowl, stand for flower porridge, outdoor tiles.

  • Ceramics. In Loft style, use ceramic tiles for wall and floor finishing. Its color, design and texture are selected in such a way as to arrange accents in the room or zonate its space.

  • Wood. It is a natural textured material for finishing floor, walls, ceiling. The tree softens the perception of rough brick masonry or concrete, creates a feeling of comfort and heat.

  • Brick. The spectacular design of the designer is considered brickwork or imitation, made using ceramic tiles or plaster. In the bathroom, brick is often painted in white or gray tones.

So that the shower or bathroom looked spacious, finishing materials choose bright natural shades or paint them, giving separate elements contrast.

Design options

Industrial style interior implies the use of modern materials for bathroom design. Approach to design may be different.

  • Socuage zone. When creating the direction of the Loft, partial or complete combination of various areas in a single space is assumed. Bohemian residents of industrial premises have not welcomed the creation of partitions, so the bedroom, bath, kitchen and living room are located on one large area. Modern conditions are somewhat softer, they allow you to separate the space for small zones. For example, the loft style bath is combined with the bedroom. But such a decision is acceptable if there is an additional shower in the house and the bathroom.

  • Separate zones. In this option, the bathroom can be a separate space equipped in Loft Stylistics. In some homes, designers equip each individual room, choosing their own style for it. It may be like this: each individual zone is decorated in a single style solution, but without uniting in general space.

Loft-style business card can be an unusual shape of tap pipes, glass doors, bath shape, nonsense type lamps.

Beautiful examples

Speecually looks like plumbing unusual shape and texture.

When choosing a traditional white bath, a room acquires a special chic.

The mirror surface attracts attention and is one of the main design elements.

Large windows in the bathroom – one of the elements of the loft style.

Adding into the interior of living plants softens the perception of rough textures.

Overview of the shower in the style of Loft in the video below.

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