All about Beko washing machines

Washing machines have already become an integral part of a person’s life. It is now difficult to submit a household without this technique, as it saves a lot of time when doing homework. A rather famous manufacturer of such products is Beko.


Beko washing machines are actively represented in the Russian market. Although the manufacturer is Turkey, on the territory of the Russian Federation there is a factory that fulfills the full assembly of this technique. Due to this, the company’s products have a number of advantages that are rather important before choosing and buying products.

To begin with, it should be noted the cost that is more accessible in comparison with the models of other well-known manufacturers. The pricing policy of the company is very flexible, due to which the consumer has the opportunity to choose the desired technique in accordance with its budget.

Production on the territory of Russia allows you to reduce the price thanks to domestic components that are cheaper than foreign analogues, but at the same time they are not inferior to them in quality.

The second big plus is a representation existing in many cities and shops. In almost every trading point there are Beko models, it also applies to service centers. If you use the company’s products for a long time and confident in its reliability, then you will buy new models or to give repair already available will not work.

Collaboration with many large trading networks markedly facilitates the search for washing machines in most regions of Russia.

Another important advantage is worth identifying Wide model range. For the buyer, units are presented by the units of various types – classic, with drying, additional features, operation modes, set of components and specifications. This allows the consumer to make a more accurate choice in accordance with its requirements for technology. At the production stage, high-quality materials are used, due to which the Beko washing machines have good physical indicators of strength and stability, which is especially important for this type of product.

In the ratings of household appliances, the products of the Turkish company often occupies high places, since the ratio of value and quality is one of the best in several price segments immediately.

Review models

The main classification of the model range consists of two types – classic and with drying function. This separation is basic, as depending on such a functional there is a big difference in the design and method of work. Both types have narrow, embedded models that fit well in the interior of small rooms.


Presented in several versions of both design and even color and in certain indicators. For more convenience, there are products of the most varying degrees of load – by 4, 5, 6-6.5 and 7 kg, which is very important before buying.

BEKO WRS 5511 BWW – Pretty simple narrow model, which is very affordable, while quality performs its main purpose. Loading drum up to 5 kg, there is a deferred start function by 3.6 and 9 hours. To ensure the safety of technology during the workflow, the company Beko equipped this machine with a button for blocking from children. The consumer when using this product can erase things from the most different fabric.

The system of working modes is represented by 15 programs, the temperature and time of which allow you to configure the technique depending on the number of clothes and materials of its manufacture.

There is a fast washing option in 30 minutes, which seetches light pollution, and makes the underwear fresh. Embedded electronic control of an imbalance, automatically leveling the position of the drum, in order to avoid uneven workflow. This reduces the level of noise and vibrations, which is very important when using particularly long washing modes or the machine operation at night. Housing dimensions 84x60x36.5 cm provide good capacity and do not occupy a lot of space.

Popper speed can be adjusted to 400, 600, 800 and 1000 revolutions. Class A power consumption, spinning class C, electricity consumption reaches 0.845 kW, water consumption 45 liters, noise level in the range from 60 to 78 dB depending on the selected mode of operation and the number of revolutions. Weight 51 kg.

Beko WRE 6512 ZAA – Unusual black machine model that stands out by its appearance. The color of the housing and the hatch can be a good option for people, especially carefully related to the design and the ratio of shades in the room. The very useful technology of this unit is the heating element Hi-Tech with nickel coating. Thanks to the work of this system, the washing machine is protected from the formation of scale and rust, which can extremely negatively affect the work of the product.

Now you do not need different ways to try to remove the flare and exercise additional costs to soften the water.

Another important function is automatic control of water level and overflow protection. The sealed construction of the body completely eliminates the leakage of the fluid, and the special technology is responsible for ensuring that the washing is as autonomous. No need to constantly monitor the water level, because when spending it, the user will see a special signal that will be reflected on the dashboard. It can also track some processes associated with washing. The system consists of 15 programs, most of which are similar to the last model. It should be indicated that The fastest mode, it is an express, is not 30 minutes, and 14, which allows you to make a very fast cleaning of clothes.

There is electronic control of the imbalance, important indoors with uneven floors. If the design is located at an angle, the special sensor will give a signal to the machine that it needs to work in a small slope so that things inside the drum rotate and pressed in the correct position. The feature of the deferred start is built up to 19 hours, and not optionally, but according to the free choice of user, indicating the desired number on the display when programming. There is a blocking from accidental clicking. Pressing speed is adjustable from 400 to 1000 revolutions, there is control of foaming, increasing washing efficiency due to the active penetration of detergent in the drum.

Energy Class A, Press – C, Maximum Loading by 6 kg, Electricity consumption is 0.94 kW, water consumption for one working cycle 47.5 liters, noise level when washing 61 dB. Among the additional functions, you can allocate soaking, fast washing and additional rinsing. WRE 6512 ZAA refers to those machines whose manufacturability allows you to use them as long as possible without loss of quality, subject to proper operation. Good washing efficiency, height 84 cm, housing width 60 cm, depth 41.5 cm, weight 55 kg.

BEKO STEAMCURE ELSE 77512 XSWI is one of the most functional and high-quality classic machines. This model is equipped with the most recent technologies that make the workforce most effective. The basis of the economy and rational distribution of resources is expressed in the presence of an invertor engine capable of providing a large number of advantages in comparison with simpler counterpart. This type of motor significantly reduces energy consumption, due to which the use of the machine requires less expenses. Inverter technology is good because it significantly reduces the level of noise and vibrations, and therefore no residents will disturb at night. Prosmart engine is made on a system that makes it durable and reliable.

And also this model is equipped with a Hi-Tech system, preventing the formation of scale and corrosion in the inner part of the design. In the aggregate of these functions, the main purpose of which is to ensure the safety of the washing machine, Make ELSE 77512 XSWI durable with proper compliance with the rules of operation. A distinctive feature of this product is worth name STEAMCURE technology, Thanks to which the efficiency of the entire workflow comes into a completely new level.

The fact is that special steam processing of clothing before washing allows you to soften the fabric, thereby facilitating the cleaning of the labor-based spots.

Grass, paint, sweets and other serious contaminants are extended much easier. Under the end of the Cap cycle, it is served again to reduce the number of folds on clothes. After that ironing the iron will take much less time. Due to the high depth of 45 cm, the capacity of this unit is 7 kg. Energy Class A, Press – With. Spin speed adjustable speed, and the maximum value reaches 1000 per minute. Energy consumption 1.05 kW, noise level from 56 to 70 dB. The number of programs reaches 15, among which there is a washing of cotton, synthetics and other types of fabrics. There is an express wash for 14 minutes, 3 additional features in the form of soaking, fast washing and additional rinsing. Water consumption for one workflow 52 liters.

The built-in intuitive display displays all the necessary washing characteristics and digital indicators that can be adjusted as part of the configuration. This includes a postponed start until 19 hours, the countdown to the end of the cycle, the activation of the button from accidental press, control of foaming and balance based on the physical position of the machine.

And also has Beko and other Steamcure models that differ from this size and design. A set of functions and modes of work approximately the same.

With dry

Beko WDW 85120 B3 – a universal machine that will be a good acquisition for people, especially spending personal time. The combination of washing and drying technologies allows you to make a workflow most effective in terms of clothing preparation. Nickel-plated Hi-Tech heating element will protect the product from the formation of scale and will noticeably facilitate operation. Height 84 cm, width 60 cm, high depth of 54 cm allows drum to accommodate up to 8 kg of washing clothes and 5 kg for drying. The technological specification includes 16 software modes that cover the possibilities for washing things from a variety of materials, as well as depending on the degree of pollution, and differ in the cycle time.

The fastest variation can bring small spots and refresh clothes for only 14 minutes. And also special attention should be paid to the washing program for children’s things for which more careful appeal. If you are not inherent in anywhere, then you can use the handheld washing mode for cleaning from labor-based contaminants, which is characterized by its intensity, but spending a considerable amount of water and detergents. The safety of the machine is ensured by the operation of the automatic water control system and foaming, which simultaneously increases efficiency and allows you to more economically spend resources.

There is also Protection against overflow and electronic balance, automatically leveling unit in accordance with the correct position of the product in space. These systems reduce the level of vibration, make the workflow more stable, and also contribute to the rational distribution of clothing inside the drum. The main function of AquaWave technology is to make cleaning and drying more careful due to the special design of the drum and the door. As with other new models, WDW 85120 B3 has an inverter engine Prosmart, which has many advantages in comparison with standard engines.

Sizes 84x60x54 cm, weight 66 kg. Management by means of a clear electronic display on which you can set the time of the deferred start for up to 24 hours. There are indicators of program execution indicating time, adjusting the number of revolutions from 600 to 1200 per minute. Energy consumption class, efficiency of turns in, electricity consumption 6.48 kW, one working cycle requiring 87 liters of water. Noise level during washing reaches 57 dB, during pressing 74 dB.


Pretty important parts of the overall design of the washing machine are separate components, due to which the operation of the product is noticeably simplified. The first of them is worth named valve for water supply. This spare part is very important, as it allows fluid to flow into the product from the water supply system. In the Beko washing machines, these details are already built into, but they have a bodging property, in connection with which the question sometimes arises as to how it can be replaced or repaired.

To do this, the Turkish manufacturer provided a complete guarantee for its products for 2 years. Throughout this term, the consumer can count on the departure of a specialist, diagnosis and repair of technology, and when the warranty case occurs, all these services will be free. And there are other types of components that are not required for functioning in separate situations. For example, the built-in washing machines do not need legs, thanks to which the stability of the design increases, and the height adjustment is ensured.

In order to improve convenience, consumers can use special measuring glasses in which the washing powder is embanked with a certain amount, optimal in accordance with the selected mode of operation.

How to use it?

The owners of washing machines rarely think about the fact that their models have a special labeling, which allows you to determine the specification of the product, on the basis of which it can be understood which functionality to have an aggregate. In the case of BEKO, there is a system consisting of numbers and letters following in a certain sequence. The first block consists of three letters, among which the first W, denoting the washing machine. The second letter helps to identify the trademark – Arcelik, Beko or Economy Line. The third letter f is applicable for products with an unregulated thermostat.

The second block contains 4 digits, among which the first expresses the series of models, the second is a constructive option, the third and fourth – the maximum speed of rotation of the drum during annealing. The third block has an alphabetic designation regarding the depth of the housing, a set of function buttons, as well as the colors of the case and the front panel. And also worth paying attention to the serial number, according to which you can find out the month and the year of manufacture.

Installation and first launch are the most important processes during the use of technology, since directly affect how the device will work.

Installation of the aggregate must be carried out only in accordance with the technical documentation.

It is there that you can find information about how to install the product correctly, reset the parameters and much more. The more frequent process is the working mode blank, where the user needs to be able to navigate in the display icons, the type of washing and the degree of intensity.

Do not forget that Before you enable the program, you need to fill the air conditioner, and after some time the user is obliged to clean the filters, thereby supporting the technique in the optimal state. If the stage of choosing a mode of operation was incorrectly, it is necessary to reset the program. Sometimes failures can occur in electronics, in this case you can restart the system. When you are sure that the breakdown was serious, trust a specialist in the service center, do not attempt to repair the product yourself.

Before installing the machine, it is important to choose the right location. It should be desirable to be smooth, and the room is dry.

The manufacturer asks for a serious reference to the compliance of fire safety requirements, so near the technique should not be placed potentially dangerous sources of heat.

The first connection stage is no less important, since the improper location of the network cable is one of the most common causes of faults. The wire must be periodically verified for physical damage. The socket must be grounded, wash the car only with a rag without using water jets.

Detergents need to be used according to the instructions. If you mistakenly launched the program, and the things you need are located inside the drum, then do not try to open the door through effort. The sash is automatically unlocked at the end of the cycle, otherwise the door mechanism and the lock will become faulty, after which they will be replaced. Basic operations need to be performed consistently.

Error codes

To facilitate repairs in the Beko service center, in the event of faults, the display shows the error codes that are classified according to the current situation. All designations begin with the letter N, and then it follows the number of the key indicator. Thus, there is a list of all errors where the waters are the first to go – its set, heating, spinning, drained. Some errors can completely block the washing process, while others only warn about the presence of a malfunction.

Special indicators can help and in other cases, for example, when the door blocked, or stopped spinning the drum. In these and other situations, it is necessary to contact the documentation where a special section with the listing and decoding of codes should be, as well as possible fixes allowed by the manufacturer.

It is important to understand that one and the same problem may have several reasons, so before troubleshooting you need to make sure that the actions performed are correct.

As already noted above, Beko washing machines demonstrate excellent operational characteristics, due to which they work for a long period of time. As evidence – video message of the real owner.

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