5e (SE) error in samsung washing machine: what means and how to eliminate?

5e error (it is SE) quite often occurs on the washing machine Samsung, especially if it does not take due care. Deciphering this code does not give a detailed answer to the question of what exactly broke – the error simply determines the range of probable causes of malfunction. About them and talk in our article.


Sometimes it happens that during the washing the operation of the washing machine is suspended, and the display shows an error 5e or SE (in the machines of the Diamond series and aggregates released until 2007, it corresponds to the E2 value). In the devices without a monitor, the heating light of 40 degrees lights up and the indicators of all modes begin to burn with it. It means that Due to certain reasons, the machine can not merge water from the tank.

This code may appear either during the washing itself, or at the rinse stage – At the time of pressing, its appearance is impossible. The fact is that when such faults appear such faults, the unit is fully filled with water and carries out washing, only before draining the case does not reach. The machine performs several attempts to get rid of the water used, but to no avail, in this case The unit suspends its work and gives the display information about the error.

The reasons for the appearance of such a code can be the most different, and in most cases it can be corrected independently, without the participation of the service center wizard.

At the same time, it is not worth confusing the errors 5e and E5 – these values ​​indicate completely different malfunctions if the error 5e writes in the absence of a drain, then E5 speaks of the breakdowns of the heating element (Tan).


In the process of washing, the machine drains water from the tank using the pressostat – a special device that determines the volume of fluid in the tank and its absence. If the drain does not happen, then there may be several reasons:

  • sewage pipes;
  • scored filter (coins, rubber bands and other objects);
  • I worked either shift the drain hose;
  • Pump breakage;
  • Damage to contacts, as well as their compounds;
  • Filter malfunction;
  • Defect impeller.

How to fix yourself?

If your washing machine in the middle of the cycle has suspended its work with a tank of linen and dirty water, and an error 5e has highlighted on the monitor, then before making any actions, It is necessary to turn off the equipment from the current source and with the help of the emergency hose drain all the water. After that, you should free the tank from the lingerie and try to find a source of problems. To do this, perform a specific sequence of actions.

Checking the control module

Turn off the washing machine for 15-20 minutes to restart the electronic module controller. If the error becomes a consequence of a random reset of the settings, then after re-connecting the operation, the machine will resume in standard mode.

Checking the performance of the plum pump contacts

If you have recently subjected to the aggregate transportation, moving or some other external influences, it is possible that Between the pump and the controller impaired the integrity of the wiring. In this case, you just need to correct them by closing a little stronger in the contact area.

Checking the drain hose

In order for the machine effectively function, The plum hose should not have any chances and beggars, especially relevant, if we are talking about long hoses that are not easy to fix in the right position. In addition, you need to make sure there is no mud tube in it. If it takes place – clean physical ways, The use of chemical reagents for dissolving a blockage is not recommended – this will lead to the deformation of the material.

Usually, the hose washed under a strong jet of water, while it should be flexing intensively and at the same time blend – in this case, the plug will populate much faster.

Checking the drain filter

In the lower corner of the front of the machine there is a drain filter, most often the reason for the absence of a drain is its clogging. It happens when small items are often in the car – beads, gum, small coins. They accumulate near the filter and sooner or later overlap the flow of water. In order to eliminate a malfunction, You must unscrew the filter clockwise, remove and rinse under pressure.

Be prepared for the fact that a small amount of fluid will be poured out of the opening hole – It’s completely normal, and if you have not previously devastated the tank, then the water will fall out a lot – put a pre-basin or other low, but the roomy container. Otherwise, you risk pouring the entire floor and even flood your neighbors from below. After cleaning the filter, insert it back, tighten and run the re-laundry – in most cases a malfunction notification disappears.

Checking sewage connection

When the error occurs, be sure to examine the siphon, with which the hose connects to the home sewage. Probably the reason lies in the last. To do this, turn off the hose from it and lower it to another place, for example, in the bath. If, when repeatedly connected, the machine will merge in normal mode, it means that the external fault, and you will have to do clean pipes. It is best to seek help to a plumbing that can clean the pipes quickly and professionally.

If you do not have time for it, you can try to cope with the problem With the help of the “Mole” or “Tiret turbo”. If aggressive fluids turned out to be ineffective, then you can try a special steel wire with a crochet on the end – it helps to eliminate even the most powerful blockage. If after performing all the listed manipulations, you still see the error 5e on the display, then this means that you need help professional master.

When you need to call masters?

There are some types of breakdowns, fix that can exclusively qualified master with a mandatory guarantee. We give their list.

  • Pump breakdown – This is a frequent malfunction, it takes place in 9 cases out of 10. At the same time, the pumping fluid fails – to correct the situation, the pump can be replaced.
  • Failure of the controller providing the device – In this case, depending on the severity of the situation, it is necessary to either replace the details of the soldering method, or completely update the entire control module.
  • Close of drain pipe – There is a place when small buttons fall into it with water, metal money and some other foreign objects. Correct the situation will help the cleaning, which is impossible to carry out on their own.
  • Damage to the wiring in the contact zone of the drain pump and the controller. Usually it becomes a consequence of mechanical damage, it can be affected by domestic pets or pests, as well as a break when moving an aggregate. In a situation, if the wires are not possible to restore the twist, they must be replaced completely.

Summarizing all the above, it can be noted that SE error on the SAMSUNG steel typewriter is not at all dangerous as it seems an inexperienced user at first glance. In the overwhelming majority of cases, find the source of the breakage and adjust the situation on their own.

However, if you do not attract the idea to mess around with dirty clouds, besides, you are not sure of your own, it is better to contact the service center.

About how to cope with the error 5e in the washing machine Samsung, look next.

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