30 cm wide heated towel rail

Take water procedures much more pleasant in the heated room, and wipe off dry and warm towel. To ensure and maintain such comfort, it is easy to install a towel rail in the bathroom. But before doing this, it is worth understanding what these devices are, and what they differ. It is especially important to choose a suitable device for a small area. It will take a narrow model, but modern technologies allow you to use productive and compact devices.

general description

Narrow heated towel rail – optimal solution for small-sized bathroom. Manufacturers offer several structural options: classic ladies, snakes, R primo- and F-shaped. All of them are made of stainless steel, ensuring reliable and durable operation. High-quality metal is resistant to temperature differences, water exposure and impurities contained in it.

30-35 cm wide heated towel rails are attractive than budget value and practicality. Use a compact device rationally in small bathrooms. Their heat is quite enough to make more intense evaporation of excess moisture, prevent the development of mold and ensure a comfortable temperature in the room.

Even with all its compactness, a narrow heated towel rail is very convenient in use. A small width of the heated towel rail allows you to save free space in the bathroom. Thanks to small dimensions, there are quite a few options, how and where to place it. Stylish heating device will become an excellent addition to any bathroom.

Among the wide range of model range, you can choose the most suitable heated towel rail for a certain interior. Very comfortable water-type heated towel rails with side connections. They are suitable for typical bathrooms in apartment buildings. However, each type of appliances have their own advantages and shortcomings. About them should learn more detail.

Water models

Narrow water heated towel rail to be conveniently connected to the standard pipeline system. This fact greatly facilitates the installation of the device, because additional communications are not needed. The device is especially relevant in apartments where everything you need is provided to accommodate it.

From other features of water type devices, the following can be noted:

  • simple design;

  • the ability to choose a non-standard form;

  • Pretty high thermal return, like a full-fledged element of the heating system;

  • No power supply is required, grounding.

But with all the effectiveness of water devices, they have a significant drawback. Their work is impossible in disabilities in the supply of hot water and with the unstable functioning of heating.

The narrow models have the following dimensions: width 300, 320 and 350 at a height of 400, 500, 600 and 800 mm.

Devices are conveniently operated. On the metal bar, it is quite possible to hang dry the towel (and even two at the same time), as well as hanging down the minor clothing items. Model 320×500 mm is mainly represented in the form of a ladder. The number of shelves may vary depending on the design. But than them more, the more space to accommodate wet things. Such a heated towel rail is completely able to heat up to 5 m square and more depending on the power of the device. The range of 30-32 cm with a wall thickness of 2-3.5 mm.

Lack of heated towel rails 300×350 mm lies in the amount and in the fact that it heats it relatively small area. But at the same time its size and is a plus. It is small, which means that it does not require much space. At the same time he has a simple and appropriate design everywhere. Number of shelves no more than two. This amount is not enough for the full drying of wet bath towels and other things. But for a small bath miniature device is quite suitable. In addition, the price is available for most consumers.

Electric structures

Devices do not depend on water supply and seasonal heating, since they are powered by the power supply. Such equipment is capable of working year-round and has obvious advantages:

  • variability of models;

  • ease and simplicity of installation;

  • Adjusting the level of heating.

By cons of electrical appliances, their energy costs can be attributed. If the choice fell on the electrodel, it is necessary to accept the fact that the cost of monthly electricity costs will somewhat increase.

Buying combined heated towel rails can solve several problems at once as they appear. For example, the device connected to the water can operate from the network during periods when the hot water feeds occur. Combined structures overlapping disadvantages of water and electrical types. With all the merits, there are a drawback in the form of a fairly high cost.

What better to choose?

Based on a narrow heated towel rail 30 cm decisive value when measurements of the location of it is an overall width. This rule is equally relevant for electric and water instruments, and especially for heated towel rails with side connections. The overall width is the maximum width of the device, taking into account all its protruding parts. When calculating this value for the specified width of the device, it turns out that a 30-centimeter heated towel rail has a 35 cm of the overall width. In this case, we are talking about a model with universal connection.

Choosing a narrow heated towel rail, you need to take into account other nuances.

  • Gabarits. Mandatory is the ergonomic placement of the device in the allotted space. When choosing a heated towel rail, its size is taken to establish it convenient and use full. On the constrained area and narrow transoles, you can only install a miniature option of the heated towel rail.
  • Power. In the bathroom should not be too hot, cool or damp. And if a narrow water applialection most often does not have the ability to adjust the heating intensity, the electrical analogue has an advantage in this. You can independently adjust the desired temperature, taking care of economical waste of energy and comfort in the room.
  • Material of manufacture. Mostly it is high-quality stainless steel. This material is endowed with resistance to aggressive impacts, change temperature and water pressure in the system. He provides durability to the device. When buying an electrical model of a towel rail, you can choose the material in different colors that the most suitable for the interior and impresses visual. And when buying a water variation of the heated towel rail, it is important that the pipe is made of material resistant to moisture. For modern heated towel rails, manufacturers use ferrous steel, brass, stainless steel and copper alloy.
  • Manufacturer company. Determining with the choice of a narrow heated towel rail from 300 mm, it is worth trusting the quality of authoritative manufacturers with extensive experience in the production of sanitary goods. Such an approach guarantees the product reliability, manufacturability and durability. It is especially important to acquire the device of the proven brand when it comes to choosing a device of a complex design.

Before buying a water heated towel rail, you need to pay attention to the fact that the pressure in the pipes in the bathroom of your home. It is important that its level is not more than 4-6 atmospheres.

Or purchase according to the relevant requirements for a certain level of pressure in the pipes. It is advisable to initially find out the exact numbers and add several points in case of pressure drop to this parameter.

    In general, whatever heated towel rail is chosen, you need to remember that Correct installation, maintenance and operation of heating equipment – the key to its trouble-free service for many years. And a narrow water heated towel rail, and its electrical analogue has their pronounced features. Focus primarily on personal needs and specifics.

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