10 best Turkish TV series

The Turkish TV series industry has gone from being a little known to an audience of hundreds of millions of people and a partnership with Netf

  • x. Let’s take a look at what projects deserve attention based on ratings, number of views and credibility of producers. To highlight iconic series, let’s start with a brief analysis of the changes in the industry in question.

    Popularity of Turkish soap operas

    According to Forbes, Turkey has become the world’s second largest exporter of TV series after the U.S. and will eventually expand the army of viewers. In 2016, products of this format from the eastern country began to sell to India and Singapore. Other active buyers are Middle Eastern neighbors, the Balkans, Central Asia and South America.

    TV series from the eastern state sold for $200 million in 2012. In 2016, 100 countries have already purchased products of the same type to show for 300 million. By 2023, the major provider plans to increase exports to $2 billion. The goal is realistic, given the steady growth and partnership with Netf

  • x.

    The executives and partners of this online streaming video service spend $11.8 billion on content creation. Products under the Netf umbrella

  • x is offered to the 190 million subscribers of the online platform. Among other things, the company invests in the production and promotion of the Turkish series.

    The online service recently opened up access to licensed content from Turkey to 190 countries. And I added a corresponding tab to the site navigation menu. There are original Netf projects in the collection

  • x with Turkish actors and products of an eastern partner.

    Rating of Turkish TV series

    Let’s make a list of Turkish series with the largest audience and with high ratings on reputable sites. Consider products from Netf

  • x and other projects developing the Eastern exporter’s series industry.
    Rating of Turkish TV series1Defender5.0
    3“The Rise of the Ottoman Empire.”4.8
    450 square meters4.7
    5Love 1014.6
    7“The Magnificent Century.”4.4
    8Ertugrul Resurrected4.3
    9Knock on my door4.2
    10Love me like this4.1
    11Dirty Money and Love4.0

    The Defender

    Rating: 5.0

    The Defender

    The first of the Turkish web series on Netf

  • x Started this particular sci-fi action film about superheroes. According to its plot, an ordinary guy Hakan learns that he has been assigned a secret mission to save Istanbul from the supernatural forces of evil. A young man discovers his magical powers and begins to use magical artifacts.

    A townsman learns the skills of a superhero and learns that he belongs to the defender caste. Their main enemies are legions of immortals. Two factions have been fighting for power in Istanbul for years. Hakan is the only surviving defender. Therefore, a great responsibility falls on him. He also falls in love with a girl named Leila, who is hiding a terrible secret.

    The Gift

    Rating: 4.9


    This project is called the main rival of “The Defender”. The director has mixed mystical drama, fantasy and detective here. Both “rivals” were produced by Netf

  • x. On the streaming service’s website, they are labeled “Original,” indicating affiliation with the entertainment company and recognition of quality.

    Viewers loved the story of artist Atiye. She meets the rich and attractive Ozan. His unusual girl often portrays a mysterious symbol without understanding its meaning. One day she learns that a similar sign has been found at the site of an archaeological excavation in Göbekli Tepe. The heroine goes there in a desire to uncover the mystery of the ancient symbol and learns herself in the course of the investigation.

    The artist returns from a mystical journey a different person. Her relationship with her loved ones changes. Atiyeh doubts his own mental health. Relatives believe she has schizophrenia. The Turk is supported only by the archaeologist Erhan, who is searching for the answer to the death of his family.

    “Rise of the Ottoman Empire”

    Rating: 4.8

    Also Netf

  • x presented the documentary mini-series “Ottoman Rising”. viewers learn about the work of one of the most influential statesman of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed II the Conqueror. In addition to his military and political accomplishments, the politician was known for his powerful intellect and his involvement in the development of science.

    He conquered Constantinople, the capital of Byzantium. The Padishah is also known for issuing momentous laws, one of which legalized fratricide. The consequences of this ruler’s decision are also reflected in another famous TV series, The Magnificent Century. We will tell about him separately in the article. In the meantime, let’s continue to study the Netflix production.

    50 square meters

    Rating: 4.7

    50 square meters

    The American streaming service also presents this comedy project. In the story, hitman Gölge hides from his pursuers in an inconspicuous tailor’s atelier. He had to lay low in a room measuring 50 meters2.

    Locals mistook the assassin for the tailor’s son. For the sake of conspiracy mercenary pretends to be a young man with whom he was confused. Later learns the secrets of his prototype, who is not alive, and becomes a different person. And even considers quitting crime.

    Love 101

    Rating: 4.6

    Love 101

    Let’s turn our attention to another comedy project. Netf’s brainchild

  • x and the production corporation Ay Yapım supplemented with elements of melodrama. Consider the plot of a prime example of globalization in the film industry.

    A high school is attended by a group of teenagers who are considered outcasts. It comes from different social circles, getting into ridiculous situations. They’re getting attached to a teacher who intends to quit school. Then her comrades in misfortune come up with an original way to make her stay.


    Rating: 4.5

    The Court

    This project doesn’t have the “originals” mark, but Netf

  • x bought the rights to broadcast the series. It showcases the problems of domestic violence, the often questionable fairness of the judicial system, and restrictions on women’s rights.

    Representatives of an American Web platform saw potential in Denise’s story. Protecting herself and her daughter from men’s fists, she killed her husband. Once in prison, mother adapts to the violent world of the colony.

    “The Magnificent Century

    Rating: 4.4

    The Magnificent Century

    With this series began the era of expansion of Turkish serials abroad. More than 200 million people watched it. Including in Russia. “The New York Times called it “Sex and the City in the Ottoman Period.”. The last series was released in 2014, but the classics with a rating of 8.2 out of 10 do not get old.

    TV hit immerses viewers in the reign of Suleiman I the Magnificent. The monarch’s grand destiny: from ascension to the throne to death. The Padishah lived in a bloody era of court intrigue and power wars. Another important historical factor was the battles. And in each season the quality of the battle scenes grew.

    Risen Ertugrul

    Rating: 4.3

    Risen Ertugrul

    Some film critics compared the adventure blockbuster to HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and praised the elaborate script. Others thought it was a political propaganda tool for President Erdogan and an independent Turkey rising from its knees.

    Even Maduro, the president of Venezuela, is interested in the historical hit. He wrote in his official account in the famous social network that during his visit to Turkey, he visited the pavilion where the series was filmed.

    The story of ruler Ertugrul Bey’s fate is on screen. He was the father of Osman I, who founded an empire named after him. Ertugrulus laid the prerequisites for the formation of a mighty empire.

    This son of a nomadic chieftain from the Oghuz tribe of the Kaya rushed out to create his own state. He was confronted by Templars, Mongols, and traitors among his own. Watching the development of the plot, viewers can learn the details of life of the Muslim Oghuz Turks in the thirteenth century.

    Knock on my door

    Rating: 4.2

    ♪ Knock on my door ♪

    In 2020 on FOX Turkiye, two romance series with big ratings competed. Both had time to show in prime time. In the end, “Knock On My Door” beat “Mr. Wrong.”. More than 20 million views of the project’s episodes on the official Youtube channel. And his rating is 8.7. What’s the gist of the scenario?

    Charming florist Eda Yildiz helps a relative in the flower store. Dreams of working as a landscaper and studying for the profession in Italy. The beauty is counting on a grant to pay for her education abroad. But funding has been curtailed.

    The dream of entering higher education was shattered by the head of a huge enterprise, Serkan Bolat. The heroine hates him. But, it turns out that the handsome businessman is innocent of abolishing the grant. A series of unexpected events causes them to pretend to be a couple in love. Soon feelings become real.

    Love me like this

    Rating: 4.1

    Love me like this

    Comedy melodrama about the problems of adaptation of citizens who moved to the metropolis from provincial cities or towns. The attention to this issue is partly due to the popularity of Turkish serials in Latin America, where the topic is hot and relevant.

    A parentless girl moves to the big city. Plans to live in her uncle’s apartment. In college classes she meets Omer, a humble student from a wealthy family. After a while they decide to get married, but the marriage is opposed by their families, who belong to different social classes.

    Dirty money and love

    Rating: 4.0

    Dirty Money and Love

    In many Turkish series, elements of melodrama are mixed with other genres. In this case, with a crime fighter. Let’s look at the plot of one of the most popular Turkish TV series in the world with a rating of 8.2 out of 10 from the site .

    Police Commissioner Omer is happy with his fiancée, who works as a teacher. They dream of getting married and having a family life. But one day a policeman goes to a crime scene and discovers the corpse of his lover in a stranger’s car. People in the salon have their heads blown off.

    The citizen in the car turns out to be a rich man and the father of a thriving jewelry designer, Elif. This girl wants to find out the secrets of a powerful daddy. She assists in the investigation with Omer, who wants revenge for the death of his fiancée.

    The course for development

    Netf executives

  • x announced the opening of their office center in Istanbul in 2021. The Minister of Culture and Tourism of the state noted that this is an important event for the Turkish film industry and the country’s image. State support and assistance of global Internet projects indicates the continued development of the industry in the country. The ranking of quality Turkish series will be updated.
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