Statement to the tax authorities: how to write, what rules to follow

You need to write an application to the tax service? I have never done that? Well, you only need to adhere to fairly simple rules, which we will try to tell you about.

When to write an application to the Federal Tax Service?

Application to the tax authorities

Many people think that by application to the Federal Tax Service means this or that complaint. But this is not really the case. The complaint is usually called that; in it you tell about the offense. As for the application, it is necessary to describe your request for certain rights. As stated in the Federal Law “On the Procedure for Considering Petitions of Citizens of the Russian Federation”, a petition must contain a request for assistance to realize one’s constitutional rights and freedoms or the same constitutional rights and freedoms of other citizens.

Here are the most popular reasons for writing an application to the Federal Tax Service:

  1. It is necessary to assign a TIN;

  2. Refund or credit of the amount of overpaid tax;

  3. The need to get a certificate of absence of debts to the state;

  4. The desire to receive a benefit to which you are fully entitled;

  5. Request for tax deferral or installment payment.

The Federal Tax Service is a fiscal body, so formalism thrives here. In this regard, the vast majority of applications here are submitted on special forms, and you should fill them out according to the appropriate instructions. Let’s start with this one.

General requirements

In your application you have to give exact and truthful information. Otherwise its consideration will be delayed or will not happen at all. Be sure to double-check the numeric data. There should not be any errors in all kinds of names, either. Codes should be used instead of some of these – for example, these are codes for types of tax operations and names of regions.

Pay close attention to the upper right-hand corner. Here you can find details of your tax office. Again, they must be error-free. It is possible to find out the details by visiting the corresponding service on the website – here it is enough to enter the registration address. This site will also help you find out how the tax office works.

In the header of the application, don’t forget to include detailed information about yourself. It should be your surname, first name, patronymic, passport data and your TIN. If you’ve forgotten your TIN, the website will help you again . At this time you should visit the section “Learn TIN”.

The application may be typed on a computer. This is the best option, allowing you to read the document as quickly as possible. But no one forbids filling in the sheet by hand. Especially if it is a special form, you may not use any other option. It is recommended to use a pen with black ink. And it is better to write it in block letters. In this case, when reading the document, there will definitely be no misunderstandings.

Some applications require a certified signature. If you are filling out the form at home, do not sign it yet. This should be done in the presence of a notary or a tax inspector. If you want to send the application by mail, you will need a notary’s visa.

As you have noticed, the rules for writing an application to the Federal Tax Service cannot be called complicated. Now let’s look at the most popular applications of this kind.

Application to a tax office

Statement for taxpayer identification number

Almost every Russian begins to interact with the Federal Tax Service by obtaining a TIN. To assign it to you, you need to write the appropriate application. Within the next five business days you must be registered.

We live in a world where the Internet has become very widespread. In this regard, it is not surprising that for the sake of obtaining TIN is not necessary to bother with paper documents. You can go to the website of the Federal Tax Service, where there is a convenient service with the appropriate form. All you have to do is fill it out, and then you have to wait five days for a response.

If you do not have a computer or a smartphone at your disposal, you will have to fill out form N 2-2-Record, which was approved by the order of the Russian Federal Tax Service in 2011. There is nothing complicated in filling it out. You will basically only be asked for your passport data and some other personal information. You don’t have to write anything of your own, you don’t have to notarize your signature. You can print out the form on any printer. You can also pick it up in the tax inspectorate itself, where you can also fill it out.

An application for a certificate of debt free status

If you intend to apply for a mortgage, you will be asked for a certificate of no debts to the state budget. It is a territorial tax authority that issues it. To be issued such a document, you will need to write the appropriate form. Or you can find a ready sample, which you can easily find on the global web.

If you are going to write such a statement by hand, you should indicate in the body of the statement: “I request to issue a statement on the current date of payment of taxes, fees and contributions. Of course, instead of the “current date”, you must substitute the date, month and year on which you are writing the application. Also, be sure to specify the way you want to receive the certificate – it can either be issued at a department of the Federal Tax Service or sent by mail. At the bottom of the application you should mention why you need the certificate.

Application for an exemption

In Russia there are a huge number of taxpayers who have the right to some kind of benefit. It is provided when paying transport, land or property tax. For example, people with disabilities of groups I and II, the heroes of Russia, military servicemen and, of course, pensioners can count on benefits. Tax allowances can also be introduced by local authorities. In particular, in some regions of our country tax benefits are provided to families with many children.

If you fall under the “fiscal amnesty”, then submit an application to the FTS for property tax relief. Again, to do this, you can find the appropriate sample online. You only need to enter your passport details and mark the type of benefit.

Since some time it is not necessary to fill out a paper form. You can get by with entering all the necessary data into the electronic form. To do this, you must go to a “Personal Cabinet” on the FTS website. Next, go to “Taxable Objects” section, and then go to “Application for Property Tax Relief” subsection.

Application for a refund or credit of taxes paid in excess

An application for a refund or a credit for an overpaid tax

Paying taxes can be a very bothersome and complicated experience. There’s a very likely scenario where you’re giving the state more than you should be. This can happen because of your oversight or suddenly changed circumstances that made you eligible for a refund. For example, an elderly person can pay full tax for his car, and then he finds out that he is entitled to a deduction. How do I get my money back?? None. But don’t be discouraged. There really won’t be a physical refund. But it is possible to get the excess transferred to the next year. It can also be transferred to another object of taxation or even another type of tax.

There are also times when you do not pay the full amount. So that the tax office has no claims against you, a request for a credit of the remaining amount is made in the same application.

To submit such an application requires a special form, a sample of which is easily found online. You can also receive it when you visit a tax inspectorate in person. Remember that taxes paid can only be recalculated for the last three years. If the overpayment was longer, there’s nothing you can do about it.

As with many of the applications discussed above, you can file this online, using the “Personal Office” on the Federal Tax Service’s website. If you haven’t set up an account yet, register. This process doesn’t take much time. Then you only have to perform the following actions:

Now you need to go to “Profile”, where you need to get a digital signature verification key certificate. This is done for free, and the process does not take much time. You are advised to keep your signature in a safe depository of the IRS.

Next, go to “Overpayments/Debt. Here you need to form an application for a refund or credit of overpaid tax by filling out a simple form. Do not forget to attach the necessary documents.

That’s it! You can wait for the decision of the NFS.

Application for a tax deduction

Now there are social, property, standard, professional and investment tax deductions. These words refer to the amount that reduces the calculation base when calculating personal income tax. On the website of the Federal Tax Service, you can find step-by-step instructions for drawing up absolutely all types of deductions, so any problems should not arise.

More often than not, people take a standard tax deduction. Usually it is granted to officially employed parents or guardians of a child who has not reached the age of 18. This tax deduction is commonly referred to as a “child deduction”. In most cases, the relevant application is filed by the employer. But it also happens that he does not want to do this. Or the income is not received through employment. In both of these cases, you can write an application to reduce taxation yourself.

It is also not uncommon to apply to the Federal Tax Service for a social tax deduction. It is granted for participation in charity, tuition, medical treatment and in some other cases.

The property tax deduction can be claimed if you buy land or real estate. Again, it is not for all categories of the population – check the FTS website for details.

So how do you apply for a tax deduction?? To do this, it is enough to fill out the appropriate form, approved by the order of the Federal Tax Service of February 14, 2017. On the website of the Federal Tax Service, which has already been mentioned, you can easily download a sample. There should be no difficulties, because the application only requires you to give your passport data and the reason for lowering the tax base. Don’t forget to attach copies of necessary documents, such as a child’s birth certificate.

Application for tax deferral or installment

As you know, in autumn it is necessary to pay property, transportation and land taxes. Usually the tax office even sends a letter reminding you of this. Sometimes, however, a person may not be able to pay the appropriate taxes. This can happen, for example, as a result of a natural disaster or an accident. A poor financial situation allows you to postpone or defer tax payments. To do this, you need to send the appropriate application to the Federal Tax Service.

To write an application for installment or deferred payment, you need to fill out the form, which is recommended in Appendix N1 to the procedure for changing the deadline for payment of taxes. You can easily find a sample online. In the form you should enter the desired installment length, the name of the tax, the amount and the grounds for granting you an installment or deferment.

Don’t be too happy that the Federal Tax Service is trying to help you. You will also have to pay some interest on top for using the deferment.

Make an appointment

Here, perhaps, are all the main reasons for writing an application to the tax office. If you think that you can not cope with the form, it is better to contact the nearest branch of the Federal Tax Service. It is better to make an appointment in advance. You only need to visit the relevant section of the Federal Tax Service’s website, which has already been mentioned above. At the reception, the tax inspector will not only provide you with the appropriate form for your case, but will also explain all the subtleties of filling it out.


Now you will not be afraid of writing a wrong application to the tax office. Strictly speaking, it is practically impossible. Normally, the FTS employees will consider carefully even those applications that are written in a different form from the traditional one. But we still recommend that you first download and print out the form that is appropriate for your application and then fill it out. This will significantly speed up the time it takes to review your application.

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