How to wash boxing gloves

Is it worth washing boxing gloves?? Many professional athletes are against it. Gloves can warp after getting wet, the inner filling and coating can be damaged. There is a risk that the sports outfit becomes unusable and must be replaced. But sometimes gloves get so dirty that it is impossible not to wash them.

We’ve prepared a list of tips to help you take good care of your boxing gloves.

Rules for washing boxing gloves

Boxing gloves do not tolerate prolonged contact with water. Such products are made of several layers and have a filler inside to soften shocks. Moisture can cause clumps and the gloves may no longer be shock-absorbent.

Always wear bandages under your gloves: they are highly absorbent and keep out sweat, and take minimal time to dry.

Attention !To keep your gloves clean less often, wash them as often as possible – preferably after each session. And airing them out after training will prevent a tart odor.

You must not use a normal washing powder: granules will get stuck in the material and in the padding, and even a thorough rinse will not get rid of them. Liquid gels are a suitable option. If you do not have any, use baby liquid soap or sulfate-free shampoo.

How to wash boxing gloves

How to wash boxing gloves by hand

Soak the gloves gently in water of up to 30°C for approximately 1-2 hours. If the temperature is too low or too high, there is a risk of cracking the skin. Try to keep water out of the drum.

Use a soft brush to get rid of dirt on the inside. A soft sponge is ideal for outside stains. For difficult soiling (e.g. blood stains), soak a cotton pad in peroxide and wipe the gloves with it.

After washing, tap your gloves against each other to make all liquid drain out. No wringing or twisting.

The glove filler is prone to “pile-up”. If they are not straightened out after the drying process, the outfit must be changed because it is not safe for your health to use them.

How to wash boxing gloves in a machine

It is strongly not recommended to wash such items in a washing machine. Leather can become cracked or damaged, and genuine leather can lose its initial appearance and become deformed. Also gloves are prone to shrinkage.

Washing gloves in a machine is advisable only if washing them manually and thoroughly airing them out does not help. But beware: even after one wash in the machine there is a chance you will have to buy new gloves.

To protect the gloves, place them in a wash bag or plain pillowcase and only then place the outfit in the drum.

Wash on gentle cycle with water temperature between 20 and 30°C. Turn off the spin function. To get rid of unpleasant odor, it is allowed to use conditioner.

Warning!Washing in the machine does not destroy pathogenic bacteria. The gloves must be disinfected additionally.

For disinfection, antibacterial agents that are designed for shoes are suitable: they will cost less and their composition is the same as that of agents specifically for boxing gloves:

  1. Collonil:Spray effectively removes odors, is economical to use, and is versatile;

  2. “The Touch: An antimicrobial and antiseptic spray, prevents germs from reproducing;

  3. Salamander: antibacterial spray, prevents unpleasant odors and the development of microorganisms;

  4. Cilven:Has an antimicrobial, antibacterial effect;

  5. No Stink: Deodorant pads absorb moisture inside your boxing gloves, kill bacteria.

How to dry boxing gloves

Once the washing is done, let the water drain on its own. Do not wring the gloves or twist them. Densely stuff the gloves with newspapers so that all liquid escapes from the inner layers. Then use a hair dryer or electric dryer, and hang the product to air out.

Dry the gloves outside, on a balcony or in a ventilated room. If the products are not dried well enough, mold may develop in them. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Also, do not place them on a hot radiator.

Boxing gloves can take several days to dry.

After drying, you can soften the glove skin with castor oil, glycerin or a special product for treating this surface. Do not use gutaline and wax sponges, as they leave marks on the skin of the other person.

The gloves should be dried after each workout, even if you use bandages. Stuff the gloves with clumps of paper (e.g. old newspapers) – they will absorb the liquid. Talcum powder is also a good way to remove moisture from the inside.

How to get rid of sweat smell

There are 5 ways to quickly eliminate the unpleasant smell inside the products:

  1. Cold. Place gloves in a bag, then place in freezer for 6-8 hours. Minimal temperatures will destroy pathogenic bacteria. Then hang the gloves on the balcony or leave them in a ventilated area. Do not “freeze” the outfit too often – otherwise the natural skin will deteriorate;

  2. Apple cider vinegar. Put cotton pads soaked in apple cider vinegar in the gloves for 2 hours. Next, air the gloves on the balcony for 2 days;

  3. Antibacterial Spray. Sold in sporting goods stores. Apply to glove interior and exterior. You may need to repeat the procedure 3-4 times to eliminate the sweat smell.

  4. Tea bags.After your workout, place tea bags or dried plants such as oak bark, lavender, or mint in both gloves.

  5. May also be usedantibacterial spray, deodorant. Leave the gloves to dry on the balcony overnight.

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