How to remove the sticker from your clothes

A print on a t-shirt or shirt does not always seem appropriate. Even if you initially like the sticker, over time it can become annoying or significantly irreparable, affecting the entire look of the garment.

We have prepared a list of recommendations, following which you will be able to remove any print on your clothes.

How to remove a thermal sticker from clothes

Types of stickers

There are four types of stickers:

  1. Thermal Adhesive Sticker. It is hard, so should not be ironed. A thermal sticker has a pattern with many tones and halftones. Under the image you can not distinguish the relief of the fabric;

  2. Thermal printing. Such patterns are less dense, and you can see the texture of the fabric through them;

  3. Image on the fabric;

  4. Vinyl applique. Such stickers are loose, two-color, and you can easily distinguish the texture of the material through them.

The type of sticker determines how to remove it. It is easiest to remove if the sticker is new.

If the fabric is drawn with an alcohol-based marker, remove the sticker with alcohol. Vegetable oil is used to remove the fat-based paint.

There are thermal sticker removers available at specialty stores. If you don’t have one, use home remedies to remove unwanted designs.

Ways to remove the sticker from your clothes with your own hands


Lay out the garment with the sticker on a flat surface, placing paper sheets under the picture on both sides. Heat the iron to maximum temperature and iron the garment with it until the sticker transfers to the paper. When moving the iron, observe the borders of the image, but do not overstep them. If overprinted, the fabric will be dyed.

An ironing process is also suitable for rubber stickers. Turn the garment inside out and heat the desired spot firmly using gauze. Without waiting for the glue to cool, remove the sticker.

If the clothes are made of fabrics that do not tolerate high temperatures, use a hair dryer instead of an iron. A white cotton garment would look great in this environment, it would begin to turn yellow when pressed with an iron. Set the hair dryer on maximum mode and place it next to the fabric. From such a flow of air, the sticker will begin to fall off – then try to remove it.

Finally, you can use the steam from an iron. It will soften the sticker and make it easier to remove later.

Read what’s written on the label before heating the garment. If subjecting clothes to high temperatures, not provided for a particular material, the fabric will be ruined – for example, polyester melts at high temperature.


Place the garment in the freezer for 2-3 hours. Low temperature will destroy the surface of the pattern, which will begin to peel off. Then scrape it off the garment-do it gently but quickly.


Place your garment in the drum and select high temperature mode. The heat will begin to soften the adhesive backing of the image, after which you can easily remove the sticker.

Scotch tape

Glue the tape firmly to the image for a couple of minutes, then quickly and forcefully peel it off. You may have to repeat these steps 3 or 4 times to completely remove the sticker.

Warning!Do not apply the adhesive tape to materials that warp and stretch easily.

How to remove a thermal sticker from clothes

Washing in hot water

The method is optimal for denim and cotton clothes. You can do it both by hand and in the machine. In both cases, set the water temperature to the maximum.

If using a manual method it is a good idea to use laundry soap. Soak the garment in hot water for 30 minutes with plenty of soapy water. After a half hour, immediately rinse the garment under running warm water. One part of the sticker will come off immediately, but the other part will only come off after repeating this procedure.

Once the garment dries, you may see some of the sticker remnants. Use the blunt side of a knife to remove them.


The method is suitable for white garments made of semi-synthetic and natural fabrics. Soak the pattern in it and leave the garment to soak for 3 hours. Next wash them by hand or in a machine.

It may be necessary to repeat the procedure if the first time the pattern was only partially removed.

Medical Alcohol

This is a universal method: it is suitable for many types of clothes. It can be used to remove inscriptions that are made with paint or a special marker. Do not use on synthetic fabrics, as you will get an ugly looking hole in the print.


  1. Soak a foam rubber sponge in alcohol, then soak the image in it;

  2. Wait until the garment is completely dry;

  3. Wash the garment with laundry soap and warm running water.

Then do another wash.

Peanut Butter

This oil has a unique composition which is destructive to the adhesive structure. Apply a generous layer of oil to the design and gently rub it into the image. Wait 10 to 15 minutes until the product is completely absorbed and then wash the garment in the washing machine, adding as much powder as possible.


Moisten the soiled area with detergent and leave the garment to soak for 4-5 hours. During this time, the gel will be completely absorbed into the sticker.

Then place the garment in the washing machine drum and wash it.

Any other dish detergent can be used instead of Fairy.

Warning!One method may not be enough to remove the sticker from your clothes. Experiment with several methods at once – that way you will get rid of unnecessary drawings faster and more effectively.

How to get rid of the glue residue

Once the sticker is removed, traces of the adhesive can remain on the clothing. Use these methods to eliminate them:

  1. acetone or thinner;

  2. Alcohol, lotion and other products based on it;

  3. vegetable oil.

If traces are left of the vinyl sticker, wipe the place where it was applied with vinegar.

To avoid ruining a t-shirt or other item of clothing, dab the product of your choice on an inconspicuous area of fabric and check the results.

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