Maclaren Mark II stroller

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Maclaren Mark II stroller characteristics

Overall performance

Recommended ageFrom 6 months to 3 years old
Maximum weight for a child15 kg
Weight of the stroller3.2 kg

The design of the chassis

Folding mechanismcane
Number of wheels8, front and rear dual
Swivel front wheels/wheelYes, with the ability to lock
Diameter wheels11.40 cm
Cushioning systemsprings
shopping cartis, mesh
Adjustable handle heightno
Handle / carrying strapthere’s


Seat beltsis, five-point
The bar in front of the babyNo


The carrierno
Accessoriessun visor
Hood materialfabric
Stable assembled positionno

Maclaren Mark II stroller reviews

Advantages:Lightweight and comfortable
Disadvantages:Satisfied with the stroller, specifically lightweight for traveling. About the wheels getting dirty on the hood, you just have to wait for the click and then they won’t get dirty. For a one year old or older child, the hood covers the sun. As the main stroller probably will not be very comfortable, t.k. All aspire to and the backrest was firm, and the wheel more, and a basket roomy. But for flying and traveling, it’s perfect. Happy for now.

Ridge Eve

Advantages:Weight, shock absorption, maneuverability, ease of operation, basket
Disadvantages:no.but if you’re picky, the wheels dirty the hood
Disadvantages:Always thought McLaren was pompous and not worth the money.My opinion has changed after buying a child Mark II, better stroller than this I did not have, although the appearance does not tell: look flimsy design, the fabric is thin, the basket of small.but this is only in appearance.In fact: not flimsy, not thin and the basket is roomy enough.rides almost by himself with my 12 Kilogram son, folds and unfolds in one motion, weighs nothing, everything can be removed for laundry, great cushioning on all wheels, curbs are overcome with ease.Very happy with both me and the baby (loved it himself to ride), although it is our first walking stick and to strollers of this type I was very skeptical.Don’t regret it.Besides, if there is a factory defect (as some people write) there is an official factory warranty, the British for their quality are responsible))

Yelena Ipatova

Advantages:Weight, no rattle, not flimsy.
Disadvantages:Uncomfortable seatbelt buckle, baby sits slouching.
Disadvantages:The actual weight is higher than stated, my home scales show 4.9 kg. You’ll have a hard time fastening the straps, very uncomfortable lock, and it’s easy to undo, I think the child will quickly learn to undo on their own. The stroller is quiet, no rattling. Handles comfortably at 175 cm tall. Pretty lightweight, a grown up child is always running somewhere, and if necessary, I just lift the stroller with one hand and run for a baby up the stairs, escalator or somewhere else. Basket is not large, but easily accessible. The shovels and scoops are easy to put in / take out. I put a bag on the handles, if you put there only mittens, hat, scarf, an empty stroller does not roll over, stands well. Convenient center of gravity, driving up to the curb only pushing on the handles, no need to push with your foot. I think the price is overpriced because of the brand, bought in February 15. For 8640 p., I would not buy it more expensive.

Solovieva Julia

Advantages:Cushioning, weight, ease of operation
Disadvantages:after two months of use with a child 11 kg the seat had a seam split at the joint between the mesh material and the base fabric of the stroller. Unfortunate combination of materials, NET and threads on the seat ? Of course the mesh started to separate into fibers and at some point the seam just came apart.
Disadvantages:do not recommend. The stroller is comfortable, but not reliable. 8500 down the drain, and don’t know if it will be accepted under warranty or if I’ll just have to throw it away

gracheva anastasia

Advantages:– Very light, yet high quality and strong: it’s a rare combination. – High handles (my height is 175, I’m very comfortable). – Cushioning on all 4 wheels – here you just have to compare once with the usual rattlers to understand that it really works. And this characteristic is unique among analogues. – Toy basket – this is also a rarity among lightweight strollers. – It’s convenient for a baby – he just sits and sometimes falls asleep, climbs in and out by himself (the low step allows) and plays in it, rolls it by herself. – Important little thing: a good lock when folding. It’s sturdy, but it buckles and unbuckles quickly and easily, on cheap lightweight models you usually have to break a couple of fingernails and pinch something to unfasten the stroller. In general, the stroller folds and unfolds very easily and pleasantly.
Disadvantages:There are rather peculiarities: – counted on the fact that due to the McLaren center of gravity, I can lift the front wheels on the curbs, just by pushing on the handles of the stroller. It doesn’t work, you have to help with your foot by pushing the lever from behind.
Disadvantages:We hadn’t seen it in person before buying it, but as soon as we got it we knew we hadn’t made a mistake. It’s a great option for kids who are getting older. Top lightweight – partly due to the fact that there is no mechanism for reclining into a sleeping position, so I write that for grown-ups. If you settle for the price (and quality, respectively) – then the Mark2 can compete only with the ultralight Aprica. But they are even more expensive :)

Presnova Tatiana

Disadvantages:The wheels dirty the hood, the straps aren’t overlaid, the color is orange and vivid, and the interior is soft and warm
Disadvantages:Was given as a summer option. Very lightweight. Unfolds in 5 seconds (you can do it with 1 hand but it’s better with 2 hands). The seat hammock, the hood is big, but the child is 76 cm tall is not protected from the sun, just covers the head, and the eyes hurt if the child will cover a little higher. Rides easily, but one hand control hard, any curbs are overcome without clinging. The color orange is bright and beautiful, the wheels are rubberized. All mechanisms work fine.

Olya Subbotina

Advantages:Super light weight, cool design, comfortable handles
Disadvantages:Drove the maclaren quest denim today, and couldn’t resist riding the new maclaren Marc II that appeared . I like it. If not our fleet of strollers, I would have taken it and! Bright colors, super lightweight!!! If comparing the volo and the Marc II, I would take the Marc !!! My husband could hardly drag me away from it! I like it very much in the orange color! Yes, the backrest doesn’t recline, and it’s not a hard seat, but it’s not tasked with sleeping and long walks either. The seat is a tight and breathable fabric, and I thought it was not as hammock-like as the Volo. The only downside for me is the price. And in general a fashionable summer stroller!))

User has hidden his data

Advantages:Weight, a large hood
Disadvantages:A summer version only, but I’m not sure if the little wheels would work on the beach, for example.
Disadvantages:I saw the stroller “live” at the show, compared to the other Macs the material is kind of strange, thin, I do not know how it is waterproof. The stroller feels a little flimsy. If choosing between it and Volo – personally, I would take Volo.

Titovich Eugenia

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