Razer Kraken Pro

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Razer Kraken Pro features

Main parameters

Type of headphonesfull-size
Gaming headsetYes
Frequency of playback20 – 20000 Hz
Impedance32 ohm
Sensitivity110 dB
Maximum power50 mW
Weight293 g


Mounting the microphonemoving
Directionality of the microphonedirectional


Type of acoustic enclosureclosed
Type of mountingHeadband
Diameter of the diaphragm40mm
Cable connectionone-way


Connection typewith wire
Connector2 x mini jack 3.5 mm
Cable length1.3 m
Extension cable includedCheck out
Extension cable length2 m


Neodymium magnetsCheck out
More infoCompatible with mobile devices

Reviews on the Razer Kraken Pro

Advantages:Best model for its price. Good sound, normal microphone with no background or noise, fits nicely on your ears.
Disadvantages:Except that the cord could be better, on the mouse and keyboard from razer it is protected, here is the usual.
Disadvantages:This is my second time buying a kraken, the first lasted almost 4 years, then began to fall apart. Tested in the same price range HyperX cloud, the sound is worse (at least for me), the microphone has a background mechanical noise. Overall, if you take them for gaming\listening to music/movies, best of all in this price range.

Maslikov Vova

Advantages:I liked the softness of the ear cushions, sound, bass is pleasantly balanced to my non-professional eyes and ears.
Disadvantages:Not found in 3 years of use.
Disadvantages:3 years of gaming, 3 years of music, 3 years of unforgettable emotions, and now, after 3 years, the sound in one earphone became quieter and the bass became like a buzzing in a pipe, my fault, if I had not accidentally pulled the wire for the hundredth time of use, everything would be great, and I would have used it even more and would have had no problems, maybe I just got lucky with the model, maybe something else, but the outcome is the same, I had fun while using it, I do not know what model is listed here, but I have a model year 2013.

The user has withheld their information

Advantages:Good sound
Disadvantages:My ears start to hurt after an hour of use
Disadvantages:Lived 3 years and were worn carefully, the skin on the headband did not come off, even thought about it, but unfortunately, or fortunately broke 2 speaker

User suppressed his info

Advantages:Headphones for fans of action games, bass music and action movies. They sound good. Long extension cord, you can sit on the couch at night and watch movies
Disadvantages:After a couple of years the headband frayed a little, but not critical
Disadvantages:Not for audiophiles, but for those who like bass. Worth 3 grand and something at the time

User suppressed his data

Disadvantages:Sound Cushion wire
Disadvantages:Bought 3 years ago for 10k, not worth their money.

Alexey Kolevatov

Disadvantages:Bass is not bass, it’s some kind of hum, there is no fat or density in the bass, probably will be fine only in games where something bangs, and that is doubtful, to listen to music is not suitable, but these headphones take for everything.
Disadvantages:At work and at home I always used only Senkha and Acq models in the range from 50 to 200 dollars. The sound was different in all of them, but not as much as it is different in these Krakens, and all of them were quite decent and if I had to turn the equalizer sliders, it was one frequency and it was necessary to shift a millimeter.I never thought that for this price it could sound so awful. I got these for free, and as they say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but this is not the case. Although if you tinker with the equalizer can make a pretty good and balanced sound, but I had to twist 3 sliders to maximum down, another 3 to ~1/3 and half, it’s epic. For such a price the sound should be initially balanced.

User suppressed his info

Advantages:– Microphone design; – High noise isolation; – High margin of safety (in 2 years the microphone plastic broke without affecting performance. Otherwise all intact, with active use “always with me”) .
Disadvantages:– The sound; – The ear cushions are so tight that when you press on the headphone (leaning against the wall with your head for example) it becomes very painful to the eardrum, as if you hit your ear; – The first time my head pressed hard, then they spread out; – Excessive bass begins to hurt your head after half an hour.
Disadvantages: Solid disappointment with over 2 years of purchase. The bass is too much! Overpriced. I just bought them and immediately turned the bass on the equalizer to almost zero, and added the middle and top. Because of the constant humming, even in those places where it should not be a headache. Play in them hard, the movie can still watch, music – better not even try. If you have decided on this model, listen to the sound before you buy them.

Romanovich Michael

Advantages:I do not know what they write all sorts of e..Visitors to the Chinese market, and where they got their headphones, but I have not caused any negative emotions in almost three years. They have survived my flashy temper as well, fell down often, the leatherette started to crumble not too long ago, the sound was great.
Drawbacks:wire. Wire consists of two parts, the second splits at the end of the headphones and a microphone.The two cords can be disconnected, and then the headphones can still be used, but without a microphone. The second part of the wire, split, very quickly failed, but I was not upset, because the microphone in my headphones, I do not use.
Disadvantages:The headphones are worth their money and leave behind only positive emotions.

Wolf Dark

Advantages:1) Stylish appearance (separate from the head) 2) Great sound in games 3) Extendable microphone 4) Noise cancellation 5) Connecting to both PC and smartphone 6) Decent volume range
Disadvantages:1) They look awful on the head itself 2) The headphones are not for listening to music or watching movies, t.k. Bass significantly dominates even with proper adjustment 3) Microphone pulls on 2/5. For this price could be better 4) leather ear cushions make my ears sweaty in summer 5) terribly uncomfortable. After an hour of use my ears start to hurt 6) Price. The Razer Kraken Pro doesn’t deserve that kind of money. The maximum is 1000-2000 rubles, no more
Disadvantages:Been using the krakens since 2015. During this time the leather ear cushions and the cord have already managed to break. Using the headphones carefully, but even that didn’t help. For this price the headphones should have survived to three to five years, but in the end after two years of use have already begun to decay. If you want headphones for music, the Krakens are definitely not for you. Even my mouthpiece for 700 rubles sound better than these full-size headphones for 4000-6000. If you want to play, take anything but the Kraken. Bottom line: headphones more disappointed than pleased. Better take some Sennheiser, A4tech or Platronics.

Vireat Onvi

Advantages:Great bass Noise isolation Retractable microphone Sound 7.1 (it’s a pity that through the prog)
Disadvantages:Lack of volume control on the cord (not critical for me)
Disadvantages:Great bass. Bought in the style of WOT with bonus code. Great sound for games, movies, music. After 2 years the headband is only chipped, but everything is normal. Wore them even in winter, in sub-zero temperatures, and everything is great. Dropped a couple of times, though from a small height, and it works.

Gumelev alexander

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