Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

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Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 features

Main parameters

Type of headphonesfull-size
Gaming headsetyes
Frequency of playback20 – 20000 Hz


Type of microphonecondenser/electretentive
Noise cancelling microphonethere
Microphone mountingmovable
Turn off the microphoneis
Microphone DirectionalityDirectional

The design

Type of acoustic designenclosed
Mounting typeHeadband
Diaphragm diameter40mm
Foldable designyes


Type of connectionwireless

Wireless headsets

Data channelradio channel
Wireless headset range12 m


Battery life10 ch
Charging time2.5 ch


Surround soundthere is
Volume controlIt is
Neodymium magnetshave
Other InfoVolume control on the headphone

Reviews for Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Advantages:Great sound, long battery life, height adjustment. Really 7.1


Advantages:Macros, sound quality, battery life, design, Logitech support.
Disadvantages:Near the microwave is on, the connection is lost, even if the microwave is behind the wall
Disadvantages:I have had as many as 3 headsets in a year! I gave it as a birthday present to myself and two friends and they are happy with it so far. A friend’s PC is located near the kitchen, and when someone warms food in the microwave, the connection is lost, so far the problem has not been solved. Otherwise, however, everything else is great! I used to have a voice changer, but Logitech was sued and it was removed, but by writing to tech support, they gave me a link to an old version of the program, where it was still possible to change the voice! I’d like to thank them for that in particular!

Tsvetkov Roman

Advantages:Good range and battery life (10-12 hours lasts without much trouble; punches through 2 walls) Functional keys (you can hang push-to-talk, for example, and talk from anywhere) Good sound and microphone Work with the battery connected, even if the battery is still dead
Disadvantages:Battery replacement – can not be done without a screwdriver. Well, we can only hope that the batteries will still be manufactured by the time it’s time to replace them The charge indication in the application is very rough
Disadvantages:As a wireless headset is almost perfect for me. As headphones in my unsophisticated opinion are also very good, although true audiophiles are unlikely to be satisfied (and they in general can be satisfied with anything?). Fanatical gamers may miss some of the features that are in wired headsets. I recommend it to everyone else.

Ivanov Alex

Advantages:Convenient, good sound, range.Does not lose connection.
Disadvantages:Probably not.

Vadim Avanesyan

Disadvantages:I originally used this wired model. It was cheaper, but it still broke off one ear once, but that’s my bad. I decided to buy the same model, but wireless. I was amazed by the Dolby Digital feature and could not imagine playing atmospheric games without it. I’ve had this model for 5 years now. I use them daily. I want to say that if you have a choice between these headphones and others, you can not bother yourself and stop dreaming about better models. I bought them when they cost 20k and I don’t regret the money spent. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Ruslan Morozov

Advantages:Great sound, intuitive software, good fit on the head, comfortable buttons and microphone, soft-touch plastic, autonomy and most importantly great range even through concrete walls without interference.
Disadvantages:The quality of materials is inadequate. Plastics are good in some places, but some elements (plastic plugs in the place of fastening to the rim) went through cracks after half a year of use. Handled them very carefully, didn’t help. The pad material is terrible, cheap leatherette which has worn off after 2 years of use. Acum died in 3 years.
Disadvantages:Overall I was happy with the headphones, they are worth the money (I bought them for 6500r). The quality of materials could have been better. I don’t want to fix it, it seems that their time has come. I wouldn’t buy them for the second time, 10k for these headphones is too much.

Vladimir Sorokin

Advantages:Great sound.
Disadvantages:The most disgusting headphones that could be purchased. The most disappointing thing is that they are not cheap for headphones. – Disgusting plastic – over time, just cracks and splits, helps only ten skeins of duct tape – Disgusting quality of the beacon – headphones shut off with enviable consistency (EVEN IF CONNECTED WIRELESS) – interference with WiFi and other wireless devices. Nothing helps with this. The manufacturer has not corrected the problem (it’s been 3 years since I bought it). – Cushions even though they were nice, eventually fell off, it happened soon enough. The WORST thing to send is exactly the problem with constant disconnects and the occasional “growl” instead of sound. Positioning this device as a gaming headphones you get trash, try playing any online game when you have every 10 minutes consistently randomly turn off the headphones for 10-20 seconds. Headphones suck. I expected better from Logetech, I have always bought peripherals from this very manufacturer. They really make garbage and don’t tell you anything about the defects.

User suppressed his information

Advantages:Good sound, good microphone, comfortable fit.

Pavel Sukhorukov

Advantages:Fastening is tight. The fabric is just as intact, nothing rubs off after a year of use. Very comfortable for a large head. Sound switches from saround sound and back again. The sound quality is excellent. No cord and corded is the same. Adjustable to any head size. Noise cancellation microphone is great. No pressure and sits well. They don’t make my ears tired after 9 hours of sitting.
Disadvantages:Can disconnect for 2sec to reconnect at long range, which makes sense.

Pouches Patrick

The merits:– Great sound (I’m not a music lover, but I think the sound is great). – Two-way communication throughout the apartment (before the G930 used H800, the latter at a greater distance had problems with the microphone, the caller heard the terrible crackling). – Autonomy (even after 2 years works fine for 7-8 hours). – Sits comfortably on your head.
Drawbacks:– After 2 years it became glitchy (occasionally loses connection for 2-3 seconds., Sometimes while charging spontaneously turns on, however, the company has compensated these minuses to me) – After 2 years, there were cracks on the right speaker bracket. – Tight on/off button./off.
Disadvantages:A great headset from a great company. Wondering if you should buy it or not? To take, definitely take!!! The disadvantages are there, without them there is nowhere. However, about the glitches and cracks, I contacted the company’s tech support and they, in less than 2 weeks, sent a new headset for replacement. Isn’t that a WARRANTY??

Gumerov Nail

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