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HyperX Cloud Core features

Basic parameters

Headphone typefull-size
Gaming Headsetyes
Playback Frequency15 – 25000 Hz
Impedance60 ohm
Sensitivity98 dB
Maximum power150 mW
Harmonic coefficient2 %
Weight320 g


Type of microphonecondenser/electretentive
Microphone AttachmentMovable
Microphone impedance2200 ohm
Microphone sensitivity-39 dB
Microphone frequency range50 – 18000Hz
Microphone shutdownthere
Microphone Directionalitydirectional


Type of acoustic designclosed
Mounting typeheadband
Diameter diaphragm53 mm
Cable connectionone-way
Removable Microphoneis


Type of connectionwith wire
Connector2 x mini jack 3.5 mm
The shape of the connectordirect
Gold plated connectorsthere is
Cable length1 m
Extension cable includedThere are
Extension cable length2 m


Neodymium magnetsthere
Additional infoCompatible with PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and mobile devices

Reviews for HyperX Cloud Core

Advantages:Good sound I like it
Disadvantages:did not find
Disadvantages:all ok

Chuprakova Elena

Advantages:Good sound, price, quality, materials
Disadvantages:Super headphones

Perlov Dmitriy

Advantages:High quality build.
Disadvantages:1. Incorrect sound construction!!! 60 ohms – the sound is tight, muffled not balanced 2. Uses a single mini jack 3.5 both for microphone and sound. This is a bad solution that worsens the sound. 3 Meter long cable connected to anything gives out more or less, bearable sound, but the extension cord (aka adapter to 2 mini jack 3.5) on the contrary reduces the sound quality. 4 headphones can not reach their potential when paired with an expensive sound card. They rest on a meter long 4 wire mini jack 3.5 and that’s it. 5 Are these headphones suitable for consoles? for Dual Shock 4?. Because of too high resistance in 60 ohms, to play just is not comfortable. 5 I can 100% assure you that it is a piece of junk!!! Buy a normal headset from Creative .and Zenheiser.
Disadvantages:Heard a lot about these headphones. Got interested, bought for the PS4 console. Beautiful wrapping, shoddy sound, the frequencies do not correspond to reality!!! Microphone is average . I have an asus Orion Pro also for console and PC. And it is a head over the sound, although it does not look as spectacular. Do not fall for “youtubechik”, “Goblins”, and “tru bloggers” reviewers. I’m not talking about the little things and picky about these headphones. They do sound unpleasant.

Rodion Shumov

Advantages:From the design, usability and assembly to the sound quality and recording, everything is top notch!!!)))
Disadvantages:There are simply no downsides)))
The flaws:Best gaming headset!!! Take it, don’t spare the money, it’s worth it! :-)

Khvaroshcha Alexey

Disadvantages:Very comfortable, my ears do not hurt after wearing the headphones for a long time. The sound is very good, the bass is good. + good price.
Disadvantages:In video games can not hear the steps (but it can be corrected).
Disadvantages:Cool red logo)

Stepanov Philip

Advantages:The model is not bad, but for the amateur: I advise you to try to put it on your head before buying
Disadvantages:Sometimes I lose sound in the right earphone
Disadvantages:The model is not bad, for games like CS:GO; CALL OF DUTY and The witcher 3 is great

Denis Ryapolov

Advantages:The quality of construction and the materials themselves Sound (about him separately below)
Disadvantages:Exactly for me they are not. It meets and exceeds the announced specs. I think there is only one disadvantage, and that is for people who have a very big head – the headband size is not enough. If possible it is worth trying them on in a store.
Disadvantages:Before these gypers I had the old Qusiber Dragon and after buying a new PC I decided to upgrade my ears as well. t.k. Lately I’ve been into online shooters, where one of the important parameters for me is good positioning in the games. Also wanted to enjoy the music in full. Originally I was counting on the budget of 15-20k.r. Looked at all the top gaming options, touted reviewers, streamers, eSportsmen. Mainly looked at options with built-in SC, that is, with a yusb port connection. After scouring the information on various forums (mostly audiophile) I realized that all these 7.1 i 5.1 Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround and the rest of the game-plus stuff, in essence, the hardware emulation and the best and best choice would be a bunch of RCA (sound card) with the ears with mini-jack 3 connection.5 (without my ZK). Choosing a gaming sound card (6k.r.) and these headphones (5K.I got such a perfect sound and positioning that there was no limit to my joy. I tried it on my desktop PC (my mother is msi z170 m3 gaming) not bad either, but better with discrete PC. I ended up with a sound that is superior to any gaming option in the neighborhood of 20k . The bottom line is. Comrades! Don’t be fooled by advertisers and other PR pushing expensive options with a built-in sound card. Get the time tested ears (the sound may be 2.0) and a sound card, may you be happy! For these headphones in particular a solid five.

User suppressed his info

Advantages:The headset is super.There is not much in the way of music. Disadvantages: With these headphones even I can hear the difference between 192bit/s and 320bit/s. I don’t know, before I had akg ones not very expensive, when I turned these on I was blown away, even didn’t think the ears can play that way,.Very good treble detail, great bass. In games the positioning is excellent: you clearly know where the enemy in the shooters.Very convenient split wire – disconnect – insert into iPad – listen to music. By the way, the iPad plays great despite the fact that high-impedance.I would also add: after several years of use this headset is undamable and looks like new (I played with it often).Nothing rubbed, torn, or broken.
Disadvantages:Perhaps too much high frequencies in the music, but it’s primarily a gaming headset, not an audiophile headset.
Disadvantages:Using and with asus sound card.

oaky glory

Advantages:Convenience-I’ve changed a lot of headphones and very often had a problem with the feel of the headphones on my head. This is the only headphone in which I do not feel any discomfort, keeping them on for 8-10 hours straight Quality – I use them every day for over a year, no problems at all, even the coating on the ear cushions are not rubbed Microphone – excellent sound quality Sound – honestly, I’m no audiophile, so deep description can not make, but the sound quality I have not the slightest complaint. With these headphones even I can hear the difference between 192kbps and 320kbps
Disadvantages:I have not found any

Melnikov Artyom

Advantages:Sound Microphone Visual style Material quality Price, especially in China
Disadvantages:The cable is plugged through the adapter, they could make two separate cables, it would be a little more convenient, but that’s more of a quibble than a real disadvantage. Sometimes hot in the summer.
Disadvantages:Very good headphones and as a gaming headset and for listening to music well fit, which I can not say about other gaming headphones. Recommended for purchase!

Grigory Mikhaylov

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