Wrench: what it is and how to use?

Recently and in production, and houses began to use more advanced techniques. So, very often wrenches are already used instead of wrench keys, because with them not only work faster, but it is easier to cope with large volumes of work.

What it is?

Such an apparatus is a device for working with different connections and threaded. With it, they can be unscrewed and twisted. In fact, it is an improved wrench. His scheme is quite simple. The wrench reminds a bit like a screwdriver, it looks like its shape on a gun with a slightly elongated body, within which all major nodes are located. In addition, such an aggregate has excellent characteristics. It consists of a torque element, and also has the rapid speed, rechargeable or electrical charging frequency.

Each it is responsible for certain functions, namely:

  • Facing – Metal wrench made, sometimes of polymers; The housing itself combines parts, as well as nodes into a single integer;
  • The drive is also hydraulic, and electric, and mechanical;
  • Power amplifier – is intended to increase torque;
  • The output shaft – ensures reliability in keeping the head.

Weight depends directly because it will use it. So, such small tools will be suitable for homework, which will weigh no more than 3 kilograms. However, for more professional works there are models with two handles. They are more massive.

Any wrench do so that they are comfortable to use, so even a large professional model is still suitable for comfortable work.

Pros and cons

Like any technique, the wrench has the advantages and disadvantages that must be familiar with. It is worth starting from the first. Such tools are fairly easy to use. They can be used in different fields of activity, even in field conditions. Wrench facilitate work in many ways, especially where the usual wrench no longer helps. Almost every person, even inexperienced, can cope with such a tool. The disadvantage can be called the fact that most of these tools are different in that they cannot be adjusted by the frequency. As well as some models work with a large vibration, which gives a load on the hands of hands, and this eventually can lead to diseases of the joints, if you often use a wrench.


The use of this technique is quite varied. His appointment itself is laid in the title, that is, it was created in order to be able to cope quite quickly with twist, as well as unscrewing nuts. It is intended for use both in everyday life and professionals. Most often it takes to work with large designs, for example, with work on machines or over large tunnels. In this case, it will be necessary to work not only qualitatively, but also quickly. It is for such a work that the wrench is suitable. It is used to connect and turning the nuts, bolts, reinforced degraders and anchors, as well as for tightening different connections in cars and in different industries.

What is the difference from the screwdriver?

Many believe that differences practically do not exist and the wrench is only a kind of screwdriver. However, in fact, this is not at all and the differences between these two tools are available. As mentioned above, the woofer is a tool that serves to twist and unscrewing elements with thread. It is used in places where nuts rusted and practically not unscrewed. In addition, it easily copes with the twisting of the nuts in particularly difficult places.

The screwdrity is such a tool, with which you can not only screw different screws, but also screws, and different elements of fasteners. It can be additionally used as a drill. As well as in contrast to the wrench, the screwdriver has a rod with a special wrench, which allows it to cope with the necessary tasks. In addition, wimels have a greater power, weight, as well as size.


If we talk about the types of wrench, they can be divided into shock and unstressed tools. It is worth considering these major varieties in more detail.

  • Pulse. In another way, this tool can be called shock and rotational. It allows you to make movements using a special nozzle. Such tools are able to adjust the operation of the torque, as well as calculate what the number of shots will need. First, such a device makes pretty long blows, and at the end of the work they become short. At the end of all the last blow will be the strongest, in this way it makes the connection is quite reliable. This type of models most often use professional workers.
  • Unstressed. Such a model is most often used to work in everyday life. It is distinguished by a high torque. It is worth such a wrench several times cheaper than a pulse.

In addition, the wrench differ also by the type of drive. They are represented by several varieties.

  • Reducer. Such a model is mechanical. Inside there is a cylinder with a downhole gearbox. It is also called torque amplifier. Therefore, such models are considered torque wrench. On one side of such a device there is a handle, rotating which can be driven by the head itself with the head. Most often, the data of wrappings are used to “disrupt” rusted nuts, for example, on wheels of cars.
  • Electric. This model is powered by an electrical network. It is distinguished by low noise, as well as in small sizes. This tool is quite powerful, but at the same time consists of a simple mechanism for switching the rotating head, as well as with adjustable torque.

The electrical wrench is distinguished by high performance, which allows it to be used in different fields of activity, so it is also called universal.

  • Rechargeable. One of the main features of this type of model is its autonomy. It can be used both professionals and in living conditions. With this technique, you can unscrew even such nuts that have already been covered with rust. Such models also have a tightening torque regulator that can reach up to 500 nm. The most popular are such wrenches, the frequency of the strikes of which reaches up to 3000 in 1 minute. For cars use nuts that have powered from a 12 volt car.
  • Pneumatic. This model is very often used in the car service, as it consists of a metal case, and also has a compressor connection system. They are and shock and unstressed.

  • Hydraulic. Such a wrench will be needed in those places where great efforts need for unscrewing nuts. Its rated power comes up to 10 thousand. In addition, such a model is characterized by the fact that it can be used under water.
  • Petrol. The work of such a tool provides the engine that works on gasoline.

The power of this travel wrench is very large, therefore, it is used more largely, for example, for work on railways.

In addition, wimels can be divided into two types.

  • Corner. They have a comfortable form in the form of a gun that allows them to apply them even in uncomfortable places. In these models, the spindle rotation axis is perpendicular to the axis of the motor, which makes it possible to cope even with rather contaminated nuts.
  • Straight. In such wrench, the axis of rotation is in parallel to the axis of the engine, which makes it possible to develop a torque of up to 4 thousand bits.


Despite the fact that such a tool appeared not so long ago, his choice is quite large. The models created in Japan, America, Russia and Germany are particularly popular among whom it is worth noting several of the most famous.

  • Bosch. A bright example is the GDR 10 model. It features a brush engine, has a battery, backlight, and a brake for a motor. In addition, the kit includes the second battery. Such a model is quite powerful, light and also compact, but has an uncomfortable handle.
  • Hilti. The SIW model is very popular, which has three speeds, can adjust not only the frequency, but also the direction of rotation. It is supplemented with backlight and has an additional battery.

Such a wrench is easy to work, does not occupy a lot of space. Its only drawback is a high price.

  • AEG. This German brand began selling premium products. The BSS 18C 12Z-0 model operates from the battery, and with too much loading can turn off. Included there is backlight, spare charging. Such a device is convenient in operation, quite powerful and is distinguished by the average price.
  • “Bison”. Russian company enjoys deserved glory. The “SGU-350” wrench is distinguished by frost resistance, has a metal housing. In addition, it presents automatic adjustment of the frequency of the revolutions themselves, it is convenient to use, has an average price. The company provides a warranty period of up to 5 years.
  • Dewalt. This is one of the leaders in the modern market. DW 292 model relates more to professional. It has a shockproof housing, a rubberized handle that helps reduce vibration, as well as blocking. In addition, DW 292 is a rather powerful model that is distinguished by durability.

Which to choose?

Making a choice of wrench, It is worth paying attention to several nuances.

  • First you need to decide why it will need. If you use such a tool in everyday life, it will be enough to purchase a wrench with a capacity of up to 400 watts. For professional needs, it is better to choose a more powerful device.
  • You need to pay attention to the speed of rotation of the patron. To work at home, it will be enough from 20 to 400 revolutions per minute. For professionals it is necessary to buy such a wrench, the speed of which will not be less than one and a half thousand revolutions per minute.

  • If it was decided to acquire a tool running on the battery, then whaquers with nickel-cadmium charges are suitable for life. For professionals, it is better to take a tool with foundry-ion battery. This model can be recharged at any stage of charging.
  • Special attention when buying must be paid to the mechanism. If the wrench needed to work with cars or for screwing heavy fasteners, it is better to look at shock mechanisms, as it will be no such task.
  • To work in hard-to-reach places should be closed to the corner model. In addition, there should be a backlight to be more convenient to work.

Important! Making a choice, you should not chase very expensive models, because sometimes the price does not justify the purchase.

The only thing that needs to be done is to determine what purpose you need such a tool, as well as follow the Soviets described above when choosing.

Operating Rules

Before you start using a wrench, you need to check how it works. To do this, combine the air fitting with the hose, which sues compressed air, after which everything must be closed with a clamp. In addition, before connecting it, you need to blow all the hoses to remove the contamination if there are. To do this, you need to take a hose up to 12 meters long. It should be verified that the starting mechanism is not blocked when startup, otherwise the technique will not work.

Do not forget about regular lubrication of such a tool. This will help to serve him for a longer time. In addition, the oil is necessary to pour with distinctive properties. After all, it will help prevent wear, and will also save from the formation of rust, which can later lead to all sorts of breakdowns. It is necessary to carry out frequent maintenance and testing of the entire wrench. It is necessary to do this in special workshops, where there are appropriate tools, as well as workers with the necessary knowledge. When inspection, they can not only lubricate the tool correctly, but, if necessary, replace the exhaust details. In any case, this will definitely be done professionally.

Increasingly, people strive for progress, try to make it easier for themselves in all. Not exceptions are any locksmith work. Using instruments such as wrench, you can cope with the work much faster. In addition, the work itself will be much better and better. In addition, it is possible to use this tool in different fields of activity: both in industry, and in car dealerships, and even on construction.

The only thing to do is to choose the right wrench.

How to choose a wrench for a garage or car service, look in the video below.

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