Wooden tile in the interior of the house

Recently, designers are increasingly using wooden tiles for home interior design. Its popularity is growing every year. This is due to the high quality and environmentality of materials. However, such a tile is difficult to buy in stores. It is manufactured mainly to order, which causes many people in bewilderment. After all, it is not always possible to find specialists who are engaged in the manufacture of tiles of wood.


Wooden tile – reliable and high-quality material. Using it in your home, you can forget about repairs at least ten years. Such a tile is most often manufactured by manually masters by an individual project. This will allow you to create a decor to your taste.

You can think over both patterns and sizes of your tile, which will take longer than the classic finish, but the end result will surprise you with your beauty.

Another feature: Unlike other types of tiles, it can be used even for residential areas. After all, natural smell of wood will not compare with any substitutes, but only adds to your room comfort and warmth.

Also a distinctive feature of such a tile is noise insulation. Wooden tile is perfectly clean, it does not have divorces on it.


There are many varieties of wooden tiles. Severe two main types: wall and for floors. It must be borne in mind that they are designed for different loads.


Outdoor tiles are designed for seamless masonry, has a square or rectangular shape. She really resembles a parquet board. Therefore, when laying should turn to professionals, so that it looks beautiful and aesthetic. Also to create a mosaic on the floor can also be used and round tiles made of wooden logs.

For walls

Wall-mounted wooden tile has a rectangular shape. Many designers also use mosaic. In this case, it is not necessary to glue fragments separately. To date, ready-made sheets are sold in stores that can be easily mounted on the wall. They not only perfectly fit into your interior, but will make guests to admire your design.

From Ceramographer

For decoration of bathrooms and kitchens, the tile of porcelain stoneware under the tree is most often used. It is made of clay under the influence of high pressure and high temperature.

This technology allows you to create not only durable, but also a reliable material that lasts not one ten years.


This type of tile is also made of clay. However, in this case, it immediately presses, and then burns on special equipment. Such a tile is suitable for finishing any rooms in your home. After all, the drawing applied to its surface is almost impossible to distinguish from a natural tree.

Most often, the ceramic tile under the tree is used in the bathrooms, because it is protected not only from moisture, but also from fungus.


The palette of colors of wooden tiles is diverse, from bright to the darkest shades of wood. Light coating is one of the win-win options that fit almost for any interior.

However, so that the room does not seem too light, it should be diluted with bright, colored patterns: red, green, purple, pistachio shades.

Color is selected under the style in which you want to make the interior of your room.


Wooden decorative tile is perfect for creating an interior in styles such as Provence, Loft, Country.


Provence style is becoming popular every year. It is used to design not only rustic houses or cottages, but also city apartments. In the room with such a design you can relax after work.

The basis of this style is the use of natural materials, including wooden tiles. There is a very large assortment of such finishing materials. Choosing a wooden tile for walls and floor, you need to study the colors and motifs of this style.

Ceramic tile, like a tree, perfectly suitable for decoration of walls and floor. In the interior, Provence is used both glossy and matte variety; You can also lay out a multicolored mosaic in the spirit of Provence.

The classic in this style is the wooden floor, the color gamut of which depends on the choice of furniture and other decorative parts. Most of all, yellow, brown colors are suitable for the walls, and for the floor finish – dull, like burnt tones.

It is impossible to present the Living Room in Provence without a fireplace. It can be decorated with decorative tiles of handmade, and at the top put the vintage vases with alive colors.

Wooden or tile with a wood imitation perfectly fit into the style of Provence. It is suitable for furniture and copper accessories of this style.


Loft style was born in the United States of America when the closing factories began to use as residential premises. This style like both progressive youth and creative personalities.

Loft is characterized by its simplicity and minimalism. In such a style wooden tile will look very good. It is perfect for trimming the bathroom, where it can be postponed both on the floor and on the walls.

For the classic loft style interior, it is better to choose a tile of natural wood with a milk or white tint. Also minimalism can be highlighted by wooden tiles covered with transparent varnish. Such simple details are a characteristic feature of the loft style rooms.


Country style is different from other multipleness. This is one of the few styles that combined the rustic life and fashion trends. The abundance of a tree in the decoration changes the room, adding heat and coziness to it. To finish the floor and walls, you can use a tile in bright wood tones. Ceiling, on the contrary, better lay out a white tiled.

Complements this interior of wicker furniture: for example, a basket for dirty linen, a small rocking chair, a shelf for different trifles. All these things are a good mistress can make it yourself, saving thus on a high-quality tree trim. In this style, a color mosaic is also very often used, which often becomes a bright emphasis in bright room.


Vintage style is the complete opposite of the loft and minimalism. Drawing up a room in this style, forget about modern technologies and fashionable techniques; You will need antique furniture and rubbed finishing materials. But the design of any design in the room begins with decoration.

To finish the floor in style, the vintage is most suitable for a ceramic tile that mimics the parquet or parquet board. To finish the walls, it should be a little lighter. You can also use patchwork or floral patterns. Making the floor in the kitchen, you need to use a larger tile to visually increase the space due to large elements. You can still make a chess pattern of light brown and dark chocolate colors. It will give your room to your room that is so characteristic of this style.

Tips for specialists

We all accustomed to assume that the tile is only ceramic, tile or, in extreme cases, plastic. But not everyone knows that there is also a wooden tile. To properly pick up this natural and environmentally friendly material, you need experience in design issues. Or listen to those who have it.

The owners of luxury cottages that seek to make the interior of their rooms as individual as possible, pleases that the masters tile make to order. Regarding what style you make up your “Dream House”, you will always be able to choose the appropriate decoration material.

If you are serious about repairs and try to control not only the process itself, but also the quality of the materials used, then you will be pleased that all information about the wooden tile and the process of its manufacture is in free access.

Tile is really made of wood. For masters, the main thing is that the wood is high-quality, and each selected board was not infected with wooder fungus or beaten with a skerel.

Experts argue that wooden tiles can be safely used even in rooms with high humidity.

The fact is that after cutting the tile fragments, it is necessarily treated with a layer of protective coating. It does not give a tree to deteriorate under the influence of moisture. Another secret of producers is that it is additionally covered by an anti-corrosion. It will save the material from different wood pests. And therefore you can be sure that your tile will not be terrible neither termites, nor a gathering, nor water drops.

But not only the quality of the tile makes us buy it. It is important that the material seemed to us aesthetically attractive. Earlier it was already said that such a finish is both bright and dark. Diversity finishing materials gives decor.

Regardless of the one-photon tile you buy or patterned, Try to “guess” with the right color and print – they must be combined with the rest of the interior details.

Last Council concerns styling. Here Professional masters advise use “liquid nails” or similar glue. After all, the wooden tile can be deformed under large loads. And such glue allows wood to not feel changes temperature and humidity.

Wooden tile is suitable for creating an interior in any house and will be perfectly combined with other materials in any style. Such a pretty finish will allow you to feel comfortable and cozy in your home or apartment.

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