What is Zenzubel and how to choose it?

Many ask what Zenzubel is for which it is intended. It is the planing required for figure planing. The tool allows you to make grooves, rectangular cuts, carry out finished surface treatment. Due to the small mass and oblique blade blade, with the help of Zenzubel, it is possible to create transverse sections of wood fibers.

What it is?

Zenzubel is a variety of manual regulations – the tool required in the joiner and carpentry. In contrast to the classic device, it is used for figure, and not flat planing. Alternative Name – Defense. In most cases, Zenzubel is used for the following purposes:

  • stripping sections of a rectangular shape;

  • Choosing a quarter on the boards;

  • creating folds;

  • Stripping and selection of quarters on the rails and bars.

Thanks to the individual design, the cutter or metal part of the Zenzubel can be installed at an angle of 90 ° to the block. In the housing of the joinery tool there is a side hole. Through it is removed by unnecessary chips. The shape of the Zenzubel knives resembles a shovel, fashionable and fast cutting wooden layer.

Before you start working with a branch of figure planing on the workpiece, there are marked lines with a flight. First, the quantity of the quarter, after which they take Zenzubel. The plans lead neatly, along markup, removing the first chips to create a small ledge. In the future, you can take more confident and rapid actions.

Due to cautious use, Zenzubel is used for finishing, In which you can achieve the necessary rough surface roughness and adjust the size of the workpiece. Quarter usually choose Falzhebel. The latter in its structure is similar to Zenzubel and also belongs to the figure shutters, but has a number of individual characteristics. These include a stepped sole.

Tool Features

The blade of the joinery tool is a small shovel. The width of the cutting part of the knife varies from 18 to 30 mm. Depending on how the metal part of the plane is attached relative to the sole, the blade is oblique or straightened. The length of the knife is about 210-220 mm. If he has an oblique bladder form, then he has 2 cutting edges. One sharp edge side, other – lower.

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There are plans with a narrow working part, the size of which does not exceed 12 mm. It is zenzubeli with a slant blade, which is sharpening along the side and lower edge. Together both cutting parts converge in a sharp angle, thanks to which you can perform grooves called “Lastochkin Tail”. Spit blade allows you to handle a wooden surface clean, almost without a large physical power application. A knife in the form of a blade with two cutting edges can even carry out transverse planing – perpendicular to the direction of fibers.

When operating Zenzubel with a direct blade for removing a quarter, you will need to place a blank flight. Only after preliminary preparation along the lines have been operated by the plane, to remove the first wooden layer and make a ledge. To secure the result, plasten the tool a few times. If you don’t want to make the preliminary markup of the line of flights to the flight, the sample of a quarter is carried out by Falzhebel.

Thanks to this tool, you can increase the accuracy of work. In this case, Zenzubel will be used only for finishing.

For what is intended?

Zenzubel is needed exclusively for curly planing. There are the following applies to a joinery tool:

  • creation of rectangular sections;

  • execution of grooves or folds;

  • Stripping or a quarter sample;

  • Planing perpendicular surfaces on wooden blanks.

Due to the narrow body and the blade blade, you can remove the transverse cut on the wood. It is necessary to create a groove.

As a result of high mobility, various models of Zenzubel are produced: for longitudinal and transverse work on the workpieces. In 85% of cases, the joiner tool is used to carry out finishing on a preformed coarse surface.

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Differences from Falzhebel

Zenzubel according to GOST 14668-79 is used for manual processing and planing of a quarter on carpets of joinery. The details of the Zenzubel hull is high enough, reaches 80 mm. At the same time, the plans are narrow with a straight sole. The presence in the housing of the special opening for the free cutting of chips in the process of planing increases the quality of wood processing. Quarter Create easier using Zenzubel with oblique blade, which has sharpening from the bottom and side.

Falzhebel, according to GOST 14669-79, is intended only for the selection of quarters, folds in wooden facilitieskakh. Compared to Zenzubel, Falzhegel’s pad has a stepped sole. Thanks to such a structure, you can choose the false. For this, the blade is set at an angle of 80 ° in relation to the block of pads, the side hole for the release of shavings should be located on the left side of the sole.

FalseGlebel, unlike Zenzubel, is used to sample the groove at the ends of the long details. When it is operating, it is not required to pre-mark up by flights. The joinery tool, in addition to the stepped sole, has a wide block, due to which the execution of false variables is possible.

For sampling of the grooves of different sizes that differ in profile, some models of Falzhebel provides for manual replacement of a stepped sole. It is possible to install an additional side knife. In this position, the blade allows you to cut the vertical wall of the quarter.

How to choose?

The choice of a suitable joinery tool is carried out by the following criteria.

  1. Price. The minimum price of Zenzubel is about 7,200 rubles.

  2. Durable housing. There are wooden, metal, plastic models.

  3. Weight. The joinery tool with a wooden housing has a small weight, pig-iron is quite heavy, so in the process of their operation it is necessary to apply more effort. For curly processing it is better to choose a lightweight wooden product.

  4. Easy and duration of operation. It is recommended to acquire a tool from high-quality materials that will serve at least 2-3 years.

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For reliable operation of Zenzubel, it is necessary to choose the product with a sharp blade, which must be correctly installed. The knife at regular exploitation is often fascinated, so you need to get acquainted in advance with the rules of its sharpening.

The correctly installed blade should not be strongly performed above the level of the sole, only on some shares of 1 mm. If you look along the pads, the cutting edge will visually resemble a thin thread.

When the blade is too strong over the sole, the thick layer of chips is removed. Wood removed from the surface of the workpiece is clogged between the sharp blade and the housing, is not output from the side opening. Because of this, the work is hampered, the risk of formation of defects on a wooden product increases. If the knife is located above the level of the sole, its cutting edge is located in the housing, and it becomes impossible to work with such a tool. The plane will not strict wood.

In the extreme case, you can conduct an independent adjustment of the release of the blade. This can be done by a wedge or screw depending on the features of the ruble. Knock the wedge with a hammer or in China. It is strictly forbidden to affect the cutting edge of the blade. Otherwise, the knife fits, the tool will be indelient to use. With self-adjustment, it is necessary to ensure that the cutting end spoke evenly across the entire width of the blade.

Before buying, it is recommended to check the sharpening of the blade. Carefully hold a finger across the cutting edge. It is strictly forbidden to spend arm along the blade, otherwise you can cut down. High quality products have a blade should not be rusty or blued.

General comparison, the external difference of Zenzubel and Falsegel in the video below.

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