What is round and where it is used?

Rounded is a spaticrous name, combining lumber similar shape. Actually, shape and formed this name – we consider the wood materials obtained by cross division of the trunk.

What it is?

Rounded – Collective term. In construction, wood traditionally divide round and sawn timber on the forest. The forest is considered to be the forest that is produced in the process of deforestation, blanks and further removal. It’s all wood with forest cutting. These are trunks and bitch of trees, simply cut or saws into pieces. Sawing is longitudinal and transverse, but the product of transverse sawing is usually called rounding.

Previously, the processing of rounding was time consuming: it was necessary to quickly free from the bark, almost immediately after exporting from the forest, and then maintain under certain conditions. Hard requirements have been installed to the moisture and ventilation mode so that the round forest saves its important characteristics.

Next to the bark and sawdresses, for example, the round was not kept, because it could threaten the “migration” of the Zhuka-Koroeda on a round forest.

Freshly dredged material No earlier, nor now in production. Humidity of such a tree will significantly exceed the limits of the norm. But on an industrial scale, drying takes not so much time. However, this is a big minus – when expressing the dryer, rounding is often cracking and breeded. Therefore, dried round forest in vivo is always better, if we talk about his finish quality.

It may be hardened in large volumes, because active use is waiting for it on woodworking enterprises. Finally, firewood is harvested from the round, which do not cease to remain traditional solid fuel. The most enviable heat transfer at oak manneys, and the smallest – Osinovy.

Interestingly, the manual is often sure that the world leader in the production of forest-rounding precisely Russia. But on this list it with a solid advantage is ahead of USA. This country takes 18.2% of all world production, while Russia – 10.8%. In the five leading countries were China, Brazil, Canada.

Very often, under the round it is implied. They are the popular eco-element that has become fashionable thanks to social networks. Spies are really wooden rounds, of which they make serving supports, use them as a basis for creative work, like home decor in a wide variety of interior styles. They lay out the garden tracks, they are actively involved in landscape design.

Review of species

Round timber is customary classified by the part of the tree used, as well as in size.

By part of the tree

For example,under Lead It is meant that part of the whip, the length of which will be the multiple length of the materials obtained by the Distriction.The cutting on the cut is taken into account. Whip – This is a tree trunk that is cleaned of branches and cut off from the root. Log – This is a segment of a whip that connects it middle and top. Kryazh is a fragment of the lower part of the whip. Churak – Cut the ridge, which is processed on special equipment. well and deck refers to a short and thick log cab.

Round Forest and Lumber Sort:

  • According to GOST, there are requirements for the length and thickness of logs entering the sale, for example, the thickness of the thickness will be 13,16,18, as well as 20 and 22 cm;
  • The logs, the thickness of which less than 13 cm, fall under the classification of a small round forest and he, in turn, is divided into such categories as a godsetter, stiffe, stakes.

There are special lines of forest sorting, where the material is divided into categories depending on the length, thickness, weight and other established indicators. But it is important not only how much he weighs, but whether it has a meticulous, cheerbrals, swindlery and other defects.

Sorting is indicated by both: the first grade of the round – a tree with a peccable or a small-scale comluge whip. First grade is used to produce high-quality wood materials. The second is represented by material with several bitch or cracks, is used for construction, in the furniture sector. The third grade is a little bitches, a little cracking, such a rounding goes on sleepers and inexpensive furniture. Fourth grade can have any knots and many vices, except rot. It takes for areas where wood quality is not as critical.

In size

Round Forest It is customary to divide on 3 large categories: small rounded (happens in thickness from 6 to 13 cm), medium rounding (in the range from 14 to 24 cm), large rounder (over 24 cm in diameter). The small category, in turn, is divided into 2 groups: Peregi and Spacking. Porshi is a tree with a diameter of 3-7 cm, a subtip – 7-11 cm.


The main division of rounding materials is made by the rocks of the trees. Large and coniferous breeds are used. Requirements for coniferous grades are governed by GOST 9463 (Pine, cedar, larch). Lipa, birch round, maple, beech, oak, rhine, ash, chestnut, to a lesser extent – ozina.

In the construction of rounding various breeds is used in different ways. Conifer breeds have a considerable advantage due to the directness of the trunk, and the quality of this wood on average indicators is better (increased resininess of the reason). Finally, these trees are more common. But deciduous breeds are increasingly taken under production, for example, temporary countertops during construction, for the manufacture of frame and formwork.

The most used tree in round – pine. It is soft, easy, durable. In construction, its value is extremely high. Pine is ore and mandal. Ore grows on the soils of dry and sandy, its wood is dense and resinous. Milda is placed on clay soil, the wood of this pine has a strongly developed swamp, large layers, but in strength it is somewhat inferior to ore.

Oaks should be highlighted from hardwood: it is merged, elastic, has excellent color and well-developed core rays. It is often used in the construction of sheer structures, for linings, knaps, copilyons, support pillows, and T. D.

Scope of application

The main sphere of the use of round wood is quite obvious – construction. To, for example, build a house of a residential building, pine is suitable. This is explained relatively stable along its length of its barrel diameter. The Russian bath is more often built from aspen logs, because it is a lightweight and moisture to moisture, which is not afraid of fungus and is not so susceptible to rotting. But the leip in construction is although they are used, but still not so often.

Consider the scope of curleling.

  • Lumber – This is a edged, and unedged board, as well as a bar, bars, sleepers, hollow. These materials are actively used in the construction of residential buildings and agricultural buildings.
  • Decorative veneer – For these purposes, you need a certain labeling of rounding, preference is given to such rocks, like oak, maple, nut, beech. In the furniture industry, the veneer used a lot and very successfully: they are separated by facades, countertops and not only.
  • Plywood – She is also made from round forest. These are several veneered layers that glue with formaldehyde resins. Usually for the manufacture of plywood used birch, pine and larch. In particular, the plywood sheets from birch are especially in demand, as they will serve longer and in strength good.
  • Other sheet materials (DVP, chipboard, OSP) Used in the furniture industry, and in finishing works and in frame construction.

Construction of houses from rounding today is considered even elite. First, the round of high quality is freed from the bark, then each individual log is cut down in advance of a certain length. And then form the necessary building material for a given width. Such fit is produced on the factories, where all the conditions exist for this. Thus are obtained Building elements with marking. It is for this reason that in the construction process you can see that the assembly of logs is carried out by numbers. Builders so work easier, and the buildings themselves are not just beautiful, but also more durable. And, which is especially important, a house or a bath of rounding is being built in days.

Calculation of cubature

To easier to calculate the volume of forests in stock, a cabin. This is a table or any other list system, in the columns of which will be the values ​​of the diameter of the round forest, length values. To calculate the volume of one barrel, you need to find a column with a long-term meter and a line with an average diameter designated in centimeters. And in the desired cell, an estimated volume in cubic meters will appear – everything is simple.

Also, the cabin of round forest can often be seen in the form of online services (peculiar calculators). The user enters the diameter of the rounder, the length, the number of pieces and the service itself signed accordingly.

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