What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

What is a hydropasterous, as well as how to choose it – a rather important topic for novice masters. This article tells about the peculiarities of the water sandblasting apparatus and the nuances of its choice. Separate topic – Rules for working with equipment.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?


Hydropoles, it is water sandblast, it is a hydroplast car – one of the types of devices for supplying an abrasive jet during cleaning of various surfaces. The specificity of such equipment is that here the jet is formed due to water supply.

This contributes to a smaller formation of dust than when working with air analogues.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

Therefore, we can say that sanitary and epidemiological norms are fully observed, prohibiting operation of quartz sand without elimination of dust. Besides, The surfaces are processed in a similar way are smaller, better is cleaned.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

For cleaning mainly use a combination of quartz sand with water. Other abrasive materials are in demand much less. An important condition for the normal operation of the system is the unimpeded pushing the mixture with water under pressure through the nozzle.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

Even the advantage of pre-mixing abrasive with water in the chamber is the simplicity of manipulations with large-sized parts and hard-to-reach areas. Sometimes it is possible to reduce abrasive consumption by 30-40%, if compared with traditional dry processing methods.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

In addition, the cleaning of the surfaces of the water jet is quite gentle procedures for the material of parts. The heating of the processed areas is guaranteed, so they are not deformed, and their appearance does not change.

Conclusion – this technique is great for handling wood of soft rocks.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

It is also worth noting:

  • almost zero risk to the health of the operator (due to the absence of dust);

  • Getting a slightly rough coating (the surface adhesion improves, which is good, for example, for subsequent painting);

  • efficient work with brick, natural stone;

  • adjustment of the intensity of work;

  • the ability to wash caustic soda and other detergents;

  • Guaranteed removal of dirt, rust, scale.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

Small sand pieces are dying dirt. The surface acquires a matte view. At such a reason, it is much better to apply primer, varnish or paint. Additional polishing is greatly simplified. It is the hydroplast preparation that allows you to obtain samples for the study of the macrostructure of alloys. In the industrial sector, many peeled parts can be grinding without long preliminary etching.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

However, there are disadvantages:

  • It is impossible to work with hygroscopic materials;

  • Water will sprinkle;

  • There will be puddles on the floor.

Water pressure in the jet can be from 2 to 7 kg / cm2, so no special costumes work unsafe. Even when using personal protective equipment, additional security measures must be taken.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

There are still such disadvantages:

  • The adhesion of wet sands makes it difficult to evaluate the degree of purification;

  • The appearance of rust (can be prevented by the introduction of orthophosphoric acid and some other additives, but it requires valuable costs);

  • The penetration of water into microscopic cracks allows it to remain under the paint layer and intensify oxidation;

  • Small productivity (dry sandblasts allows you to make much more work per unit time).

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

Review of species

In addition to the difference in the form of water nozzles (in form, performance), there are several variants of hydropuscorecasters according to the method of circulation of abrasive.

  • Suction. A substance capture and transfer it to the nozzle. Basically, such a technique is suitable for removing old paint.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

  • Vacuum. There is a possibility of re-collection, which increases the cost of and complicates the design.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

  • Pneumatic. Used mainly in industrial conditions due to the great complexity and considerable dimensions. Such equipment develops high performance, will be able to process hard-to-reach areas of surfaces.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

Child Nuances

Water sandblasting machines are either stationary or mobile type. The required size of the design is determined by the dimensions of the processed parts and blanks. Mobile technique is predictable trying to take builders and repairmen, as well as organizations that care for pipelines and other linear objects. It is worth paying attention to the magnitude of the nozzle cone, as it determines the performance. In addition, it is useful to carefully examine the reviews and check the reputation of suppliers and sellers.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

Terms of application

During the operation of the hydroplasting pump takes fluid from the reservoir. Connecting it to the water supply is prohibited. It inevitably turns into a hydraulic blow that destroys the entire water supply. And also need to follow to be consistently received the compensating pressure of the air flow. In the box type chambers, although small parts are treated, but quite huge parties.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

Observing the course of work in this case, operators are conducted through the control glass. When working as an open method, it is possible to include hydropasteries only when using special types, specialobuvi and safety glasses.

Hydroabrasive processing is carried out using:

  • Glass beads;

  • conventional and quartz sand;

  • aluminum oxide;

  • Soft blasting.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

It is categorically impossible to direct the hydroabrasive jet on itself and other workers, as well as for foreign objects, except for the workpiece. The composition of the working fluid is selected according to the task. To reduce the corrosion activity of water, use sulpho compounds. The optimal amount of abrasive suspension in the fluid is obtained experimentally, but in most cases it ranges from 20 to 30%.

The length of the nozzle must be selected in such a way as to ensure optimal overclocking speed and withstand the specified feed angle.

What is hydroplast and how to choose it?

It is necessary to carefully select the processing mode. Variating the proportions of components in the suspension, it is possible to carry out coarse cleaning, and thin grinding, and preparation for staining.

Before starting work, it is required to carefully check the health of the entire equipment, the tightness of the hoses and the accuracy of their connection. Previously, it is started at idle to make sure in good operation of the equipment. Only the next step can be a full processing of parts or surfaces themselves.

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