What is facade spatulas and what they happen?

When conducting construction work, special attention is paid to the exterior. Finishing coating not only performs decorative functions, it should also protect the design from a variety of atmospheric influences. For such processing of buildings, various devices are used, among which it is worth highlighting a spatula. Today we will talk about the peculiarities of special facade spatulas.


Facade spatulas are a tool consisting of a thin flat plate, which is equipped with a handle. This species is intended for applying and uniform distribution of plastering or putty masses on relatively large surfaces. These varieties are distinguished by special strength. The rigid canvas is usually produced from anodized steel, which is practically not corrosion.

As well as Facade models are equipped with an additional metal profile in which the canvas is fixed. This makes it possible to eliminate possible deformations, and also significantly increases the durability of the construction tool.

Handles are most often created from the special thermostable. This material provides reliable capture and convenience in the construction work process.

And also there are models that have reliable handles made of high quality plastic or treated wood. To ensure maximum reliability and durability, they also apply special rubber overlays or silicone. In the finish process, the tool will be well fixed in the user’s hand, it will not slide and will not fall.

Since plastering compositions have a significant mass, the working part of such a tool must have a sufficient level of elasticity, and the handle must be durable.

Main characteristics

An important characteristic of such finishing devices is the size. First of all it refers to the width of the blade. Currently, manufacturers produce models with the most different values. More often it is 350, 100, 450, 250, 150, 300, 200 and 600 mm.

Models with a width of 100-150, 200-250, 300-350 mm are used to apply mixtures into small areas. If large surfaces are required, then it is better to take models with a width of 400-450 or 600 millimeters.

As well as an important parameter is the material from which the product is produced. As a rule, facade spatulas make stainless steel, special durable rubber or plastics. All of them have a rather high degree of resistance to various mechanical exposure.

Review of species

Facade spatulas can be produced in various versions.

  • Corner accessories. They apply to careful processing of hard-to-reach places, as well as connecting sites. Unlike all other varieties of construction spatulas, they have no flat working part, but curved at right angles. Depending on the features of the arms, the product may form or internal, or external straight corners.

  • Tooth tools. Such models are infrequently used when finishing the facades, in their appearance they resemble ordinary painting spatulas, while have a working blade with cut edges of a certain size. Most often they have a triangular or square shape. These samples are usually used to uniformly applying adhesive compositions on the design.

  • Figure models. These spatulas are specifically designed to create a decorative coating on the material. They allow you to create beautiful and unusual reliefs on structures that will imitate wood, natural stone. Such products are made of high-quality plastics and thermostable. They may have different sizes. And also these spatulas can have various drawings, textures and depths.

  • Increased flat spatulas. They are used to apply a large layer of construction mixture to the surface of buildings.

  • Structural devices. They are most often taken for the purposes of registration of the last decorative layer.

In addition, when finishing facades, narrow painting products are often used. They will become an optimal option for auxiliary finishing works.

Best brands

In the modern market there are a large number of manufacturers producing such construction products. We highlight the several most popular brands.

  • “Bison”. Domestic manufacturer sells front stainless steel facade spatulas. They are most often intended to apply finishing mixes on large surfaces. Such accessories are equipped with durable plastic handles. Products have a minimum weight, so it is convenient to work with them, the hand will not be tired even in the process of long work.

  • Armero. This brand specializes in the production of narrow facade spatulas. They are created from stainless steel. Loves make a special mirror polishing. As well as samples have reinforcing frames made from aluminum base. All models are equipped with durable two-component handles. In the range of products of this brand you can find finishing products with a variety of dimensional values.

  • Kraftool. This manufacturer also produces steel finishing spatulas with two-component handles, which provide reliable fixation of the tool in the user’s hand. Many models have an increased long-length metal canvase.

What differ from painting spatulas?

Facade spatulas have a number of important features that distinguish them from ordinary painting tools. In its forms, such varieties are practically no different, but at the same time the first version of the work part is much more widely.

In addition, more flexible metal sheets are used for the manufacture of simple painting supplies. Often builders apply a combination of these two varieties.

Using a painting tool, a solution is neatly and evenly applied to the facade spatula, and then distributed on the surface of the structure. During the decoration, the final. The facade spatula is taken part of the mixture, and then painted it is applied to the material.

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