What is Decon and where it is used?

In the modern building materials market, a wide range of options for the design of the local area is offered. If you have long dreaming of a beautiful terrace, but do not see the point of using wood on the street, as it gives back humidity, there is a great alternative. We are talking about a terrace board of DPK, which is in great demand. This material has a mass of positive characteristics and its advantages that one should learn more detail.

Features, pros and cons

A terrace board of DPK is called Decing, which is translated from English as “deck flooring”. Initially, the material was used exclusively on the decks. A distinctive feature is that long ribs are located on the front surface, for which water flows. As you know, it is extremely necessary on the decks, besides, thanks to such a feature, the board will not be too slippery during the rain.

Wood is one of the most popular materials that looks presentable, however, it does not like a number of reasons for the street. Therefore, an alternative option is the Decking, which has a mass gain. First of all, it does not require serious care to stay presentable for a long time, it is enough to exercise simple cleaning. Work with this product is many times easier because it is drilling and cutting by a simple tool. The rest of the advantages include the appearance, which is now offered today in different versions.

Building material from DPK has durability, practice shows that the product is made of such a material to last up to 25 years, However, this is taking into account the fact that the product has accompanying documents from the manufacturer. Decing easily copes with difficult conditions, it is not terrible too high or low. That the appearance remains the same, it is recommended to carry out intensive cleaning annually, and this will be enough. Of course, if the material is light, it requires more care, but it does not take much time.

The intensity of the shade is maintained for a long time, but if the product from Decking is located outside, where the sun regularly, it can be burned out over time, and the color will change somewhat. The greater the wood, the more natural it will look like the final design. It should be noted that the material does not absorb moisture, so the problem of swelling will not disturb. Also a big advantage is that Decking will not change geometry, besides, it will not start rotting, and the fungus will not appear at all. As you can see, a lot of advantages are quite, but before choosing such a material, you should learn about the minuses that also have.

No finishing material can be called perfect, deground did not become an exception. To install some varieties, it will take a special mount. Another disadvantage is that the building material does not tolerate water very well, so it can be wetted, but it is important to monitor that the moisture is not stored. If we are talking about a latter floor, such a problem is easily solved, because there are gaps between the boards.

Large half of the DPK consists of a natural tree, so its strength is different from the stability of tiled or stone material. This means that something heavy is not recommended for it and drop on it. The board can crack under the high load or the dent will remain on it, so this deficiency should be taken into account.


Material consists of wood flour and binder polymer. DPK is offered in several versions, which differ not only by appearance, but also operational characteristics. Soft decoing is produced from a plastic substrate that increases the ventilation properties of the material. Such a coating is called a garden parquet, it turns out beautiful gazebo, terraces and even baths. It can be produced as a board or tile of different sizes and thickness.


From wood

An array is a natural raw material that is suitable for the manufacture of a wooden board. Different breeds are used for this, many of which are even specifically brought from other countries. The unique texture is pleasantly pleased with the eye and profitably decorate the interior and landscape design. Natural Decing is in great demand, although it requires a lot of care and is offered at a high price.

Also on the market you can find Decing from thermally treated wood. This procedure slightly changes the color of the material, but increases resistance to rotting and destruction. Material is able to serve about 20 years, and this is a great advantage.

It is worth noting that this is a soft deun, so it needs to be used in places where there will be no significant loads.

Many manufacturers use larch, pine breeds to create a high-quality and beautiful terraced board. The thermalone produces high-quality boards that are suitable for finishing works. It is safe to say that a good material is obtained from the thermal extension, which has increased resistance to moisture and atmospheric influences.

From DPK

This is an unusual material that has high strength. For its manufacture, wood sawdust and polymer. Such a garden parquet is characterized by a beautiful decor, it is practical, as it has increased resistance to different injuries. The material will serve for a long time, besides offered at an affordable price.

Plastic Decing is popular thanks to the budget and ease of installation. In addition, the material is not subjected to rotting, does not mold and remains attractive for many years. The product is absolute moisture resistance, so it is often used to decorate near basement or water bodies. The market offers a wide selection of color solutions.

Composite decoing has resistance to rotting and not exposed to chips, as well as the formation of burrs. The material will not crack, does not burn and is environmentally friendly. Work with the composite is very easy, the same applies to the installation.

Texture and color gamut

Decorative data building materials from DPK and array are very different. Natural texture and natural shade are transmitted in Deconge from natural wood breeds, but manufacturers can paint it into any colors that are characteristics for sawn timber. As for the DPK, he has a limited palette, the colors will be saturated, but do not look natural, although many like the fact that you can find an unusual color.

The facial surface of the deconge from an array or DPK can be smooth and corrugated, so they are the same here. The market offers a rich selection of a terrace board, it can be classic white, black and gray, but many attract bright shades, for example, green, red, burgundy, honey.


It is worth noting that Decking is not offered in standard single sizes, so everyone can choose everything that suits personal requirements. In addition, manufacturers have their borders and views on the optimality of dimensions. but An important parameter of any DPK board is the thickness, while this indicator includes the thickness of the partition and the facial layer. Thanks to this, the product becomes durable and has durability.

If we talk about a wetting terraced composite board, you can find the material with a thickness of 19-32 mm, as well as 13-26 cm wide. On sale there are often boards with such parameters – 300×300 and 1000×1000, although the options are much more. It is important to note that the dimensions directly affect the weight of the material.

Scope of application

Decing resistance to water conquered many users. Modular material is actively used near garden and park areas, near the pools, in saunas and baths. This is not only street building material, it is suitable for applying indoors.

If we talk about an option with grooves, such a coating is used as design of balconies, loggias, special demand for it in Japan. This material lifted the tracks in the gardens, the arbors are made from it, create a railing to the porches and even make the walls from it.

Thus, Decing is used in various places where aesthetic qualities and high strength are required. If you want to equip a gazebo, make a decorative bridge or make a facing at home at the cottage, you can safely choose this material that meets strict requirements and will serve a long time, keeping a presentable appearance. As an outdoor cover, this product is also suitable better than ordinary wood, as it opposes abrasion, does not require long care and expensive maintenance.

It is worth noting that The board is often used during the construction of a rollback gate, as it is great for facing. Of course, the material was originally considered the facade, because it was created for finishing decks, so it can be often found in the holds and cabins, as well as other similar places. Undoubtedly, Decing can be called universal, because it is used on the street – verandas, balconies, terraces, and indoors – floors, decoration saunas and other.

How to choose?

Do not immediately throw to a low price, since the product presented may be fake. First, it is necessary to carefully study the material, learn about its main characteristics, accessories for type and other properties. There are several criteria that will help to find high-quality styling products.

  • Pay attention to the uniformity of the structure – there should be no different sections on the surface. If the edges are smooth and clear, and the jumpers with the same thickness can be safely considered such an option.
  • There should be no defects, cavities or plugs on the board. It should be inspecting the material from all sides, including the sides and the bottom edge – if it has a waviness, it is impossible to buy it, because when installing you come across a mass of problems.
  • The presence of crumbs and bundles indicates low quality. Check out the DPK for durability: it is enough to try to break down a small piece on the spell, if something remains in your hands, it is better to continue the search for another manufacturer.
  • Well-proven in Russia companies offer a wide palette in which light shades will definitely be, which indicates the use of high-quality wood. If you see in the catalog only dark colors, you can not doubt that the company applies waste, so good properties from the material can not be expected.
  • The shape of the edge happens bevelled, straight and rounded, so during searches, focus on the laying technology, as in some situations you will need an expensive foundation.
  • The surface of the front side also affects the choice – for example, for open areas near the shower, it is better to choose a relief decoping for increased security, although it is much easier for smooth care.
  • The density parameter can be called key, so consider the potential load. If the material is intended for laying the floor, make sure the indicator is high.
  • Decing profile can be monolithic or having rigs.

Methods of fastening

There are two ways to install Decing. When the method is open, the material must be screwed over the front surface with screws through to create the effect of the board with rivets. This type of installation is recommended to apply in the interior with Provence styles, Loft and Country. It is necessary to choose anti-corrosion sams and pre-make holes where the screw will be spinning.

Closed installation is carried out by special clips, they must be attached to the board, and then – to lags. If we are talking about massive wood, this method is best suited. Laying will make the material aesthetic, but the work will take more time.

Some types of lag have grooves in which rubber terminals can be placed. This is the optimal output for the periods of expansion of the material under the influence of elevated temperature. Due to such grooves, the same gaps are created throughout the terrace board.

Sounds of laying

If you decide to install yourself, it is recommended to explore the advice of specialists in order for the result to be positive.

  • To begin with, it will be necessary to prepare the basis – here you can use tight soil, gravel, concrete or wood. The main condition is to ensure the density, therefore, whatever the material you choose, fail, so that the boards do not fail. It is important to clear the territory from pollution and all kinds of garbage.
  • During the stacking, it is necessary to equip the stands from gravel or agrotectille.
  • Then, with the help of a roulette, cord and pegs, markup is made to calculate the placement of the material by the selected pattern. Pre-think the number of sections by which parquet.
  • If there is a small bias, you need to spread from the highest place and follow the direction of the slope to ensure the right rope water.
  • To remove the corners that be over the borders, use the usual hacksaw.

As you can see, laying can be done with your own hands, you need simple tools, and they will find in the house of each host. If a defect is detected, you can disassemble to remove the laying and think about the position of the plates.

Given all the listed characteristics and features of products, as well as paying attention to the recommendations, you can find any type of deconge for external or internal works. This material has earned wide recognition due to aesthetic and operational qualities.

About the types of Decing, see the following video.

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