What is a shagevka and where it applies?

An indispensable material in the construction process, namely, during the implementation of the internal and exterior decoration of the walls, has for many years has been wood. Recently, more and more often, experts use a shagevka, or, as it is also called, lining.

This material is simple and easy to use, and also has excellent technical parameters, so even lovers can use it. In this article we will describe in detail about its characteristics, features and fields of application.


Shalevka is a wooden cutting board, which refers to lumber and is made of hardwood trees. It is a rectangular flat parallelepiped obtained when cutting a circulation saw board. In the process of production, the tree is practically not amenable to processing, which is why the surface of the cutting board rough and fibrous. Shalewka, as a type of lumber, has a number of benefits, among whom it is worth noting the following factors.

  • High strength.
  • Density. As for this parameter, the density of the punishment is practically not inferior to the density of oak. Determining cutting board How solid lumber is even impossible to break through the nail.
  • High level reliability.
  • Naturalness, environmental Safety.
  • Ease in work.
  • High resistivity. Shalevka resistant to various fungal diseases and rotting process.
  • Wide selection and assortment.
  • Low price. It is impossible to say that this material is very cheap, but its value is fully justified with quality.

Currently, the edged board is used much more often in the construction work process than String.


The sizes of the chaleves may be different, but they all must comply with the requirements that are indicated in GOST 8486-86 “Timber. Dimensions and appointment ». According to this State Standard, the shagevka may have such dimensions:

  • length – from 1 m to 6.5 meters (today on the wood market, most often you can meet the maximum length, which is 6 meters);
  • width – 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 and 275 mm;
  • thickness It happens 16, 19, 22, 25, 32, 40, 44, 50, 60 and 75 mm.

As you can see, the size range of the edged board is quite diverse, which makes it possible to choose a material that is ideal for performing a certain type of construction or installation work.


Very often a user who is going to buy a lumber for work, can not decide how much it will be necessary. Especially since this product is sold, and cubic meters. This question is very relevant. That is why we want to offer you detailed information on how to calculate the necessary volume of the punishment and how many pieces in a wood cube. You need to perform the following calculations:

  • Calculate the volume of one board – for this you need to multiply with each other such values ​​as the length, width and thickness of the material;
  • the resulting value to translate into meters;
  • To determine the required amount of boards, one must divide the previously obtained.

For example, for construction, you have chosen a “Fifty-minute” chalevka, respectively, you need to make such a calculation:

  • 6 m (length) * 5 cm (thickness) * 20 cm (width) – As a result, we obtain the number 600;
  • After transfer to cubic meters, we obtain the number 0.06;
  • Next, 1 / 0.06 = 16, 66.

It follows from this that in 1 m³ of the edged board “Fifty” 16 whole boards.

For convenience, we offer you a table in which the volume and number of boards in 1 m³ of chalves of the most commonly used sizes are.

Size, mm

Volume 1 boards, m³

Number of boards

250 * 250 * 6000



50 * 200 * 6000



30 * 200 * 6000



25 * 125 * 2500



Using the above formula and table, you can unmistakably determine the amount of material desired to perform the work.

Scope of application

Shalevka has a wide scope of application. Its applied in the following cases.

  • With rough construction work. When installing formwork for the foundation and any other monolithic part of the building or construction, it is a edged deciduous board.
  • With chistochy work. Partitions, frames mounted from a chaleva. It can also be used as a decor element or as a formwork.
  • In furniture production.
  • For the construction of enclosing structures. The fence from the edged deciduous board will be very reliable and durable, will be able to function over the years without any visual deformations and integrity disorders.
  • Temporary structures or small country buildings often erected from the shagel, Fishing bridges.

Despite the fact that the edged board is very durable, it cannot be used when installing the bearing structures. It is connected with insufficient lumber thickness. Shalevka is used where such material parameters are important as durability and reliability.

For the construction of the roof and overlapping the building is the perfect choice. Due to the high resistance to weather changes, the edged board is relevant to apply during the construction of buildings outdoors or indoors with a high humidity factor.

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