What glue for vinyl wallpaper is better?

Planning repair work on your own, it is necessary to carefully examine the features of construction and decorative materials to qualitatively execute the repair program planned by you.

Currently, there are many types of wallpaper, paints, adhesives and many other building accessories. You go to the store, and your eyes run out – do not know what to choose and how to use it.

Often buying, fashionable, diverse and popular finishing materials for walls are vinyl wallpapers. They look spectacularly, creating an individual design. But many make a mistake when buying glue, not knowing which it is better to choose such that the wallpaper do not dug in the first day.


Trying to correctly pick up the right glue, it is important to know what vinyl wallpaper consist of.

They have a phliselin or paper basis – this is the first layer. Wallpapers on a paper basis are an environmentally friendly material, great for children’s rooms and are a budget option. The glue is applied to the wall, as well as the basis, then turn the wallpaper so that the wallpaper is soaked. This option is simpler and usual for all of us.

Vinyl on the phlizelin is more practical, because even a person who does not have anything with construction can cope with the construction of it. It is almost impossible to blur, you can wash with detergents, if you blew wallpaper in the kitchen. Has a stretch property when pasting. After you notice that the space in the room visually increased, as well as these wallpapers reduce sound system.

Important property – protection against moisture, but at the same time, reduction of air permeability. Vinyl has extraordinary strength, versatility, as well as durability.

Glue wallpaper need a joint into the joint, and the glue to apply only on the walls.

The second layer is the outer side, which is divided into several types.

  • Foamed vinyl;
  • Smooth vinyl;
  • Silkography;
  • Solid vinyl.


Types of glue that are used for vinyl wallpapers are diverse. Glue is selected depending on the basis.

You can purchase such types.

  • For paper wallpapers;
  • Flizelin;
  • With an indicator;
  • Universal;
  • For glazes;
  • Border.

Difference in the compositions

Highlighted adhesives on starch, methylcellulose, methylhydroxyethylcellulose, mixed,

  • Glue on Stachmale absolutely not harmful to your respiratory system, divorced with simple water from under the tap, is applied to the wall and wallpaper with a conventional tassel. A sufficiently budget option, does not leave traces and is perfectly washed away from the floor and other surfaces. Can be used for both paper and fliseline base. The only minuses is the presence of lumps.
  • Glue on methylcellulose It has more reliable and strong fixation on any surface. Its cost is much higher than the glue on the starch. Has a resin impurity. When applied to walls more economy, it can be quickly prepared for the process of pasting, does not leave traces, resistant to temperature effects. Suitable for all types of basics.
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  • Mixed adhesives In its composition have starch and methylcellulose. Have high adhesive properties, lack of smell, bred evenly, without lumps. Unfortunately, such glue is not stored for a long time and spoils quickly.
  • Glue on methylhydroxyethylcellulose expensive for budget repairs. Has unique fixing properties, due to the combination of substances and impurities. You can even apply for cement. A huge advantage is that he is moisture resistant.
  • Glue with indicator. The indicator has any composition to which the coloring agent is added. It is acquired, in order to see the uniformity of the glue distribution when the walls and wallpaper. Usually the indicator is pink or blue, it is neutralized when dried.


Sales leaders are producers of France, Germany, England and Russia.

  • French Best Construction Firms – Kleo, Quelyd.
  • German brands – Metylan, “Vinyl moment” from Henkel, Pufas Euro 3000 Special Vinil, Pufas, Dufa TapetenKleister.
  • Russian quality manufacturers – Quality.
  • English inexpensive glue produce EXCLUSIVE, AXTON, TD 2000.



What better to choose?

When choosing, it is important to take into account the features of your chosen wallpaper.

Explore the label on the roll, and try to follow these instructions.

According to Internet reviews, it is distinguished by 5 best wall mounted adhesives for vinyl options.

  • Kleo. High-quality, which is in the first place, it consists of starch and antifungal agents. It does not leave traces on the wallpaper, it is well divorced with warm water and leaves no lumps and clots. Has a good clutch effect. Goods in a divided form can be applied by any brushes. Well washed off, does not leave behind the traces. If you divorced a lot of glue, you can not worry, he does not dry quickly. Mix a large number of types of glue of this company, which are intended for ultra-thin wallpapers, glasses, paper, under painting, corrugated and many other species.
  • Pufas. Popular, environmentally friendly material without impurities. When stirring also does not leave bunches. Applied easily and without traces. It is suitable for sticking vinyl wallpaper on a fliesline basis.

  • MetyLan. Well known, thanks to advertising. Suitable for work on any surface of the walls, has antifungal additives and pink indicator. Suitable for paper-based wallpapers. Hypoallergenic, does not leave any traces, divorced without clots, has a strong fixation.
  • “Moment”. Universal, suitable for all types of wallpaper. Provides protection of walls from mold appearance. Economical option. Has a high adhesive effect, and there is also no pleasant smell.
  • “Quelyd Special Vinyl”. Less known in our market. You can use this product for heavy wallpapers on Flizelin. Long stored in the divorced form is easily applied to the surface, but it is expensive. Suitable for pasting fabrics with high viscosity. The only drawback is that the indicated numbers on the box do not correspond to the flow rate. Designed for blending metallized, cork wallpaper.
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Calculate quantity

Usually the manufacturer writes on the box, for how many rolls the glue box is calculated. For example, packaging is designed for 6 rolls, on 14 rolls, or even 30 rolls. Do not believe, rather, it is just an advertising move that should not be taken into account.

To calculate how much glue is necessary for pasting wallpaper room, you need to act approximately in this way: one packaging is on average enough for 20-25 kV. M surfaces of nonideal, that is, uneven walls. For example, the room is 12-15 kV. m with a ceiling height of 2.50-2.60 m required approximately one and a half packs.

How to breed?

Before use, look at the shelf life of glue and make sure that it is not overdue, also read the box, how to make goods.

Place the product, preferably in enameled capacity, prepare the required amount of warm water with a temperature of approximately 25 degrees.

Then gradually fall asleep glue, and at this time stir it. Interfere so that there are no lumps and clots. You must have a solution of homogeneous and liquid consistency.

After allow the adhesion to strengthen about 7-10 minutes, and then re-stir it. For heavy wallpapers, consistency glue should be more thick than usual.

How to apply to wallpaper?

First you need to prepare the walls. Vinyl wallpapers are glued to smooth surfaces without roughness. Well remove the remains of old wallpaper, as the new material is thin, and all irregularities will be visible through it. It is best to shock all the surfaces before the wallpaper paste.

Be sure to go through the surface of the walls of the primer, it is reacted with glue, gives a more reliable clutch with wallpaper.

The technique is as follows:

  • Cover the surface of the primer;
  • Leave dry;
  • Then depart the surface;
  • To walk the primer again.

Instead of the primer mixture, you can use strongly diluted adhesive material. The basic rule is to apply glue with a uniform layer, from the middle to the edges, the wallpaper after applying glue stretching can not, glue the wallpaper to the wall need from top to bottom.

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Vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis will require a greater flow of adhesive, as manufacturers advise the product to apply both the material and the walls. A special brush we apply it to a certain segment of wallpaper, then fold them in half so that the wallpaper can be soaked at the moment of pasting. The wall is covered with glue before you proceed directly to pasting with wallpaper. Wallpaper glue into the joint, glue glue by removing with dry soft tissue.

Vinyl wallpaper on a flieslinic basis do not require adhesive. The manufacturer recommends applying it either on the wall or on the wallpaper.

The best way is considered to apply a richly divorced product only on the wall. Glue the same, butt into the joint, protruding from under the wallpaper I wipe the solution.

How much driving?

The work you approached will dry about two or three hours. The temperature in the room should be about 20-23 degrees, also do not forget about the humidity, it must be medium, nor in one case is not low, as it can increase the drying time. But you should not allow two to three hours of opening all doors and windows for venting, as you can accidentally ruin the whole work you have done.

It is best to leave a closed room for a day, after which it starts to the next item of your scheduled work.

How many stored glue?

After pasting wallpaper, it happens that there is often a certain amount of glue, if you divorced, so let’s say, with a reserve.

In such cases, you need to take care of the preservation of glue.

  • First of all, it is sealed with a glue with a tank so that the solution does not have contact with air, it will reduce the dying period of glue.
  • It is also recommended to put it in a dark, not very wet place, preferably lower temperatures so that microorganisms do not start in the glue, and it does not utter.
  • Usually the divorced product is stored about one or a half weeks. It is important to know the features of the glue manufacturer, some firms write on the packaging how much can be stored in the divorced form.
  • If the solution is not so much left, then you break into the jar, close a hermetically cover and put in the refrigerator, so it will be stored for a longer time. If this substance is to take into vacuum packaging, then you can store it for about three months.

What glue for vinyl wallpaper is better, see in the following video.

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